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Rilo Kiley is an indie rock band consisting of five members, Jenny Lewis (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard), Blake Sennett (guitar, vocals), Pierre de Reeder (bass, guitar, keyboard), Jason Boesel (drums, Keyboard), and Mike Bloom (steel guitar).

Their music crosses genres with a sound that borrowing from rock, folk, oldies, alternative, and pop. They have released three full albums which have received great acclaim from both critics and peers, as well as several other singles, EPs, and compilation discs.

Although they still rather unknown due to their independent publishing, Rilo Kiley has made quite a mark in the musical community. They have appeared as a musical guest on Late Night, with Conan O'Brien, MTV2, and Much Music.

I've seen Rilo Kiley in concert three times, and every time has been phenomenal and I would certainly suggest seeing them live to any of their fans because they put on good shows.

Concert 2005/05/18
Concert 2004/10/02
Concert 2003/07/22

Rilo Kiley's music is very unique. Over all they have a very mellow soothing sound, but are still able to incorporate a more powerful sound to a few pieces. Aside from the staple rock lineup of guitar, bass, and drums, they dabble in a variety of instruments such as brass, synthesizer, harmonica, organs, and many other assorted items to lend to their repertoire.

Obviously, this site isn't too in depth. If you'd like to know more about this amazing band find your way to their web site and some of the very nice web sites created by their fans. - Rilo Kiley's official web site. - The biggest Rilo Kiley fan site. - The underground Rilo Kiley fan site.


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