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Worlds of Power: Bionic Commando


Worlds of Power was a book series targeted to children that featured some of their favorite videogames as subject material. Each book would explain a little about the specific video game world and create a story that resembled the progress of the game itself. None of the books are canonical to their respective game series, and the authors often took great liberties with the storyline.

The Bionic Commando book was number 6 in the series and was written by Judith Bauer Stamper under the pen name F. X. Nine. It was published by Scholastic in 1991 and retailed for $2.95 in the US and $3.95 in Canada. It's ISBN number was 0-590-44315-1.


Because most video games don't translate well to novelization, the author adjusted many aspects of the game to fit their story. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Areas are referred to as Stages.
  • Nathan Spencer's name is Jack Markson.
  • Jack and Super Joe are attacked by ninjas.
  • Generalissimo Killt's name is spelled "Kilt".
  • Even though Jack is a spy and a ninja, his code of ethics prevents him from shooting terrorists before they first shoot at him.
  • There are only 18 stages.
  • Communicators are named after their color, not their Greek letter.
  • Communicators have SEND and EAVESDROP modes, not communicate and wiretap.
  • Jack's gun has a STUN mode which shoots stun darts instead of bullets.
  • Jack pilots the helicopter himself.
  • Instead of medicine from Stage One, Jack gets a first aid kit.
  • Neutral areas are actually well populated villages and Jack dresses incognito before entering them.
  • Jack is not a Captain, but is instead a spy with ninja abilities who graduated from spy school.
  • Jack is mentioned jumping several times in the book.
  • Stage Four is underwater.
  • The slime and man-eating plants are in Stage Four.
  • There are no main systems at the end of the areas.
  • The wide gun is hidden in an explosive safe.
  • Jack can't enter Stage Five until he flips a secret switch on a statue of Kilt.
  • Stage Five uses the orange communicator.
  • The rocket launcher is called the rocket gun like how it is in the game manual.
  • Jack is allowed to switch weapons and items in the middle of an area.
  • The pendant is called Super Joe's good luck charm.
  • The rapid fire device is called a magazine of ammunition, similar to what it's called in the game manual.
  • The helmet is found in Stage Fourteen.
  • The blue communicator is found in Stage Eight.
  • Enemy helicopters are unmanned.
  • The extra magazine of ammo can be used on every gun.
  • Master-D is not dead and doesn't need to be resurrected.
  • Master-D kills The Hand not Kilt.
  • Hal is killed by being pushed off a roof by a Badd soldier.
  • The bazooka is found hidden on a ledge on the roof.
  • Jack and Joe are saved by Heather and Tiger, not by HQ.
  • The Albatros has missiles, rockets, and guns instead of flame throwers.


The author also extrapolated and inferred many additions to the plot which are seen below.

  • Jack loses his arm from being hit by a ninja shuriken and falling twenty stories into a pool.
  • Jack and Joe met in Spy School.
  • The bionic arm has many other special abilities like having multiple bionic hooks, super punches, a finger that instantly heats up to 1000°C, super sensitive fingertips that make it possible to pick locks and disarm bombs, a communications jamming device, and a special radio frequency truth field.
  • An evil organization called the NAZZ is mentioned as being defeated by Jack and Super Joe. One of their members, Kilt, escaped and formed the BADD, a terrorist organization. The NAZZ is also mentioned in the game manual.
  • There is a giant octopus monster.
  • Albatros is misspelled just like in the game.
  • There are additional characters including Heather (Joe's girlfriend), Tiger (a child refugee), and The Hand (A freelance terrorist who builds the Albatros.)
  • Hal's last name is Hamilton.
  • Jack carries a special spy revolver.
  • The robot guard has a ray gun.
  • The Hand is the giant soldier boss.
  • Master-D stands for Master-Destructo.


Like all books in the Worlds of Power series, there are game hints at the end of some of the chapters of the book. A couple of the hints are useful, some are very obvious, and half of them are actually wrong!

  1. Get the bazooka after you defeat the Albatros in Stage Twelve. (This is extremely obvious and nearly impossible to miss.)
  2. Get the machine gun from Destroyer Two in Stage Eighteen. (Incorrect: you get the gun from Destroyer-3.)
  3. Find the helmet in the tunnel between Stages Fourteen and Seventeen. (Incorrect: the helmet is between area 15 and area 18.)
  4. You need at least 300 bullets to get through Stages Six and Eight. (Incorrect: the real criteria to get to area 8 is that you need to beat areas 1-6 and have the gamma communicator.)
  5. Use the Three-Way gun from Stage Nine to get through Stage Seven.
  6. The proper order to win is: 1, 13, 4, 15, 5, 16, 2, 3, 6, 14, 8, 9, 17, 7, 18, 10, 11, 12. (You can play the areas in many different orders, and stage 8 doesn't need to be played.)
  7. Get free "continues" by crashing the helicopter into the green trucks on the Map Stage. You'll descend into an enemy level. After you defeat the men you'll find white birds. These are the "continues." (Only certain enemies in the meet with enemy section give eagle badges.)
  8. If you have the wrong weapon or communicator, you can get out of a stage by pressing A, B, and START buttons at the same time.
  9. The secret tunnels are between Stages Seventeen and Fourteen and Stages Fifteen and Seven. (Incorrect: the second passage is between 14 and 17.)