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Appendix D - Dragon Warrior FAQ

One of the things you'll always see a lot of in Dragon Warrior is questions. I've heard them all, from where is the best place to gain levels, to what's the deal with the Fighter's Ring. So in order to put matters at rest, I've composed a list of the most frequently asked questions of Dragon Warrior. Here they are:

Q: What is the first equipment that I should buy?

A: This can go two ways. Some people feel that you should buy the club, the cloth armor, and a dragon scale. This gives you a starting attack power of +4 and a starting defense of +4. I personally feel that you should buy the club, and the dragon scale, and then kill slimes until you can get the leather armor. This gives you +4 attack and +6 defense. My way is a little slower to start, but faster in the long run because you won't waste money on selling the clothes back. Regardless, of which method you choose, one thing everyone agrees on... Don't buy the bamboo pole. (It sucks.)

Q: How can I get money fast?

A: Since this game doesn't give out an over abundance of gold, many times you will find yourself just killing things to get money. Near the beginning of the game, you'll be fighting near the castle, so you can always heal for free. To do this wait until level 3 when you get the Heal spell, and heal yourself to full. Then speak with the old man behind the counter on the first floor of Tantegel castle. He will fill your magic points for free. This will cut out the cost of the inn, saving you those precious few coins at the beginning of the game. Later on you'll have to kill and heal the slow way. However, much later on all you have to go is kill Goldmen around Hauksness. They give 150-200 gold per kill, and they're pretty weak.

Q: How can I go up levels quickly?

A: Probably the best spot is in Hauksness where the Axe Knight is. For one, he's always there, and two, he gives 54 experience! That's quite a bit. The other place is south of Hauksness where the Metal Slimes live. They give 115 experience, but can be quite a pain to have to kill because they run away all the time.

Q: What's the best equipment possible?

A: If you want a truly decked out character you need... Level 30: Full stats, Weapon: Erdrick's Sword (+40 attack), Armor: Erdrick's Armor (+28 armor, no swamp/barrier damage), Shield: Silver Shield (+20 armor), Dragon Scale (+2 armor). They don't get much better than that.

Q: What does the Fighter's Ring do?

A: This is one of the most asked questions. Almost everyone who's played Dragon Warrior knows of the Fighter's Ring found in the Mountain Cave, but nobody seems to know what it does. It doesn't change any of your stats in the status menu, so most people think it does nothing. I like to think that it has to have some purpose, even a small one. Perhaps it makes enemies run away more, or maybe it causes you less encounters. It's hard to tell. One things for sure if it does have an effect on the game, it's very minute, or people would have noticed by now. The only time when it has any noticeable effect on the game is when you speak with a solider in Cantlin. With out the ring he says that every great fighter should have a ring. When you are wearing the ring he asks you if you're married. Other than that I've never seen another change in the game, aside from selling it for 15 gold. Perhaps the ring was supposed to do something originally, but the game designers left that part out, and instead of going through the code removing the ring, they just left it. Who knows...

Q: The Golem keeps wasting me! How do I kill him?

A: As you may have heard the Golem likes music, it puts him to sleep. Especially fairy music. Not Melissa Etheridge, but that from a fairy flute. Someone in the game has told you where to find it, and if you didn't listen, but I'm sure you did, it's four steps south of the bath in Kol. Search there to get it. Then, when you fight Golem, use it and the Golem will fall asleep. Just start attacking him as he sleeps. If he wakes up, use the flute again. Even with the flute Golem is hardcore, but the flute helps an awful lot.

Q: Should I buy the Flame Sword or the Magic Armor?

A: I don't think I've ever gotten this question before, I'm just putting it here so you don't waste your money. The Flame Sword is almost totally worthless, as it only increases your attack by four more than the Broad Sword. (Which is an almost insignificant amount.) However, the Magic Armor has a bonus, it heals one hit point every five steps, and absorbs all swamp and barrier damage. By the time you've gotten to Cantlin, however, you should be strong enough to kill the Axe Knight to get Erdrick's Armor which is not only extremely better, but also free!

Q: Where do I find Erdrick's Armor?

A: When you reach the town of Cantlin, you will receive information from a man named Wynn. He will tell you about his relative who used to own a shop in Hauksness and had Erdrick's Armor. To find the armor, search in the destroyed town for the ruins of the shop. You'll know you're there when you have to fight an Axe Knight. If you successfully kill the Axe Knight, you will be able to go into the back of the shop. Search there and you will be rewarded with Erdrick's Armor!

Q: Where do I get Erdrick's Token?

A: You hear from a man in Cantlin about Erdrick's Token. He gives you the coordinates to it which are located deep in a swamp 70 steps south of Tantegel Castle and 40 steps east. Go to that location and search. If you have Gwaelin's Love this is much easier, if not the place isn't too hard to find. The token is used to prove yourself as a descendant of Erdrick.

Q: Do I need to rescue Gwaelin?

A: On a rather humorous note, NO! If you leave her in the Swamp Cave, to be dragon food, you should be able to find Erdrick's Token without her. However when you kill the Dragonlord, and return to Tantegel Castle, there she will be happy as ever!

Q: How do I get to Charlock Castle?

A: It takes a few things to get there. First you need the Silver Harp found in the Grave of Garinham, (Make sure you bring a key) to trade for the Staff of Sunlight. You also need the Stones of Sunlight from the basement of Tantegel Castle. You need a key to get there too. Then you need Erdrick's Token to get the Rainbow Drop. With all that done, go to the far west area of Rimildar, where the sandy shores almost meet, and use the Rainbow Drop. A bridge is created, taking you to the island where Charlock Castle resides.

Q: Where can I find Erdrick's Sword?

A: Erdrick's Sword is the most difficult item in the game to get. (Except the Ball of Light of course) It's located deep in the bowels of Charlock Castle. To get it, go into Charlock Castle and walk directly behind the throne and search. A staircase will appear. Now go down the stairs to the next floor. Follow the path to the only staircase on that floor. On the next floor do the same thing. There is only one staircase that you can reach. The next floor is more complicated. Start by going to the right as far as you can, then go down and take the first right. When you can't go right any further, go up until you can't go up any further. Now go left until you can't go left any further. Then go down and take the last staircase. At the next floor, work your way to the bottom right hand corner. Now go up until you see a passageway. Do not go down this one. Instead, go left for two steps and then down along the other side of that wall. You will see a staircase going up. Follow the path until you reach another staircase, as there is only one on this path. Go down the stairs and you will easily see the next staircase to take. On this floor there is only one staircase, but the path is longer. When you go down the next staircase, you will see a treasure chest. Take the chest and you have the Erdrick's Sword!

Q: How do I make my way through Charlock Castle to get to the Dragonlord?

A: This is quite a long journey so make sure you're prepared. When you get to Charlock Castle, go down the stairs, you went to behind the throne before to get Erdrick's Sword. Now follow the path to the next floor. Do this again. When you go down the stairs from the second basement to the third, it is a little more complicated. Now, go to the right as far as you can, then go down and make the first turn to your right. Go right as far as you can, then up as far as you can, then left and down and you will see the stairs. On the next floor, go to the bottom right hand corner, and go up until you see a staircase, and take the first left there. Keep going left until you see a stair case. Go down that staircase. On this floor, just follow the path, there is only one staircase to go to. The next floor is the same, just go right until you reach the final staircase. The last floor, will be lit up so you can finally see where you are going. Start by going up and making the first left turn, and take the last path that is going upwards. Make the first right turn. From then on, just follow the path until you are standing next to the Dragonlord.

Q: What happens if I get cursed?

A: You can't get into the castle, and have to speak with the man in Rimildar.

Q: I keep getting killed! How do I prevent that?

A: Don't die. However, this could use some more elaboration. Try and fight enemies that can't hurt you too much. One of the major reasons beginners die, is because they stray too far from the cities. Also, make sure you've bought good armor. It can take a long time to save up for good armor, but it's worth it. Also, be sure to build up your levels occasionally, by just walking back and fourth killing things. It can be boring but you'll thank yourself in the long run.

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