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Spikes are hazards that exist in all of the incarnations of Bionic Commando. They come in many different forms, but are ultimately sharp pointy things that do a lot of damage.



Stage 1

Spikes are only found in stage 1 of the arcade version. They appear to be naturally occurring plants with spines. Touching them in any way will instantly kill you, so keep your distance.

Commodore 64


Stage 1

Like the arcade version, spikes are only found in stage 1 in the Commodore 64 version. Touching them will kill you.



Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12, Neutral Areas

There are no shortage of spikes in the NES version. They appear in over half of the combat areas and in every neutral area. There are two different graphics used for spikes. Swinging into, or attempting to walk on spikes will do three damage to you and knock you back. You can be damaged by spikes even when you're flashing invincible. If you land into a pit of spikes you won't have enough time to use your bionic arm before hitting the spikes again.

The game program actually counts two hits when you touch spikes. You lose one point for the initial collision, and then another two for colliding with spikes.

Game Boy


Areas Neutral Areas, ?

Spikes in the Game Boy version are a little easier to deal with because they only do two points of damage to you when you land on them.

Elite Forces


Areas 2, 3, 5, 6

The spikes of Elite Forces are the easiest yet because they only do a single point of damage.


7th Generation