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The Enemies

This game is very true to life. There are a lot more jerks and bad guys out there than good guys. Here is a quick enemy reference chart. A detailed analysis of enemy is found below.

Here is the overworld map with all the monster areas shown.

Enemy Name Picture HP Atk Def Spd Exp Gld Spells Known Power Locations
Armored Knight 90 105 86 147 70 140 Healmore, Hurtmore ******* Charlock Castle
Axe Knight 70 94 82 243 54 165 Sleep, Stopspell ****** Hauksness, Charlock
Blue Dragon 70 98 84 255 60 150 Fiery Breath ****** Charlock Castle
Demon Knight 50 79 64 255 37 150 Hurt, Sleep ***** South of Hauksness
Drakee 6 9 6 15 2 2 None * Near Tantegel Castle
Drakeema 20 22 26 32 11 20 Heal, Hurt ** Grave of Garnin, Caves
Droll 25 24 24 14 10 25 None ** Mountain Cave
Drollmagi 38 52 50 34 22 90 Heal, Hurt, Stopspell *** Grave of Garnin
Druin 22 22 18 15 7 16 None ** Mountain Cave, Swamp Cave
Druinlord 35 47 40 240 20 85 Hurt *** Grave of Garnin
Ghost 7 11 8 15 3 4 None * Caves, Near Tantegel
Goldman 50 48 40 223 6 200 None **** Hauksness area
Golem 70 120 60 255 5 10 None ****** Guarding Cantlin
Green Dragon 65 88 74 127 45 110 Fiery Breath ***** Many different places
Knight 55 76 78 103 33 150 Stopspell **** South of Hauksness
Magician 12 11 12 0 4 11 Hurt ** Garinham, Kol, Caves
Magidrakee 15 14 14 0 5 12 Hurt ** Kol, south of Garnin, Caves
Magiwyvern 58 78 68 32 34 140 Sleep, Fiery Breath ***** Cantlin area, Outside Charlock
Metal Scorpion 22 36 42 15 14 40 None *** Rimildar area
Metal Slime 4 10 225 255 115 6 Hurt * Hauksness area
Poltergeist 23 18 20 0 7 18 Hurt ** Mountain Cave 2nd Level
Red Dragon 100 120 90 247 100 140 Sleep, Fiery Breath ******* Charlock Castle
Red Slime 4 7 3 15 1 2 None * Tantegel Area
Rouge Scorpion 35 60 90 127 26 110 None **** Hauksness Area
Scorpion 20 18 16 15 6 16 None ** Kol, South of Garnin, Caves
Skeleton 30 28 22 15 11 30 None *** Kol, North of Rimildar, Caves
Slime 3 5 3 15 1 1 None * Tantegel Area
Spector 36 40 38 49 18 70 Hurt, Sleep *** Grave of Garinham
Star Wyvren 65 86 80 128 43 160 Healmore, Fiery Breath ******* Hauksness, Cantlin
Stoneman 160 100 40 47 65 140 None ******* Charlock Castle
Warlock 30 28 22 49 14 35 Hurt, Sleep **** Rimildar Area, Caves
Werewolf 60 86 70 127 40 155 None ****** Hauksness, Cantlin
Wizard 65 80 70 247 50 65 Hurtmore, Sleep ******* Hauksness, Cantlin, Charlock
Wolf 34 40 30 31 16 45 None **** Rimildar
Wolflord 38 50 36 71 20 80 Stopspell ***** Hauksness Area, South Rimildar
Wraith 36 44 34 112 17 60 Heal **** Hauksness Area
Wraith Knight 46 68 56 80 28 120 Heal ***** South of Hauksness
Wyvern 42 56 48 79 24 100 None ***** Hauksness Area
Dragonlord - Wizard - - - - - - - ******* Charlock Castle
Dragonlord - Dragon ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ******** Charlock Castle

Note: HP, EXP, and GP fluctuate from battle to battle. The values given are the average for the monster.


Armored Knight - Found in the final areas of Charlock Castle, this is what just may prevent you from reaching the Dragonlord. Never waste your time fighting these guys because after you nearly kill yourself trying, he will probably chant Healmore and you will have to do it over again.

Axe Knight - He is found in Charlock Castle and in Hauksness guarding Erdrick's Armor. When you approach him, use the Stopspell immediately so he can't put you to sleep. The Erdrick's Armor location is a great way to get experience points in high levels. If you walk on that same space over and over again you will be sure to add up points fast.

Blue Dragon - Blue Dragon's are a very strong enemy, but by the time you are strong enough to reach them, they should be no problem at all. They don't know any spells and are fairly simple to beat.

Demon Knight - These guys are a real pain. They are pretty strong and more than half your attacks will miss and you will hear that annoying sound and see "It is dodging!" Spells never work on these guys at all.

Drakee - Very weak, you should easily be able to beat him by level two.

Drakeema - Found in Mountain cave and Grave of Garinham. Don't waste your time fighting these guys. After you've wasted all of your energy trying to kill him, he will heal himself. Later on, you can waste them.

Droll - Not too strong and they don't know any spells. Good to fight around level 6 and 7.

Drollmagi - A little bit stronger than droll, and only knows Stopspell so these aren't a very big challenge at all.

Druin - Found mostly in the Mountain Cave, and the Swamp Cave. They can be annoying in the Mountain Cave, but by the time you are ready to make it to the Swamp Cave, they should be no problem at all.

Druinlord - Found only in the Tomb of Garinham. You won't run into these guys too many times. He is moderately strong but again, by the time you reach them, you should be strong enough to handle them.

Ghost - Fourth weakest enemy in the game. No spells, not too strong, found all over the place. It sticks out its tongue like a two year old would which is about where its mentality is as well.

Goldman - Fairly strong, they live near Wyverns outside of Hauksness and near the Southern Castle, just below Rimildar. They give you lots of gold, (over one hundred!) but hardly any experience.

Golem - Very strong guard of Cantlin. Use the fairy flute to put to sleep but that is still not enough. You must be very strong to beat this guy. Make sure to have lots of herbs when you fight him and have full HP in case he attacks before you're ready. The punk doesn't give you anything for gold or experience!

Green Dragon - Weakest member of the dragon family but still very strong. Found outside Cantlin, in Hauksness, Charlock Castle, and most importantly, guarding Princess Gwaelin in the swamp cave. In order to save her, you will have to defeat this guy.

Knight - Although he is very strong, he will waste many of his attacks trying to cast Stopspell. When you approach him, pray this is what he does because it doesn't work most of the time and it doesn't harm you in any way.

Magician - This will be the first enemy you will face that knows spells. He can use the hurt spell. He is very tough at the beginning of your quest but soon you will easily be able to beat him in one attack.

Magidrakee - The red drakees that cast the hurt spell. They are just a little bit stronger than magicians. Their attacks aren't very strong but they chant hurt spell most of the time. You should start fighting them in level 5.

Magiwyvern - A big step above the Wyvern. Worst of all he uses the sleep spell. This can also be a blessing. If you chant Stopspell and block his sleep spell it will not only save you from being slaughtered but it will also waste his attempts to cast the spell making free moves for you.

Metal Scorpion - Found outside Rimildar near Wolves and Warlocks. Fairly strong but not too bad. You should easily be able to fight them in levels 9 and up.

Metal Slime - If you are able to beat this guy you will get 115 experience points! They are found south of Hauksness with Knights, Demon Knights and Magiwyverns. Your attacks will be very low or totally ineffective, spells almost never work and by the time you almost beat him, he will run away.

Poltergeist - Second strongest member of the ghost family. Found usually in the Mountain Cave and sometimes in Grave of Garinham. He knows the hurt spell but his attacks aren't too strong. Don't worry about this enemy, you will only see him a few times during the course of the game.

Red Dragon - Besides the Dragonlord this is the toughest enemy in the game. He is not only extremely strong but can use the sleep spell. If you approach him RUN!!! Pray you won't be blocked in front. Fortunately he doesn't show up as much as Armored Knights but comes up enough. He is found only in the bottom few floors of Charlock Castle.

Red Slime - Not much stronger than slimes. You can easily beat them from the start of the game and frickin slaughter them when you get Erdrick's sword later and take away 70 hit points late in the game even though they only have 4. MUHUHAHAHA.

Rouge Scorpion - Found just south of Hauksness. A step above the Wyvern. He doesn't have a lot of hit points which is good because even when you are strong, your attacks won't affect him greatly at all. For some reason he's blue.

Scorpion - Weakest member of the scorpion family. Found in caves, outside of Kol, South of Garinham and North of Rimildar. You should start fighting him in level 5. In level 6, he will be very easy.

Skeleton - Also found in many places. Quite a big step above the Scorpion, this enemy will be a great challenge in levels 5 and 6. Luckily in Level 7, you will have Sleep spell and they are pretty good sleepers so after this time they will not be any trouble at all.

Slime - Weakest enemy in the game. Simple to beat even in level 1 with no weapons or armor.

Spector - Strongest member of the ghost family. Found only deep in the Grave of Garinham. He can put you to sleep so be careful! You will probably only see 2 or 3 of these on your entire quest unless you hang around the Grave a lot for experience points.

Stoneman - Third strongest enemy in the game. He has an extremely high amount of hit points so it will take many attacks to kill him. He is only found in Charlock Castle, though. Stonemen are very good sleepers so cast the sleep spell right away if you are going to fight them.

Warlock - Found outside Rimildar near wolves and metal scorpions. He is the first enemy you will see that uses the Sleep spell. Fight him at around level 9, but be careful.

Wizard - Found in many places including Charlock Castle, Hauksness, and Cantlin. He is the most powerful of the Magicians. He will cast Sleep, and Hurtmore all the time. His normal attack isn't too strong, so a Stopspell could help you greatly.

Wolf - Found with Warlocks and Metal Scorpions. Fairly strong, you should fight them in levels 9 and 10. They will give you a lot of gold fast so you can buy the Broad Sword, as long as you don't get killed by one.

Wolflord - A small step above the Wolf. Like the knight, it chants Stopspell a lot, so this can be a blessing because it doesn't harm you and it usually doesn't work.

Wraith - Found with Goldmen, Wyverns and Wolflords, they aren't strong at all, by the time you start fighting them. The only problem with them is they Heal themselves so chant the Stopspell first thing.

Wraith Knight - Strongest member in the Skeleton family, if you don't include Demon Knights. Stronger than Wyverns, but weaker than Knights, this is where they stand. Like Wraiths, they can also heal themselves so be sure to chant the Stopspell.

Wyvern - Although it is the weakest member of the Wyvern family, it is still pretty strong. They hang with Goldman and Wolflords and Wraiths south of Rimildar and near Hauksness. They do not know any spells and are pretty good sleepers. It doesn't always work to put them to sleep but it will many times.

Dragonlord - Wizard - Deep within the bowels of Charlock Castle lies the Dragonlord waiting. You begin the assault and he is a man. You fight him until...

Dragonlord - Dragon - The Dragonlord reveals his true self! He is actually a dragon in disguise! You must fight him to the death! He is the most powerful enemy you will ever face!

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