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Name Mac
Affiliation Federation Ally
Area Area 14

In the Japanese release of the NES version, in the second room of area 14, you meet Mac (マック Makku). Although Mac is a commander in the Imperial Army he is not hostile toward you. Instead, he tells you he has a deal for you and asks if you're interested. If you say no, he mentions that your reply is unfortunate. However, if you say yes, he will tell you that his helmet can be found in the underground secret passage. He then tells you to please defeat Wiseman, showing that he is sympathetic to the Federation. Because of this, he is listed as a hero.

Although Mac isn't officially in the North American release, there are three unused portions of text in the ROM which indicate that he was originally planned to be in the game with the name "Mack". Mac was instead replaced in the North American release with ten bullet canisters.

Game Boy


Name Mac
Affiliation Federation Ally
Area ?

Mac actually appears in the North American version of the Game Boy release with the proper English spelling.