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Welcome to the Bionic Commando Database!

This is a wiki specifically about the Bionic Commando game series from Capcom. It is meant to be a comprehensive guide to all of the information from every publication in the series. Check the recent changes log for the latest updates or choose your interest below.


Guides are instructions and hints presented in a spoiler safe manner. This is the only section of this Wiki that has been designed to present the information without spoilers. If you want to play these games without having them ruined go here.


This section contains encyclopedic information about each of the games in the series. It makes no attempt to present the information spoiler-free, so if you don't want the surprises of the games ruined, stay out of here.

Game Elements

This section contains a list of all of the various things you will encounter as you play the games.


Here you will find downloadable multimedia from the games including art scans, music, and video.


A list of all of the people involved in the making of every Bionic Commando release and what they did.


All of the various things that bear the Bionic Commando brand.


This section is dedicated to the more technical fans looking to alter the games. You will find information about the internal workings of the game as well as patches, hacks, and translations as well as programming errors.


Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories will be placed here.

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