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Chain of Command, page 6

Bionic Commando: Chain of Command is a comic that is part of the Bionic Commando series. It is intended to tell the story of how Nathan "Rad" Spencer went from a celebrated hero to the broken man on death row he is at the beginning of the 7th generation sequel.

The comic can be read online at:


Preview of the cover art by Dave Gibbons for the limited-edition print version

The dimensions and colors used in the comic are that of a traditional print comic, but it is being released on the World Wide Web in a serialized fashion. A new page is published each Wednesday. The first comic was released on March 12th, 2008.

Additionally, a limited-edition print version has been confirmed as a bonus for pre-ordering the 7th gen title.


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Chain of Command begins in the Federal States of America shortly after Nathan Spencer killed Master-D at the end of the NES game. Joseph Gibson explains to Spencer that the prototype agents of the TASC Bionic Division, Forge and Shrike, were too unstable to be used in combat or to be returned to civilian life. They went AWOL and left to Alaska, presumably to sell bionic technology to Alaskan separatists. He is entrusted with the mission to eliminate them, code-named Operation Blackout.

Spencer is ferried to Alaska, taking out a Separatist border patrol in the Chugach Mountains before making his way to the abandoned uranium mining facility converted into a Separatist base in order to meet with his contact, a fellow bionic and T.A.S.C.'s double agent implanted in the Separatists' ranks, Lieutenant Jayne "Mag" Magdalene. Mag proves hesitant to follow through with the mission, pointing out that Forge and Shrike hadn't told the Separatists ANYTHING, and weren't even WELCOME there. In fact, they were only staying with the Separatist long enough to book passage to Russia, and had only gone AWOL in order to stay ALIVE. After all, they had enough of their bodies replaced by bionics that Secretary of Defense Armstrong's order to have them stripped of their bionics was essentially a death warrant.

Spencer remains unconvinced, and the mission resumes with no further resistance from Mag. However, when Spencer has Forge and Shrike in his sights, he hesitates to pull the trigger, realizing they were just soldiers who had given everything, just like him. He calls to abort the mission, but is flushed out from his sniper's nest by a group of Separatist Gunpods, resulting in a short skirmish with the Separatist forces. In the midst of the fighting, the helicopter carrying Forge and Shrike is shot down by a missile fired by a Separatist Stalker.

However, Nathan and Mag soon pick up on the helicopter's transponder signal, meaning that at the very least, the chopper had set down in one piece. It also meant that there was a chance that Forge and Shrike were still alive. When the two went to investigate the wreckage, they were ambushed by Forge and Shrike.

The story will continue to be updated as the comic is released.