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Gottfried Groeder- referred to in earlier game material as the Giant Soldier- is a huge bionic-enhanced boss enemy who is difficult to figure out how to fight, but not too hard once you know the secret.



Hits 9
Areas 6, 7, 12
Weapon Wires

The giant soldier guards all the most sensitive sections including the permit, Super Joe, and the final escape route. He walks back and forth on his platform, waiting for you to get close, and when you do he'll grab you with his wires and pull you into his armor. The armor on his body protects him from all attacks, and if you are pulled into it you'll be injured. You can't walk over him, you can't swing past him; he can even duck down to your level. Walking under him works, but you can't get up onto his platform without him attacking you. It seems no matter how you approach him he'll grab you with one of his three wires.

The only way to hit him is to aim directly into his face. You can do this by grabbing onto a higher platform and then firing your weapon as you fall. If you time it right you'll hit his face.

When you fight him in the escape route you can use his attack against him. If he grabs you and pulls you into his armor, you'll bounce off of it, and this will put you high enough into the air to grab the upper platform.

Game Boy


Hits 8
Area 6
Weapon Wires

The Game Boy giant soldier is even more robotic looking than the original. He's just as well defended as the NES giant soldier too, but his movement patterns are just as predictable. Although, he's a bit stronger now because he does two points of damage to you when he pulls you into his body instead of just one. You can kill him using the same attack pattern as before. However, since you fall a little slower in the Game Boy version, you have to wait slightly longer before firing.


Official art of Gottfried Groeder as he appears in Bionic Commando: Rearmed

In the NES remake, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, this classic boss has undergone an almost total revamp in design and abilities, complete with a name: Gottfried Groeder.

According to his official profile, Groeder is Killt's right-hand man and the one responsible for guarding and interrogating Joseph Gibson during his imprisonment. During this assignment, Groeder learned of T.A.S.C.'s bionics program, and had his underlings smuggle bionic parts from right under the noses of the preoccupied-with-the-war government agency, becoming the only person outside of TASC to have gained access to military-grade bionics technology at the time of the Federation-Imperial war. Using these bionic parts, Groeder enhanced his own body in an attempt to achieve immortality.

However, he was unaware of certain dangers that had long plagued the development of the technology- having the bionics plugged directly into the host's central nervous system had long caused chronic psychological problems with many of the test subjects. Having only learned of the technology seconhand, and having done the implantation process unsupervised, Groeder easily fell victim to this phenomenon, the very bionics he used to enhance his body driving him well past the point of insanity.

The combination of his heavily-bionics-enhanced body and psychosis made Groeder a dangerous opponent. And, as Super Joe's guard and the only other bionic in the field, it was only a matter of time before Groeder and Nathan Spencer met in battle.

Also of note is that videos showing the multiplayer gameplay mode have revealed that Groeder is one of the four playable characters, alongside Spencer, Generalissimo Killt, and Super Joe.

Due to his numerous bionic enhancements, Groeder features the highest Damage stat in the game, and has an average Health stat as well. However, the official site states that all of the bionic enhancements take up so much power that it cuts into the amount of energy he can divert to his weapons, resulting in a below-average Ammo stat.

Groeder's stats as of his appearance in Rearmed are:

GOTTFRIED GROEDER Height: 2.35 m / 7 ft 6 in

Weight: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Rank: Commandant, Imperial Army