February, 2004

Death is but a door, time is but a window. I'll be back
Feeling: Sleepy 2004/02/27

Last night I went bowling with some friends and didn't arrive home until about 1:00 AM, which is way past my bed time. So now my wrists hurt and I'm tired, so I'm gonna complain about it to the Internet, because the Internet is very warm and comforting.

Still no answers to the Guru's Quandary? Are my questions too difficult?

I've broken out the Humor Page into separate pages for each section. It was getting too big to remain as one.

I've added a really boring page that covers the methods and history of my web site.

For those who are interested in fractal art take a look at this.

Oh, by the way, happy leap year day to everyone this Sunday.

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
Feeling: Okay 2004/02/26

Red? If you don't see the new red style, switch to default on that Style list on the right.

Yesterday, after work, I went out to eat. I was determined to ask the cute hostess out to dinner, but I chickened out at the last minute because I'm such a wuss.

Then, I decided to shoot some pool at the local pool hall. While missing the majority of my shots, I decided that my apartment needed more stuff. I went to Meijer (similar to Wal-Mart) and picked up two new plants (to replace the one that died) and some Christmas lights (I wanted multi-colored, but had to settle on white).

I went home, watered my plants (because plant's like water, you know), and hung up the Christmas lights in my bedroom. They look cool.

I've added ten new facts about me, whee!

I also registered a few more of my sites on dmoz. I currently have eight pages in their directory, and I've submitted another four.

You want it all but you can't have it
Feeling: Cheery 2004/02/25

The gurus have gone and answered another question.

After a long delay, I've finally updated Space Mission Alpha. You'll need the latest Java runtimes in order to play it though.

I created three variations to my coat of arms. One for each season. They can be seen at the bottom of The Guru page.

Lay me down in sheets of linen
Feeling: Happy 2004/02/24

I picked up a broom and dustpan last night so I was finally able to clean my apartment properly. I still need a vacuum though. It never ends!

I've scanned an old picture of me from last May when I was at the Detroit Comic Convention. I look pretty studly.

I've added another one of the Greatest Inventions Ever. The new item is Grid Paper.

Dancing on a Friday night
Feeling: Cheery 2004/02/23

The weekend was great. At work on Saturday my coworkers and I played Pac-Man Versus, which is a fun game that lets four people play at the same time. One as Pac-Man and three as ghosts.

After work I went to Bay City to hang out with Kimberly. We shot some pool and I played Dance Dance Revolution for the first time, which was very fun and challenging. I'm almost ready to graduate from the beginner level, huzzah! It seems Kimberly is really good at it which made me look terrible in comparison!

I picked up a new fishnet shirt (women's of course, why can't men get cool clothes?) and the last Dragonlance Tales book "The Dragons of Chaos"

It seems that nobody answered the last Guru's Quandary correctly last week. No matter, the answer is up as well as this week's question.

Invisible airwaves crackle with life
Feeling: Happy 2004/02/20

It's raining outside. Do you know what that means? It means it isn't snowing! Wow, we're having a heat wave.

I've posted my Coat of Arms, which can be seen at the bottom of The Guru page. Special thanks to Nikia for designing it, I'm very thankful.

Five new images of Zen have been added.

She wears softness as a gown, she spreads magic all around
Feeling: Wired 2004/02/19

It was surprisingly warm this morning, and the frost on my windshield just slid off. I'm not getting my hopes up, I know we'll get plenty more snow before the year is out, but for now I'm happy.

I've added several new unusual city names, thanks to all those who submitted.

A new invention has made it to the list of The Greatest Inventions Ever. It's something we all know and love, duct tape.

I reworked the Say No section so it's now on a separate page.

Nobody has answered the Guru's Quandary yet. For those of you who don't like conventional searching, there is a web page on the Internet that will give you the answer if you search hard enough.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie has its first confirmed cast list.

Now I don't hardly know her, but I think I could love her
Feeling: Flirty 2004/02/18

I had my oil changed yesterday and there was this really good looking girl working there. The best thing about her was even though she was obviously girly (earrings, makeup, etc.), her hands were all dirty like a mechanics. It was such a turn on, but I'm not sure why.

I've added a new section to the humor page called The Greatest Inventions Ever where I will spotlight all of humankind's best creations. The first one on the page: Freezer Pops!

I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face
Feeling: Contemplative 2004/02/17

I've added some links to various tutorials for Corel Photo-Paint to the art page. Photo-Paint is a graphics program similar to the more popular Photoshop, but I've always like Photo-Paint more.

I've added an old Animaniacs skit to the humor page. It's the Who's On Stage skit between Slappy and Skippy.

There is now an illustration and a description to accompany my fable The Owl and the Fox.

I'm kind of in the mood for a road trip, but I wish it was a bit warmer for one. Road trips are so much better in the summer. Well, speaking of cars, I need to get my oil changed.

Growing up leads to growing old and then to dying
And dying to me don't sound like all that much fun
Feeling: Bad 2004/02/16

The weekend was both fun and depressing. Friday evening Dave and I went to East Lansing to the Fortress. I played several exciting games of Magic with old and new friends. We went to Eric's house and watched Blazing Saddles (my first time) and eventually went to bed around 5 AM.

Around noon on Saturday we got up, had an excellent debate about church and state, got some breakfast and went back to the Fortress for some more Magic. We left around 5 PM and the evil city of East Lansing gave me a $15 parking ticket (just another reason to hate cities). I drove home, took a shower and dressed myself up nicely.

I went out to dinner alone, went to the pool hall alone, and eventually made it home to go to bed alone. I did get a little flirting in with some nice women, but it was mostly a let down. Ah well, such is life.

Sunday, I awoke to a very freaky dream which can be read in my dream log. I went to the mall and picked up Queen's Greatest Video Hits 2 and eventually made it home to make a mix CD for a coworker.

Four people correctly answered last week's Guru's Quandary. There is a new one up today, good luck.

I've had the blues, the reds and the pinks
One thing for sure, love stinks
Feeling: Dreamy 2004/02/13

Last night I had a dream that I was at a summer camp (which was more like boot camp) and that at night one of the girls asked me to sneak out with her at night so she could see her family who just got back from a yard sale. Then, her grandmother died, this made us late getting back to camp in the morning, so we had to sneak back in, but I got caught. Definitely no more Big Macs before bedtime.

I'll be going to The Fortress in East Lansing tonight, which means I'll be sleeping in excessively late on V-Day. Maybe I'll find a local chick who I can spend time with.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and for the first time in several years I'm single for the holiday. How did that happen? So I decided to create a nice holiday themed page for all those single people. It's Valentine's Day Candy For Single People.

I also cleaned up some loose ends in Legendworld, and even created a rough draft map of the world. There are still a lot of things I need to cover though.

I would do anything for love, heck, I'd even do that!
Feeling: Flirty 2004/02/12

I got to have dinner with Tabree last night which was nice. We filled each other in on what's been happening in our lives and all that other "old friend" stuff.

The Gurus have been asked a question about the US's great northern neighbors, Canada, eh.

I've updated the Glass Shrine as well as the level 1 map. I think I have the entire level down now.

Very soon you're gonna be my disciple
Feeling: Playful 2004/02/11

I saw Michigan's state quarter today, and all I can say is: dull.

I've added some new pictures of Richard Garriott thanks to Joe from the Origin Museum.

I added a pixel-perfect map of Swords of Glass level 1.

Retrogamers rejoice! Steven Parfitt told me of a great program called DOSBox. It is a DOS emulator that will allow you to play all your old DOS games again with amazing support!

Two more people correctly answered The Guru's Quandary.

Get out of my head
Feeling: Afraid 2004/02/10

How is it that no matter how much I try to forget someone from my past and no matter how little they effect my waking life, they can still haunt my dreams? As much as I like to think that I am in control of my life and my mind, the phantoms of yesterday still hold power over me when I am sleeping. This inability to protect myself is quite disconcerting.

There is a new piece of art containing four of the symbols I am most often seen doodling.

I heavily revamped my birthstones page. It now has images and a few new cultures.

Two people correctly answered The Guru's Quandary yesterday.

Look what I did
Feeling: Okay 2004/02/09

Saturday after work I went to my friend Tabree's coming home party. She just got in from Cuba. It was great seeing her and her family again. On the way home I saw an pool hall that was still open and went in to shoot some pool against myself. I lost.

Sunday gave me time to pay some bills and go shopping for some groceries. I also picked up some material for this new game that I'm creating and some Pac-Man themed floor mats for my car (I'm cool). I found out that I look like a total badass in a bandanna, so now I have two.

The new Guru's Quandary is online. Congratulations to the two people who correctly answered the last one.

I have confidence the world can all be mine
Feeling: Lazy 2004/02/06

Huzzah it's Friday. The weekend cometh. Tomorrow I get to see my old friend Tabree who recently flew in from Cuba.

My guru's have answered another question. Boo-yah.

Another person answered the Guru's Quandary yesterday.

I added another picture of myself that was taken a few weeks ago.

It's all of the good that won't come out of us
Feeling: Evil 2004/02/05

Those kooky gurus have answered another question.

Someone correctly answered the Guru's Quandary today. Only a few more days left, can anyone else get it?

Is anyone else out there mystified by the band "The Darkness"? They sort of remind me of Queen, only a little more erotic and a little less artistic. Their corny 80's glam rock makes them cool. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" has such a bizarre and yet alluring sound.

Thus spoke the shy lonely guy
Feeling: Lonely 2004/02/04

Getting to know people would be a lot easier if everyone had a personal webpage. That way you could know everything about someone without actually having to introduce yourself in real life. Back in reality though, the dating scene is incredibly difficult especially when you're shy and living in a small city.

I've added three new background images to the art page as seen below.

I've been slowly changing over my site's code from old HTML to the new W3C standards. Although I don't like W3C's standards very much, I can't really go against the flow of the Internet. It certainly isn't my main objective for this site, but it's a necessary evil.

The impossible is possible tonight
Feeling: Happy 2004/02/03

I've updated the Glass Shrine with some new information about the game.

A bunch of new Facts have been added about me.

I moved the month of January to the Old News page.

Nobody has answered the Guru's Quandary yet. You may want to, you'll be surprised with the answer.

I think I'll go to the library tonight. Ugh, this city needs some better places to pick up chicks.

But you'll fight and you'll make it through
You'll fake it if you have to
Feeling: Sleepy 2004/02/02

To celebrate Compassion Day I bought a bouquet of flowers for an old lady at Meijer. She looked like she was going to cry from joy. Then, I went out to dinner and left the server a $20 tip. I think she liked it.

The weekend was awesome. I went to Grand Rapids and went sledding with Bobby, Katie, and Nikia. My body is still quite sore from all the wipeouts. We also played Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly and I won both games. Not that I'm gloating, it's just... Oh who am I kidding, of course I'm gloating! I WON! I rule, I'm the best, go me! Actually, both games were on a razor's edge for victory.

Two people got the last one right, and now a new Quandary is up.

Today is my mother's birthday. She's older. I should call her and stuff.