The Key To The Castle
The Game


Here are several screen shots of the game. As you can see, it doesn't need a powerful video card.

This is the title screen. A cute little musical intro using the PC speaker is played here. Don't you just love the high quality ASCII graphics? Those were the days! This image seems very similar to the castles in the Atari game, Adventure.

Here are the very descriptive instructions that are built into the game. Not exactly a huge manual, but then the game is easy enough to grasp.

Tada! The first screen. You play the little clubs symbol. It's up to you to open that gate at the bottom of the screen. If you look at the wall in the first room you get the high score. Yup! It's me! Can you beat it?

Now I'm in the museum. The helmet isn't normally here, but I dropped it to make the screen look more interesting. The room to the right is the first monster you encounter. It's a scary snake!

Here's to south half of the garden. To the north is the snake room, but there is a fountain here. This fountain has two purposes. For one, it can be used to fill the flask for more health, you can also find a treasure here.

ARRRGH! I tried to kill the snake, but thanks to my Pentium, the game went too fast and it killed me! Well I guess I'll have to play again with MoSlo. Notice the typo in the game? Boy, I love these pre-retro games.

The Keypunch intro screen for the game can be seen here.

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