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Dragon Warrior FAQ

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Game Genie Codes

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Appendix E - Game Genie Codes

Here are some Game Genie codes that might help you while playing Dragon Warrior

# Code Description
1 SXOIVLSA Infinite Magic Power.
2 AEVGUIZA Take no damage in swamp.
5 YAKKEVYA Barriers cause half usual damage
3 VVOYYTSA Start with 2034 gold.
4 VKOIVLSA All spells use only 1 magic point.
4 SKOIVLSA All spells use zero magic points!
*6 VVPYAT Start with a decked out character, with the game already won!
*7 VVPYZT Start with a mostly decked out character.
*8 VVPYAT Start with a mostly decked out character.
*9 VVPYZT Start with a semi decked out character.
*10 VKVLPP Walk through walls. Can get stuck, and some normal terrain is solid.
*11 ZTZTLT Excellent hit on every attack.
*12 VVOYYTSA Start with 256 gp (This code is REALLY weird!)
*13 VVOYYTSA Start with extra stuff, like HEALMORE and have the Princess saved.
*14 GLSPOTPE Slimes award 60 experience.
*15 IYSPOTPE Slimes award 125 experience.
*16 IYSPOTPE Slimes award 255 experience.
*17 GLVPOTPE Red Slimes award 60 experience.
*18 IYVPOTPE Red Slimes award 125 experience.
*19 IYVPOTPE Red Slimes award 255 experience.
*23 AKPOOA No enemies in caves.
*24 LTSPXTZA Slimes award 85 gold.
*25 NYSPXTZE Slimes award 200 gold.
*26 LTVPXTLA Red Slimes award 85 gold.
*27 NYVPXTLE Red Slimes award 200 gold.
*28 AAKPNOZA Bamboo Pole is free. (Still not worth buying though!)
*29 AAKOOOGL Club is free.
*30 AAKOUPKL Copper Sword is free.
*31 AAKOVPZA Hand Axe is 48 gold.
*32 AASPEPIA Broad Sword is 220 gold.
*33 AASPEPIA + AAKONOKI Broad Sword is free.
*34 AASPXPTZ Flame Sword is 72 gold.
*35 AASPNPTG Leather Armor is free.
*36 AASOXPPA Chain Mail is 44 gold.
*37 AASOKPLA Half Plate is 232 gold.
*38 AASOKPLA + AASOUOET Half Plate is free.
*39 AASOVOLA Full Plate is 184 gold.
*40 AAVPEOTP Magic Armor is 20 gold.
*41 AAVPUOZI Small Shield is free.
*42 AAVPVPLA Large Shield is 32 gold.
*43 AAVOEOPL Silver Shield is 208 gold.
*44 AAVOEOPL + AAVPNPEI Silver Shield is free.
*45 AAVOOOAP Herb is free.
*46 AAVOSOAA Torch is free.
*47 AANPUPGP Dragon Scale is free.
*48 TEOPNPAA Buy Erdrick's Sword in Brecconary for 2 gold.
*49 IEOOXPYE Buy Erdrick's Armor in Brecconary for 2 gold.
*50 SZUTXISA You take no damage in combat.

Codes 6-47, are currently untested.

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