This section contains SPOILERS to major plot elements! Unless you've already finished the book, go back.

Okay, now that we've gotten rid of the American Gods virgins, here we can discuss more in depth topics.

I don't know about you, but after I read the line when Laura died I started to get teary-eyed. It was so freaking sad, and poor Shadow was going to have to leave prison all alone... His main driving force for leaving was gone. Most people feel like this at one point in their life. Something terrible happens and you don't even register it. When Shadow makes it to the airport and calls her, half-expecting to have her pick up the phone... I've done stuff like that before.

Speaking of Laura, would you have forgiven her? I thought about what would happen if I were in prison and my wife were alone for three years. I would expect her to take comfort with another as well. I would have forgiven her, no questions asked. I sure wouldn't feel good about it, but I would have forgiven her. Besides, Laura more than makes up for it throughout the book.

In case you want to take a pilgrimage to The House on the Rock, here is the official web site:

One of the cool things about this book taking place in America's Midwest, is that I live in the Midwest. When I read about places that I myself have been, and roads that I have personally driven down, it really adds to the realism. I can picture what the setting looks like exactly.

I felt bad for Shadow because he liked the town of Lakeview so much. Because, when his time there was over, he would never be allowed to return because of his fake name and past. So, for every time he enjoyed himself there it made me feel even worse for him because he would have that much more to leave behind.

Did it bother anyone else when you read that Easter was eating eggs and rabbit? I can just see the conversation.

Easter: Has anyone seen the Easter bunny lately?
Shadow: I saw him with his basket of eggs a few hours ago.
Easter: Oh well, never mind. Who wants rabbit and egg stew?
Wednesday: I do, I do!

There's just something wrong about that!

I, like many others I'm sure, did not catch the "Loki - Low Key" match until it was pointed out to me. I kicked myself for this, because I even remember thinking at the beginning of the book that Low Key sure was a stupid name that didn't make much sense. I'm also familer with Norse mythology, which made me really pissed at myself.

The reason for the storm, the con, made perfect sense, and it even made me feel like I had been personally conned by Odin and Loki. Such bastards.

I actually got mad at Neil Giaman for killing off the little girl with the blue rubber band braces. That really pisses me off, because I was hoping that she would be okay. I was especially upset at the way she was killed... But then, life isn't always rainbows.

I personally, was dreading the ending of the book because of the confrontation with Czernobog and his hammer. I could see three possible outcomes.

1.) Shadow saves the day, and everything's happy, but Czernobog smashes his head in because that was the deal.
2.) Shadow saves the day, and Czernobog, feeling a sense of justice, doesn't bother with the killing blow.
3.) Czernobog dies, and thus, Shadow is saved by default.

With each scenario I was a bit disappointed. In the first, poor Shadow would have to die. In the second, Czernobog doesn't act in character, and the third, Czernobog would have to die, and I thought he was pretty cool.

I guess I prefer the second scenario though.

I was pleased to see that Odin came back. Sure, he's a terrible person, but it's not his fault, we created him that way. Besides it wasn't him, it was a previous him.

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