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The enemy robot is a weak enemy that is seen in the NES, Game Boy, and Rearmed versions.

Robots simply drive straight along a platform until they encounter a wall or a pit, and then the turn around and head the other way. You must crouch down to shoot them since they're so small.



Hits 3
Areas 6, 10, 11, 16
Weapon Turret

They are seen guarding the second door of area 16, in the first half of area 6, and falling from the sky near the end of area 10 and halfway through area 10 on some of the platforms above the fire.

Although they have gun turrets, robots never actually shoot.

Game Boy


Hits 1
Area 7
Weapon Electric body

Aside from the graphical differences, the Game Boy robot is the same as the NES robot. It can be seen in area 7.


Cropped version of official concept art showcasing the new design of the Robot

As with many foes from the NES title, the Robot is confirmed to be returning in the upcoming Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Unlike previous incarnations, this version actually IS seen firing its gun, as well as serving as the cockpit for massive tank-like foes in the updated Area 2. Also worth noting is that the tips of their antennas now glow with a pinkish light.