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This is a list of Queen songs and my feelings towards them. Each Queen song is its own unique masterpiece and special to me in its own way. I'm always interested in how people interpret music, so these are my interpretations for those interested. More will be added as time allows.

The song '39 was written by Brian May and was inspired by science fiction literature. When most people hear it, they think of men on a boat, leaving and coming back after a long voyage at sea. Its true meaning is men leaving on a starship and flying away at near the speed of light. When the men return they have aged only a year, but the population of Earth has aged several decades. One man sees his daughter who's eyes remind him of the wife who has since died. The man of course grows sad and depressed having no means of talking with his long departed wife, and writes letters to her in the sand. Someday, he will depart again from the world, and finally be with her once more, yet not until the rest of his life has been lived. The story carries with it a bittersweet tale, full of love and loss, like many of Brian's songs do. The song as a bit of a sailor's sound to it, with mostly acoustic instruments playing. This song is also aptly titled, as it was their 39th song in chronological order.

Doing Alright
I love the sound of the first two verses. They're very clean and solid with a melancholy feel. Shortly after, the song soon loses its cool as the follow-up lyrics don't fit with the beginning, and then the over-powering instrumental section really changes the mood. The last verse picks up where the second one left off. This is a song I wish they would have worked with a little longer and altered the mid-section. Even still, the song has a lot of soul to it. An interesting note, it that in the Live at the Beeb album, the last verse was sung by Roger not Freddie. Although, I like Roger's sound, I prefer the vocals by Freddie as I feel it keeps the continuity better. The song's basic premise is that in the past, this person was all messed up. Now it seems, that even though this person has no idea about the future and no real plans, they are doing much better. Doing Alright was written by Tim Staffell and Brian back when the band Smile still existed.

Fairy Fellar's Master Stroke
When you first hear the name of this song you think: GAY!. That thought becomes even larger as you listen to the song. A bunch of fairies waiting for another fairy to crack a nut?! You must be joking! The sound is very flighty and flamboyant as well as with many of Freddie's songs. When you see the picture that this song was based on, a lot becomes more clear as to what it's about. While talking about this song, a reporter once asked Freddie if he was gay, and his response started with "You crafty cow!" Don't you just love Freddie! I adore this song, and think it is very good. This song always puts me in a happy silly mood.

Forever is an instrumental of the song Who Wants to Live Forever. It is done very well using piano and violin. It has a very strong sound that is almost traumatic. Although there aren't any lyrics, the message still comes across very well.

Great King Rat
Freddie wrote and sung this song where he gives you loads of dirt on this total loser called Great King Rat. He tells us what ends up happening to people like Great King Rat, dead and alone. It's a classic moral story done in nice heavy-metal rock. Certain lyrics may rub people the wrong way, when they hear lines like: Don't believe all you read in the Bible, don't listen to what mama says, and put out the good and keep the bad. However, these lyrics are actually sung as a warning. It is meant that if you follow these suggestions, you too will end up like Great King Rat. All in all, a very good tune, and I love the ending with Roger's great drum riff.

In The Lap Of The Gods: Revisited
This is one of Queen's first epic sounding songs. Freddie wrote it with only a small amount of content but a very gigantic sound. Basically, it's about a person in a terrible relationship to someone interested only in the money that can come from said relationship. This person's girl/boyfriend wants to change and alter them into something else, but the person isn't about ready to become a pawn, so they place the outcome in the lap of the gods to be decided. It's not so much the lyrics that I like, but more the sound. It's massively over dubbed to give it a sound of thousands of people shouting at once.

Innuendo is a very strong song. It has a very solid sound and also a very interesting music video. Roger Taylor said it's like Led Zeppelin meeting Oscar Wilde. How true. Like many Queen songs the continuity seems to derail halfway through the songs. It starts a very British rock song, and then quickly becomes a Mexican hat dance. Strange, but then, so is Queen. It's basically a cry out to whomever it is that controls our destiny's to come forward and take some responsibility for what they've created. I love this song, and it is also one of their more popular tracks.

Keep Yourself Alive
This is a nice upbeat song written by Brian that tells the tale of a difficult life full of choices and how to deal with them. It's a very optimistic song telling you to basically keep trying and not to give up on life even if you're constantly being put down by your parents and society.

It begins with someone's confession to a priest. He is a huge liar and nobody believes anything he says because of it. He begs the priest for forgiveness and help to stop his compulsive lying, yet people have grown so much not to trust anything he says, that even when he tries to tell the truth people still refuse to believe him. He feels compelled to look after his aging mother to atone for his sins. Certainly a very real song, as any pathological liar knows, life becomes very difficult. I really love John's base riff near the end of the song.

Machines (Back to Humans)
"Machines" is a sci-fi song about the dangers of a world being taken over by machines that think. Roger and Brian both had a hand in the creation of this dooms-day style song. It raises a very important question, what will happen to the human race if machines start thinking for us? Will they revolt against us? Will they try and eradicate us? If so, how would we stop them? They have practically unlimited resources; they never cry, they never retreat, they have no conception of love or defeat. Would we simply be annihilated as a race? Would we deserve it? Machines has a robotic, mechanical sound to it, and plenty of great vocals from Freddie as well. I think the cover art of News of the World really fits into this song.

March of the Black Queen
Freddie is great at making songs that cannot be explained. This is probably his best in that category. Who is the Black Queen? What is The March of the Black Queen? Where is the City of the Fireflies? I always picture the Black Queen as a very strict and arrogant woman who is the leader of something (e.g. a country, a classroom, a brothel). She seems to have total control over her lovers. This song gives me a feeling of an evil power, but it's a good feeling. It came out on the Queen II album, which was very black and white (even the sides were side white, and side black, not A or B). I always picture the Black Queen and the White Queen as opposing forces. Not enemies, but just different walks of life. I never get tired of this song.

No-One But You
This song was written by Brian after Freddie died. Although it's not meant to be only a tribute to the premature death of Freddie, it certainly fits Freddie's life perfectly. It is also supposed to be about Princess Dianna and many others who died before their time. It's an incredibly sad song, which really pays the proper tribute to these people who had to suffer through a life of stardom.

One Year Of Love
This is probably the best love song John Deacon ever wrote. It was written for the movie Highlander, a movie which itself carries plenty of love and emotion. It explains that even if you can only get a small amount of love and have to lose it, it's better than to never have love at all. A time old message that no matter how many times it's said, doesn't make it any easier for the people who have to go through losing a loved one. Freddie's vocals are extremely passionate in this song and the saxaphone and orchestrated music makes it sound so powerful.

Ride the Wild Wind
A very motivating song. It's about a woman who's grow weary of her boring monotonous life and a rebel who lives life by his own rules has come to lead her away from the daily grind. Together, they brave the wild, and ride off into the unknown. This is another one of Queen's epic sounding songs with massive over-dubbing and also one of their last. I love this song and the soul that it has. Both Freddie and Roger have vocals in this song, putting together a very nice mix.

Save Me
This is another one of those songs I can totally relate to. It tells a tale of a couple that started out perfectly. Everyone knew it would last forever and yet it doesn't. The love that they shared was nothing but a lie, it meant nothing. A total waste of time... just like a bad relationship. The song was written by Brain (as if it wasn't obvious) and has a very nice video to it with hundreds of chalk drawings in a very depressing theme. As usual, hope always makes it's way out in the end. (The dove flying to freedom.)

Seven Seas of Rhye
Pure total power. It's about an powerful person who comes from another world. This person is so powerful they can destroy anyone who opposes them. They demand total control over our world and they will get it. However, with this control, they make our world a better place by removing the evil. Where are the Seven Seas of Rhye, what are they, I really can't say, but the song is very awesome. I'm not sure why the cutesy little 'tiddly om pom pom' is added at the end, but then a lot of stuff Freddie did didn't make sense.

She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos)
Brian May's song's are just so poetic. This particular one makes me think of the drug that is women. It explains how you feel when you're around that special someone who makes your legs melt into mush and how you can be realized through the power of a woman. Its hazy sound really makes time stand still and everything else is forgotten. The song is a favorite of mine. Where the subtitle came from, I have no idea.

The Show Must Go On
If you hear this song without being a huge fan of Queen you will love it. If you know the history of the band, this song is even more profound. No matter how bad you feel inside, no matter what problems you may be facing, no matter how sick you are, the show -must- go on. And that is how Freddie did it. The show went on until the day he died. There was a lot of courage in that man.

Staying Power
A song about remaining in a very active relationship for a long time, Staying Power is a great jazzy / disco song. The horns are amazing and give it one heck of a brassy sound. It gets your blood pumping and really lifts your spirits. One of my favorites off the Hot Space album. There could also be a sexual reference to the phrase, staying power.

White Queen
There is a LONG story for me with this song. Basically, the song explains how a person is so much in love with a woman, yet he is afraid to tell her. Every time he sees her he melts, yet she cannot see how badly he adores her. His darkest fear is that he will wait too long to tell her, and at that point it will be too late, for she has found another. Such is life, eh? I've given the lyrics an interesting facelift, which can be seen here.

Who Wants To Live Forever
Another song written for Highlander. This is a very sad song of love that cannot exist forever in the limited time of the mortal life. It really makes you treasure the good times. When a rock n' roll band makes people cry, you know there is power behind their music. Freddie's vocals are filled with an almost inhuman strength. The intensity of the song practically emanates from the album. The instruments are very powerful, from organ at the beginning, to the electric guitar near the end.

You Take My Breath Away
I'm sure we've all had that love where we felt we would die if we couldn't have that person. This song puts that feeling into words and really revels in it. It's a very mushy song. What can I say, I'm a sucker for mush.

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