Queen Albums

This is a list of every official album Queen released. This does not include singles, promotional albums, box sets, bootlegs, etc. This just represents their core work.


Title: Queen
Released: 1973-09-04 (US)
Chart Top: 24 (UK)

Opinion: Queen's first album seemed a little unfinished. It could be made better with a little more polish. Of course, for a debut album, it's amazing.

Queen II

Title: Queen II
Released: 1974-04-09 (US)
Chart Top: 5 (UK)

Opinion: This is one of my favortie Queen albums. It's very mellow compared to the others and most songs have a slow tempo. I love the black and white aspect.

Sheer Heart Attack

Title: Sheer Heart Attack
Released: 1974-10-12 (US)
Chart Top: 2 (UK)

Opinion: Another favorite of mine. Many genres are covered in the music. Contains several very epic sounding tracks.

A Night at the Opera

Title: A Night at the Opera
Released: 1975-12-02 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: A very flighty album. Lots of love and romance. This album is packed with emotion.

A Day at the Races

Title: A Day at the Races
Released: 1976-12-18 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: Another romantic album. Heavy with emotion, and very well put together.

News of the World

Title: News of the World
Released: 1977-11-01
Chart Top: 3 (US)

Opinion: This album seems a little thrown together. It contains a couple tracks that don't really fit. Aside from that it has some very good tracks.


Title: Jazz
Released: 1978-11-14 (US)
Chart Top: 2 (UK)

Opinion: Very upbeat and powerful. This is a motivational album that puts me in a mood to work.

Live Killers

Title: Live Killers
Released: 1979-06-06 (US)
Chart Top: 3 (UK)

Opinion: The early concert years. Lots of excess and power. Back when they were young and invincible!

The Game

Title: The Game
Released: 1980-06-30 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK), 1(US)

Opinion: A slower album, full of meaningful wisdom. First album with synthesizers, but done in good taste.

Flash Gordon Soundtrack

Title: Flash Gordon Soundtrack
Released: 1981-01-27 (US)
Chart Top: 10 (UK)

Opinion: A rock orchestra. Mostly instrumental. The theme is not Queen, it's Flash Gordon, but it's made in a Queen way.

Greatest Hits

Title: Greatest Hits
Released: 1981-11-03 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: Queen's first greatest hits album, and their most successful album ever. Nothing but great tracks.

Hot Space

Title: Hot Space
Released: 1982-05-25 (US)
Chart Top: 4 (UK)

Opinion: An almost disco album. Very pumping and dancing. I love it.

The Works

Title: The Works
Released: 1984-02-25 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: Kind of a slump of an album. Although it has some great tracks, it doesn't house the awe inspiring feel of Queen.

A Kind of Magic

Title: A Kind of Magic
Released: 1986-03-?? (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: A terrific album. Some of my favorite tracks are here. Also, contains many Highlander tunes, which don't really fit, but most are great in their own right.

Live Magic

Title: Live Magic
Released: 1994-06-04 (US)
Chart Top: 3 (UK)

Opinion: A typical live album full of Queen's energy. Recordings are done during the Magic tour.

The Miricle

Title: The Miricle
Released: 1989-06-06 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: Lots of great tracks, but it seems to have a depressing overall feel even though there are several inspiring tracks.


Title: Innunendo
Released: 1991-02-05 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: Queen has never sounded so polished and refined as much as this album. Contains several amazing tracks, and a few average ones.

Greatest Hits II

Title: Greatest Hits II
Released: 1991-10-28 (UK)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: Another greatest hits. When a band has two greatest hits albums, you know they've been around. Again, nothing but great tracks.

Live at Wembley

Title: Live at Wembley
Released: 1992-06-02 (US)
Chart Top: 2 (UK)

Opinion: One of Queens last concerts. This is a night full of love, emotion, and spirit. I wish I could have been there (but I was 6)!

Made in Heaven

Title: Made in Heaven
Released: 1995-10-07 (US)
Chart Top: 1 (UK)

Opinion: The last album to contain new work by Freddie. Wasn't released until four years after his death, and several of the tracks had to be finished without him. Very emotional, very good.

Queen Rocks

Title: Queen Rocks
Released: 1997-10-03 (US)
Chart Top: 7 (UK)

Opinion: Mostly just a greatest hits album, but it did contain one totally new track using the three remaining members of Queen. Awesome cover art too!

Queen +: Greatest Hits III

Title: Queen +: Greatest Hits III
Released: 1999-10-08 (US)
Chart Top: 5 (UK)

Opinion: Not really a greatest hits, but instead it contains a couple never before released tracks, as well as several other bands preforming Queen music.

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