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Entrances to caves look like a black half circle shaped door. When your character arrives at one of these, you'll automatically walk inside. Once inside, make sure you have a Torch, or the Radient spell. If you go inside a cave by accident, don't move. Use the stairs command to leave or risk being lost in the darkness. Below is the full list of all the caves.

Name Map Location Description
Erdrick's Cave    

Just north of Tantegel Castle. Here you will find the Erdrick's Tablet. There are no enemies in this cave and it is very small.

Mountain Cave    

Southeast of Garinham. This the first cave you will explore that has enemies. Get the Death Necklace and Fighter's Ring here. Sell both of them! This cave is a lot bigger than Erdrick's Cave, but is very easy to learn how to get around in it.

Swamp Cave    

Located in a swamp south of Kol. It serves two purposes. The first, is where you will have to go to rescue the princess. Use a torch or radiant when you do this. You will have to fight a Green Dragon in order to rescue her and you will also need a Magic Key. The cave's seconds purpose, is to get to Rimildar. You won't need a Torch as it is very easy to find your way out of the cave. Just go down for a long way until you hear a thumping sound. Then go to the right until you hear the same sound. Then down again, right, down, and finally left. Then go up the stairs and you will be out of the cave.

Grave of Garinham    

Use a key in the town of Garinham to reach here. You will also need another key when you get inside the grave. The silver harp is here as well as many strong enemies. Enemies as strong as Wraith Knight's are here so be careful!

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