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A collage of pictures depicting Miller from the comic Bionic Commando: Chain of Command

Miller is a soldier with the Federal States of America who appears in the comic Bionic Commando: Chain of Command. He is apparently associated with Joseph Gibson and T.A.S.C., accompanying Gibson when he went to meet Nathan Spencer at the landing pad.

Miller is shown to be distrusting of bionics, proving hesitant to entrust Operation Blackout to a bionic, and when Gibson states that he trusts Spencer to pull it off, Miller retorts, "I think you're letting your friendship cloud your judgement. Bionic or not, he's just one man!" Gibson retorts that he's a "one-man-army", stating that he's seen Nathan in action.

When he recounts the tale of how Spencer rescued him and dealt a deathblow to the Imperial Army, Miller is incredulous, apparently finding it hard to believe that any one man, even a bionic, could pull it off single-handedly.

He is last seen when Gibson and Spencer are walking away to the debriefing room.