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In the world of Alefgard there are many strong enemies who are out to get you. In order to protect yourself, you will need to wear armor.

Armor Cost Defense Location
Clothes 20 +2 Breconary, Cantlin
Leather Armor 70 +4 Breconary, Cantlin
Chain Mail 300 +10 Garinham, Kol, Cantlin
Half Plate 1000 +16 Kol, Rimildar, Cantlin
Full Plate 3000 +24 Rimildar, Cantlin
Magic Armor 7700 +24 Rimildar Cantlin
Erdrick's Armor None +28 Hauksness


Clothes - Made of thick cloth, they don't really protect you too much from the enemy. Even so, it's better than nothing and it does lessen the damage inflicted by the enemy a little bit. Some people buy them, some wait for leather armor.

Leather Armor - Sewn together from fragments of soft leather, it is useful in combat. It's light and easy to move about it, and it gives you more protection than the clothes. Your first Armor upgrade. They certainly serve their purpose until you have enough money for Chain Mail.

Chain Mail - Those annoying letters you get in the mail that you are supposed to pass on. No, actually the next step up from leather. Made from light metallic thread sewn together. Light and easy to move in, it will considerably lessen the damage that the enemy can inflict on you. You will have this armor for a long time because you need to buy the hand axe and large shield before you buy armor again so this is a very important armor that is used for much of the game.

Half Plate - A strong piece of armor made from beaten out iron panels. Although you can't move about so fast. It really protects you from the enemy's blows. The first armor you will buy that is actually pretty strong. This is a very good armor. You basically buy this armor to make gold faster to buy the full plate and the broad sword.

Full Plate - Made from specially fabricated steel, this is really durable armor. It'll protect you from almost all enemy attacks. This will be the last armor you will have to buy. It is fairly expensive but well worth it. If you want to fight bigger enemies and get more gold and experience, you will have to save up for this armor.

Magic Armor - Like the Flame Sword, this is a complete waste of money. It is very expensive and as before, by the time you fight enough enemies to earn 7700 gold, you should be able to fight the Axe Knight in Huskiness and get Erdrick's Armor. If you do decide to get it however, 1 hp is restored every three steps you take.

Erdrick's Armor - This armor gives you a lot of bang for your buck especially considering it is free. It protects you better than anything else. It allows you to walk on barriers and swamps without any damage, and you restore 1 hp every step you take. Truly an excellent armor. See walkthrough below, to learn everything you need to know for obtaining this armor.

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