Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Concert - October 24, 2002

Near his favorite holiday and in the town of his birth, Alice Cooper obviously enjoyed the night.

I went with my girlfriend Larissa, (it was her first concert!) to the Royal Oak Theater. A rather small venue for Alice Cooper, but then he's lost a large portion of his audience ever since he became a Christian. I don't understand it, his music still rocks, and his show are still awesome, why did the fans leave? Well, who cares! It allowed us to be only about fifteen feet from the stage! I was really amazed at the number of older people that turned up. I was very pleased that these old rock 'n roller still know how to have a good time. Anyway, the night kicked off at ten after eight, with an unknown punk band, who never gave their name. (At least I don't think they did, but then I couldn't understand a word they said.) They had a lot of energy, (especially the drummer) but their sound wasn't exactly unique. Anywho, a half-hour later, the lights dimmed and the real show began.

Alice opened with several new songs. First was Sex, Death, And Money, then Brutal Planet, and Dragon Town. They were totally awesome songs and it was my first time hearing them too. He then went way back and sung I'm Eighteen, which was the first song I actually new all the words too. A few more new songs, Sanctuary, Wicked Young Man, and Lost In America. Then some more older songs Welcome To My Nightmare, Go To Hell, and Billion Dollar Babies. I was totally enjoying the whole show, and it wasn't even halfway over.

Sometime around this area, Alice kills poor Steven (The freaky demented mutant wolf baby), and gets beheaded in the Guillotine by the executioners, and the sexy nurse, and then the guitar and drum solos picked up. The lead guitarist, Eric Dover, was amazing. He looked very similar to Saturday Night Live's Chris Cattan! Same big smile and attitude, it was rather spooky. He wore very nice clothes, blue and purple vinyl pants and very interesting tops. He also had a very defined torso that made me rather envious! (I need to work out.) After the drum solo, Alice's head was brought out and placed in the reanimator chamber, bringing him back to life. (Yay!) He was wearing a nice white suit, which was ripped off to reveal tight silver pants, to which he sung Is It My Body to. Even past 50 he still thinks he's sexy! How cute.

No More Mr. Nice Guy and Trash was played as well. Next was Fantasy Man and Under My Wheels, always a classic. He then took things down a level and sung one of my favorites I Never Cry, and Only Women Bleed. Then came Elected and finished up with Poison. Cheers and applauding allowed for an encore.

Alice came out in this famous "Brittany Wants Me" shirt, and sings Feed My Frankenstein. It is a great song, but unfortunately some annoying drunk people though it would be a good idea to start moshing. Jerks. Either way, security was pretty good, and got rid of the majority of the annoying people. In the back of the stage, a Brittany look alike comes out, sporting full Pepsi garb, and a Man In Black security guard, not allowing anyone to come near her. It was hilarious as she sung the stupid "Pepsi, for those who think young" corporate theme song, and handed Alice a Pepsi. He took a swig, and spit it in her face! Woo-Hoo! Being the nice girl that she is, she knees him in the groin. Alice, not taking this from an annoying priss, cold cocks her, and chases her off stage with a huge Naginata. He then returns with her severed head in his hand. (Thank you so much Alice!) Around this time, Two more classics were heard before the night's end, School's Out and Department of Youth.

Looking back, I'm forgetting around five or six songs that I didn't recognize, and thusly don't remember, but his set was nice and long. Unlike many singers, Alice Cooper doesn't talk for hours, he just plays. The concert was great, and I ended up getting around five hours of sleep, but in the end, I had a blast. Alice, is certainly a great stage performer, and I really admire his ability to bring out the best in an audience. It was certainly a lot more exotic than anything I can write down, so in order to really appreciate it, you'd have to be there. Either way, it was great!


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