Rabite Which Secret of Mana Character Are You? Rabite

Secret of Mana is rich in lovable characters, from the orphaned boy who must save the world, to the evil Thanatos who is trying to take over the world. Each one has their own unique qualities which makes them great. Which Secret of Mana character are you like? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Are you good at taking orders?

Yes sir.
Not really.
Nobody orders ME around!
I don't understand the question.

2. Business is...

Yes, what is the question?
A great means of fun and profit.
A waste of time, just take what you need.
The exchange of goods.

3. A friend of yours turns out to be a spy who just double crossed you! What do you do?

There is no right or wrong. There is only life.
This would never happen, I already double crossed them!
Oh, they'll pay for their crimes!
Cry and complain, but not really do anything about it.

4. You're on a quest. Which part of the party would you be?

Most definitely the leader.
Adventure? Hah! A Jedi craves not these things!
The brains. I toss out suggestions and let the leader handle the rest.
The wizard who zaps everything.
Adventures make one late for dinner.

5. There is a war going on. Who's side will you join?

The fight for good.
The fight for evil.
Which ever side is winning.
I may not fight, but I'll help the good in other ways.
War? Great! I'll sell both sides weapons.
Seriously, what difference will it make in the grand scheme of things?

6. Your friends are...

Just people who I tag along with to help accomplish -my- goals.
The people I see every day.
The people who can make me money.
My evil cronies.
Likely to turn on me any second. I wish I had better friends.
Everything and everyone.
Brothers in arms.

7. If you were a character in a fairy tale book you would most likely be...

The damsel in distress.
The courageous knight.
The evil dragon.
The noble steed.
The old wizard.
The bartender.
The strange helpful wanderer.
The book itself.
The villain who plans are always foiled.

8. The best use for mana is...

Helping people.
Powering up weapons.
Taking over the world.
Just let it be.
Making money.

9. Your ideal gift would be...

The world on a silver platter.
Someone's soul.
A new toy.
Better parents.

Elliot Timothy

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