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This is a list of all known publications that feature Bionic Commando.


Version Publication: Date: Images:
Amiga Amiga Format 1991, August Review
Amiga Amiga Power 1991, August Review
Amiga AUI 1988, October Review
Amiga Commodore User 1988, September Review
Amiga CU Amiga 1989, September Review
Amiga ZZAP! 1988, November Review: Page 1, Page 2
Atari ST / ZX Spectrum The Games Machine 1988, August Review
C64 Commodore User 1988, May Review: Page 1, Page 2
C64 The Games Machine 1990, August Review
NES Nintendo Power, Issue 2 1988, September/October Cover, Poster
Unknown Unknown Unknown Map
ZX Spectrum Crash 1988, October Map


Versions Publication: Date: Images:
Various Computer Go! Magazine c 1988 Page
NES / Amiga Unknown Magazine c 1988 Page