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Castles and Towns

You will come to many different civilizations on your journey. At them, you will be able to recover at inns, buy weapons, armor and shields, and talk to people to gain information and wisdom. Castles have three towers with flags and towns look like a couple of buildings side by side. You can enter a castle or town that you've come across by walking into it. Castles do not have Inns, but towns do. Below the description of the town is the cost of it's inn.

Type Name Map Location Description Inn Price
Tantegel Map Location

The residence of King Lorik. Here his majesty resides waiting for you, the hero of the realm, to slay the dreaded Dragonlord. There are several locked rooms in this castle, and a hidden cellar.

Breconary Map Location

The first town you will go to. It is just a few steps away from Tantegel Castle. You will buy your first weapons, armor, and tools here.

Garinham Map Location

Found in the Northwestern corner of Alefgard. Contains more expensive weapons and armor. It is also where the Grave of Garinham is located. You will not go to the Grave of Garinham the first time you go to the town, though!

Kol Map  

Found to the far North East. Here you will find the Fairy Flute, and also a Weapons and Armor shop.

Rimildar Map  

Located just south of the swamp cave. It has a Weapon Shop, but it does not have a tool shop. This is where you will buy keys. You half to walk around the edge of the north side of the town to reach the key shop.

Hauksness Map  

A destroyed town. Strong enemies live here, such as Werewolves, Green Dragons, Starwyverns and Wizards. At the eastern end of the town. you will find a small square with a tree next to it. If you walk on that space, an Axe Knight will appear. If you can defeat the Axe Knight, and then search the ground, you will find Erdrick's Armor.

Cantlin Map  

A very hard town to reach. Travel South of Hauksness and cross the bridge and the head north until you come to a swamp and bridge, cross that bridge, and go south and you will reach Cantlin. You must defeat Golem before you can enter. When you do, you will find the biggest town you have ever seen. Everything and anything, can be bought here. You will need a key to get to the shop with the Flame Sword and Silver Shield.

Charlock Map  

The Dragonlord's castle. Herein lies the most powerful monsters in the game, and a maze of passages and stairs. Erdrick's Sword is somewhere in here, and so is the Dragonlord!


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