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Time to go

Feeling: Happy


Paul Ryan thinks the Affordable Care Act is a salvageable mess and wants to create a Republican version which is pretty much the exact same thing, only fewer people will get Medicare, and the market will be less regulated. This sounds an awful lot like the Republican mindset that worked so well for the banks in 2008.

The UK voted to leave the EU. While I'm all for countries having the freedom to enter or exit political conglomerate through voting, it's hard to be happy for them when the majority of economists have been calling it a terrible idea saying the country will lose gobs of money, also, the main reason I've heard in favor of leaving the EU is because there are a lot of racists who want to turn away immigrants. The UK may even lose Scotland in the exit since they were greatly in favor of remaining.

Read what it's like at a Trump rally, or just watch from the sidelines.

The Catholics of Montreal have done something I thought I would never see, they've barred priests from being alone with children! Did they finally learn their lesson? Did they finally admit they have a serious problem with pedophiles among their ranks? Not even remotely. No, Canadian Catholics are keeping the children away from priests because they can't trust children not to make up stories about priests abusing them in order to get money. Stories like those told by the girl who claimed the first time her priest molested her was during her first communion. You see, Catholics believe the problem is with their children lying, not their priests raping.

Religious people tend to have a very negative view of evolution because the only information they get about it comes from other religious people who don't understand it, and, likewise, fear it. For example, they think evolution means, survival of the strongest and might makes right. In reality, cooperation between species is the product of evolution.

Why is mercury so dangerous, even when you're not ingesting it? Because you can breathe it in when it evaporates into the air.

Skeptics In the Pub tonight, and Secular Summer Retreat tomorrow!

Suffering You, Suffering Me

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading Starship Troopers. While I didn't agree with it politically, I still found it to be quite entertaining.

Want to know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? The last time the House Republicans staged a sit-in it's because they wanted to drill for more oil. The last time the House Democrats staged a sit-in it was to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. Democrats will also fight for women's rights while Republicans wallow in their own filth.

What it's like when you learn you wasted $250,000 on a degree in "Naturalpathy," that Naturopaths are scam artists, and how to rectify the damage you caused to patients by studying to become a real doctor.

Hemet Mheta talks about the fun he had at The Reason Rally.

Check out this awesome demo that manages to get 1024 colors and sprites on a CGA card.

Slow Club has a pretty cool song/video.

Sending our thoughts and prayers

Feeling: Happy


The Tuskegee Experiment (where government doctors withheld treatment from black men with syphilis because they wanted to study the long-term effects of the disease) didn't end in 1972, when the program was finally shut down. Decades later, mistrust still prevents people of color from seeing doctors, resulting in shorter lifespans.

You probably saw that video of a kid who claimed to have evidence that vaccines cause autism only to reveal that his folder was full of blank paper, I didn't care much for it. If the kid thought up the entire thing on his own, kudos to him, but I suspect he took a cue from his parents, and while I totally agree with the message, I don't like it when parents put children in the political spotlight. However, that doesn't excuse the antivaxers who decided to dig up all the personal information they could on the family and post it publicly and encourage people to send vitriol their way.

When Conservatives talk about how they're feminists, and how being a feminist means not being told how to vote, or what policies to back, they're misusing the term. Feminism doesn't mean women should be allowed to do whatever they want, it means fighting for equality among the sexes. If you think you can be a feminist while also actively trying to eliminate access to abortion, repeal sexual-discrimination laws, and embrace the patriarchy, you're wrong. I think Steve Hofstetter make a good point with how he deals with a sexist.

Samantha Bee chimes in on the Republican's inability to pass a single law to stop terrorists from buying guns. Thankfully, Roy Zimmerman is sending the victims his thoughts and prayers.

The giant Christian Ark Park is a waste of $100,000,000, and with a policy that only hires other young-earth Christian, why did the Kentucky taxpayers foot a large portion of that bill?

By the way, if you don't believe that Zika virus even exists, why are you selling a sham potion to protect from it?

A Muslim imam is warning his fellow Muslims about a growing threat to their religion: well-reasoned argument.

For years now, several states have been requiring welfare recipients to take routine drug tests, so we're not paying to support their drug habits. This originally sounded like a good idea because many people (Republicans especially) were quite convinced that poor people trade their food stamps for crack. Unfortunately for tax payers, it turned out that very few welfare recipients actually do drugs and the drug tests cost far more than the amount saved by eliminating those who did drugs. However, this didn't stop Republican Governor Rick Snyder from giving the go-ahead to a similar program in Michigan, a program whose pilot is expected to cost $300,000. Well, the first phase of the pilot has completed, and out of 300 recipients, not a single one has tested positive for drugs. This isn't a shock to veteran state officials that were around the last time Michigan tried drug testing welfare recipients back in 2003. The program then was eliminated because it was found to be a huge waste of money. When asked about yet another one of his giant money-wasting schemes, Snyder refused to comment.

Happiness is a warm gun

Feeling: Happy


After the bloodiest mass-shooting in US history, you'd think we could finally pass at least one new law preventing dangerous people from buying guns, right? In fact, four new bills were voted on today, each trying to shore up a loophole that allows dangerous people to buy guns. For example, one of the four bills would prevent people from buying guns if they had recently been investigated by the FBI for terrorism connections, a law that would have prevented the Orlando shooter from legally obtaining his guns. This is similar to the federal No Fly List, but horrifyingly, someone deemed too dangerous to even board a plane in this country can still legally purchase an assault rifle! Republicans keep claiming they are in favor of keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists, they just can't seem to vote that way. Feeling it would be too restrictive to prevent suspected terrorists from legally buying assault rifles, Republicans voted against all four bills, blocking each one. After the vote, Democratic Senator Bill Nelson asked, "What am I going to tell 49 grieving families? I am going to tell them the N.R.A. won again."

Maybe Trump isn't trying to become president after all, maybe he's just performing a very elaborate commercial for his failing businesses. I think the general criticism of Elizabeth Warren is pretty spot on.

Giving up freedoms to a governing body is a dangerous necessity and should only be done if the government is trustworthy. Of course, governments are never trustworthy, so to prevent corruption, they need to be as transparent as possible and kept in check by the people they are governing. That's one of the purposes of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. It prevents government officials from just entering and searching through your private property whenever they want unless they have evidence you're doing something illegal. Well, at least, it used to prevent them from doing that. Before, if a police officer didn't have a warrant to search your property, they couldn't do anything to you, even if they found something illegal. This forced the police to actually do some legwork before violating a person's rights. But the latest Supreme Court ruling pretty much shot that to hell and ruled that cops can pull you over without cause, search your vehicle without cause, and if they find anything illegal, no pesky Fourth Amendment is going to stand in their way of locking you up. A dissent written by Sotomayor sums up the new reality of the police state, "your body is subject to invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights. It implies that you are not a citizen of a democracy but the subject of a carceral state, just waiting to be cataloged."

Speaking of a failure of justice, the bill that would remove the statute of limitations on child rape was shot down. Knowing that they would certainly go bankrupt if they had to pay restitution to all the children who were raped by priests being protected by the Church, Catholics successfully lobbied to stop the new law. Head of the Catholic League, Bill Donohue said the bill was created to "rape the Catholic Church," and would take away the money that they planned on using to help the poor.

Rebecca Watson weighs in on the judge from the Stanford rape trial and how Utah doctors are required, by law, to lie to their patients.

For the past 13 months in a row, we've been experiencing the hottest average monthly temperatures we've ever recorded.

Reviewing Blade Runner from a typographic perspective.

Is the UK going to leave the EU? Only if they want to waste a lot of money.

The American Humanist Association succeeded in preventing the California Department of Corrections to focus only on religious treatment centers and start including secular treatment centers as well.

It's a little dry, but the BBC showed an interesting 3-part documentary on the history of atheism. Part 1, part 2, part 3.

Summer Solstice

Feeling: Happy


After the Orlando terrorist attack, a lot of Republicans issued statements claiming to stand in solidarity with the LGBT community, but when it came time to vote on a bill that would give protective hiring rights to LGBT people, we found out it was all an act.

If my Second Amendment right to own a gun and shoot it at a riding lawnmower filled with explosives so that when it explodes, my leg goes with it is taken away, the terrorists win.

Ever since women have attended universities, there has been a problem with the male students raping them. And it is just now, that the public outcry is forcing these universities to stop ignoring the problem, and actually report the rapists to the authorities. While college-rape is still widely underreported, we're at least making progress, but then there are people like Earl Ehrhart who use the Koch-brothers' money to sue universities. For him, women getting raped isn't nearly as problematic as rapists getting expelled.

It's bad if Christians kill Christians... other religions, not so much.

When a school is run by a Christian like principal Linda Harrell, a teacher can expect to lose their job if they sponsor the school's Gay-Straight Alliance.

Police in Trenton, New Jersey have the solution to children being out too late, force them to go to church.

The new Thoughts & Prayers videogame!

A school district in California just threw away $10,000 of taxpayer money because they refused to inform their students of a secular scholarship option.

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Feeling: Happy


When describing Mayte Lara, a high school valedictorian who graduated with a 4.5 GPA and earned a full scholarship to the University of Austin, who came out as an illegal immigrant, Fox News sports commentator Emily Austin wondered aloud, "Do you think this is real? ...I didn't even know Mexicans were that smart." Upon realizing just how racist she sounded, she quickly got even more racist, "I know that's fucked up! I didn't mean it like that, but you see that... I mean, you guys know that the Chinese guys are always the smartest guys in math class." To which her co-host agreed, "No, that's a good point." Well, no actually, that's not a good point; a person's race does not affect their intelligence. To try and save face, Austin explained, "I love black; I love all people. I don't care if you're white, yellow, brown, purple, Jew." I'll bet you didn't even know "Jew" was a skin tone! Things continued to derail as the hosts started making all sorts of racist comments like, "Mexicans are hard workers," and, "I think illegals are good, you get cheap labor out of them," and, "if you steal the scholarship, whatever," and, "when I have a gazillon Mexicans, who will redo my kitchen for cheap?" Fox isn't ready to fire their employee for making racist jokes, they just took her off the air for awhile, but the show she was on made an interesting non-apology writing, "How come no one's writing blogs about the 34 minutes and 36 seconds of thie video where she's not talking about Chinese people, Mexicans, and Jews?" I know, right? You do a nice show, and people only want to focus on the times when you're a racist bigot!

Speaking of bigots, when his acceptance of the LGBT community was questioned, Donald Trump told his viewers to, "ask the gays," who they think is their friend. As you can expect, most people in the LGBT community don't appreciate being referred to as, "the gays," and social media reflects that.

Want to watch something utterly terrible? Enter the world of an Islamic Charismatic cult of feminism.

Helen "Jo" Cox, a member of British Parliament, was shot and stabbed to death yesterday. Police currently have a suspect in custody, a British white supremacist, who probably murdered her because she was trying to help Syrian refugees.

Bart Ehrman gives an interesting talk about how Jesus was depicted before the Gospels were written.

Thanks to Christian missionaries, Keyna not only has made homosexual sex a crime, but now a national judge has ruled that it is not a violation of human rights to force a homosexual suspect to undergo an anal examination to determine if a person recently engaged in rectal intercourse.


Feeling: Happy


Woke up to a terribly loud thunder crash outside our bedroom window at 4:00 AM. Fell back asleep and had a dream about hitting a dog with my car and sobbing uncontrollably as I presented its broken body to the owners. I also have a scratch on my cornea or something, because my eye is killing me! All-in-all, a fun morning.

Aaron Persky, the judge who gave Brock Turner a mere six months in jail after he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman will not be hearing an upcoming case about a male nurse sexually assaulting a patient under sedation. District Attorney Jeff Rosen just doesn't trust him to be able to handle this case, although he doesn't appear to be making any real attempt to punish Persky.

Pam Bondi is the Republican Attorney General of Florida. For years, she spent a lot of her time trying to prevent same-sex marriage from becoming legal in Florida, but after the Orlando shootings, suddenly, she seems to care about the LGBT community. Anderson Cooper appreciates her new found understanding, but isn't going to let her forget about her past so easily.

Apple's latest money waster will give you meaningless Deepak Chopra quotes.

I've met a few Libertarians, and some of them are even relatively sane, but when you look at the party as a whole, you realize just how nutty these people are.

As the NRA is fond of saying, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. What they forget to tell you is that the good guy has a very real chance of missing the bad guy, and shooting another good guy.

If humans just poofed out of existence, Earth would be just fine without us.

And this is why you don't get an ocelot for a pet.


Feeling: Happy


I finished reading I, Robot. It was decent.

Wild turkeys outside my office window today.

Samantha Bee talks about the failure of Florida to adopt proper preventative mental health treatment and becomes outraged at the Republican politicians who refuse to even consider sane gun control laws. Meanwhile, the US continues to lead the civilized world in mass shootings as the religious right keeps telling us to pray and stand up against Islam. Want to see just how little your state cares about gun control? And with all the rhetoric, it's important to remember that the people who were murdered were real humans, and Anderson Cooper talks about their lives and puts names to the faces.

Obama identifies as a feminist, and people show just how pathetic they are.

If a woman is raped in the Muslim nation Qatar, even if her rapist is found guilty, she should still expect to be put in jail and fined because, according to the Qatar courts, she has violated the Islamic rule against having sex outside of marriage.

A good reason not to send an unsolicited picture of your penis to a stranger.

The devil inside

Feeling: Happy


I saw a male Northern flicker outside my office window this morning.

An Islamic Center in Florida recently invited Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar to speak, which is an odd choice consider the mass-shooting by a Muslim in the state, and Sekaleshfar's outspoken beliefs that all homosexuals should be executed. This is what we've come to expect from the religion of peace, but is Christianity any better? An article in Christianity Today said that, while they will be praying for the families of the victims, don't forget that homosexuality is "destructive to society, to the church, and to relations between men and women."

The optical telescope on the Apollo lunar lander was an amazing feat of engineering.

If you get arrested for possession of illegal drugs in California, you have two options. Go through a special Christian rehab session where you are expected to admit that their god exists, or, go to jail. This is wonderful news if you're already a Christian, not so great if you're anything else.

A supercut of sexy ladies in film.

Seth Andrews comments on the Reason Rally.

When will it end?

Feeling: Happy


Sometimes I write commentary on atheist-related articles, like the Two Questions For Atheists.

Some facts about the Orlando shooting. The gunman, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, was a US born citizen. Just before the shooting, Mateen called 9-1-1 and pledged his allegiance to ISIL. Despite having been interviewed three times by the FBI, Mateen was able to buy two guns. Mateen murdered at least 50 people and injured 50 more before being shot dead by police making this the worst mass-shooting in US history and the worst LGBT hate-crime in history.

Now onto the opinions. Donald Trump used the act of terrorism to promote his presidential candidacy. Christian politician Peter Madden reminds us that marriage equality has an agenda against children while Dan Patrick uses a bible verse to blame the victims. However, the Boston Globe adds a voice of reason saying Orlando has plenty of prayers, what they need is fewer guns.

The Dutch-built scale Noah's Ark just crashed into a coastguard ship in Norway. This is what happens when you let God take the wheel.

Brock Turner, the guy who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman, claims that the encounter was entirely consensual, even though the woman he was pushing his fingers into was entirely unresponsive. Now his mother has written a letter to the judge pleading that he don't send her poor son to jail saying that he is the, "most trustworthy and honest person [she knows]," and asks, "why him? Why? Why?" and begs, "please be kind and merciful to my beautiful son."

It only took roving gangs of Muslims murdering dozens of atheists, gay-rights activists, and religious minorities before the Bangladesh government finally stepped in and arrested 3,000 people involved in violent Islamic practices.

Christian politician David Perdue when describing Obama quotes Psalm 109:8, saying "May his days be few; and let another have his office." While this may seem like s funny jab, the verse goes on to read, "May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes." Uh, okay, that's getting a little messed up. Now, is it that Perdue really wants Obama dead, or has he, like so many Christians, not bothered to research the context of a verse before using it to fit his agenda?

Why is NASA giving $1,100,000 to a religious organization to study how evidence of extraterrestrial life would affect Christianity?

You've probably heard that if you remind someone about a stereotype against them before they perform, they tend to do worse. Interestingly, you don't have to state the stereotype explicitly, you just have to remind them of the context. For example, having people write down their sex before taking a test will cause women who are familiar with the stereotype to do worse. The hypothesis of new research is saying that the extra anxiety to not fall prey to the stereotype makes people under-perform, and this applies to Christians being reminded that they aren't as logical as non-religious people.

Still not perfect

Feeling: Happy


What causes a mother to beat her daughter into a bloody pulp and then light her on fire until she burns to death? Islam.

The US military has, so far, spent $1,508,000,000,000 (dats a lotta zeroes!) on its new F-35 fighter jet. And even if it were ready today--which it isn't, in fact, it doesn't even fly as well as existing jets--each jet will have a price tag of $100,000,000! If this seems wasteful, just remember that the US currently has ZERO enemies who are even remotely near the capabilities of our existing air force. Still not pissed enough? News has just come out every single pilot who plans on flying the jet will require a special helmet. Cost for each helmet? $400,000!

Larry Taunton, a Conservative Christian pundit just published a book about how notorious atheist Christopher Hitchens had a deathbed conversion to Christianity. Naturally, people who knew Hitchens aren't very impressed. Want to learn about the real Christopher Hitchens? Read his book, Hitch-22, or watch his biography.

How does racist anti-Semitic bigot make me think of Jesus? Because of Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. How could this problem be rectified? By making a sequel!

Rape is still a big problem in the US military, and many politicians don't want to do anything about it.

Jason Rapert is a Republican Senator in Arkansas who just recently worked on two bills, one to punish drunk drivers, the other to punish fatigued drivers. Naturally, this guy cares a lot about safe driving. Then, he made a video of himself preaching about Jesus, while driving, while looking at a camera, forcing himself to take his eyes off the road off and on for the entire 18 minute video. He tried deleting his incredibly hypocritical video, but the Internet never forgets.

Make or break

Feeling: Happy


Actually, I did hear about Shell spilling 88,200 gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but that's because I've replaced television news with Internet news.

Feminist Frequency reminds game developers that lingerie is not armor.

The United Nations rules that Ireland's abortion ban subjects women to cruel, degrading, and discriminatory treatment.

Christian pastor Darrel Reid has been arrested several times for violent crimes, including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, so why is it the police are treating his claim that he shot his wife in the head while "cleaning his gun," as an accident?

Yes Virginia, there are atheists in foxholes.

If you're an atheist in Bangladesh, you run the very real risk of being murdered by roving bands of Muslims, and having your government blame, not the murderers, but you for disrespecting your murderer's religion (the government is also majority Muslim). Up until just recently, there wasn't any evidence that the murdering Muslims were organized, but now data is pointing to at least two organized militant Muslim groups orchestrating these assassinations.

I'm sure it seemed like a great idea at the time, but in retrospect, electing an actor to the leader of the country was probably a bad idea.

If you're homeless in Oakland, California you can expect local police to give you a free meal... but only if you listen to them preach their version of Christianity to you first. It should go without saying that, if you already have authority over someone, coercing them into your religion is abusive. Thankfully, the American Humanist Association reminded them of this fact.

Samantha Bee and I are in agreement. We agree with every other thing that comes out of the mouths of Libertarians.

Am I the only one who has nightmares about my work computer getting infected with a virus?

Feeling: Happy


John Oliver points out the problems with buying debt for collection and proceeds to forgive $15,000,000 in debt!

All through the primaries, Republican's have been claiming that there was no way Trump would win, that he is a joke, and that they would never endorse him for president. So, when he did win, naturally, you would expect them to remain true to their word? Nah, they are politicians after all.

When a bunch of Christian talent judges mock a sixteen-year-old girl for not believing in their god.

Captain Disillusion has Beakman on to help debunk so-called perpetual motion and free energy machines.

After bragging that they didn't care about the disregard for "political correctness" when they used taxpayer's money to put crosses on their police vehicles, the police department in Brewster County, Texas now has to pay $22,000 and remove all the crosses. Turns out, it's not a matter of being "politically" correct, it's a matter of being Constitutionally correct.

Feel like a good cry? Watch this super cut of super sad moments in cinema.

If you're a black doctor, expect to make 35% less than a white doctor. If you're a female doctor, expect to make 40% less.

Now these points of data make a beautiful line

Feeling: Happy


I was involved in a lengthy debate with someone about Hillary Clinton. My argument was, while I'm a Bernie booster at heart, Hillary is going to win because there are more people who want her to win the Democratic nomination. His argument was: GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!

When atheists implode and become hate-mongers.

California's natural hippie parents have caused close to 6,000 cases of pertussis, and 10 deaths due to their stupidity regarding vaccinations.

What could be more shocking than a woman in pants?

No, bad science doesn't prove weight loss is impossible.

Naturally, if you're the head of the Family Research Council a group that Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group, you're not going to like it when people quote the bible to you.

The Angry Video Game Nerd plays Paperboy, a game which actually sucks, despite what your childhood says.

Follow the only road

Feeling: Happy


Got my hairs cut, saw the exciting Dark Side of the Moon Plane-arium light show, went to a barbecue at Sarah's and had to pull Lucy off of her irate Corie's neck, got bit in the process, and went to a Korean restaurant that was so fancy, they made us cook our own food!

I finished reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which is even more messed up than the movie.

Richard Huckle, the Christian missionary who raped countless children in Malaysia, is getting life in prison with a minimum of 23 years.

Brock Allen Turner was convicted of raping an unconscious student at Stanford University, but when it came time to sentencing, the judge only gave him six months in jail. Why such a lenient sentence? Well, according to the judge, he was afraid a longer sentence would have a severe impact on the rapist's life. Some media outlets are making sure to point out Turner's amazing swimming abilities, as if they should exonerate his rape. The man's father, who is helping his rapist son appeal the ruling, is very upset that he will be in jail for six month for a mere 20 minutes of action. Yes, his father referred to rape as "action," because, in his mind, having sex with an unconscious person isn't rape. Rather than admit he did something completely terrible, Turner is speaking out against the problems with alcohol making people promiscuous.

Jehovah's Witnesses have put together a video for teens showing just how awful their lives will be if they don't submit to the church because their parents will rightfully disown them, and they will hate their secular lives.

We've known for a long time that two parents do a better job at raising a child than a single parent, but more recently, we've learned something that shocked a lot of people, it doesn't matter what sex or gender the parents may be. Two men, two women, two transgendered parents, they all raise their children pretty much the same. Of course, since this doesn't fit with the Christian faith, they have no problem ignoring all the research and injecting their own flawed logic.

The trouble with being a know-it-all like Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

We may finally be seeing some much needed reform to the ill-fated Digital Millennium Copyright Act!

She walks these hills, in a long black veil

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading The Minister's Black Veil, which was also kind of lame.

If you're a police officer and you Taser a teen because they're asking you questions, bash their head on the ground, and put them into a coma, it's probably best that you first ask if their father is a cop.

According to Shankar Vedantam, arguing your position passionately is a good for preaching to the choir, but it won't win you many converts.

Awhile back scientists discovered that the universe was expanding, so they came up with calculations for figuring out how and why it could be expanding. When they were finally able to measure the expansion, they realized the rate was increasing! This helped with the theory of dark matter/energy. But head are being scratched even harder now that the latest measurements show an expansion rate even faster than previously thought!

I like this video because it allows Christians to defend themselves against the how hateful many Christians make the whole religion look, but it misses the mark in a lot of places. I'm glad to see Christians who are fine with homosexuality and loving all people regardless of conflicting beliefs, but I'm really not impressed to hear you say that you like wine. The biggest alcoholics I've met in my life were Christians. I'm also not impressed to hear that you like popular music; most people do, that's why it's called "popular." And while I think it's great that your idea of Christianity is a generic, "it's all about love," for many Christians, it's about enforcing a very narrow interpretation of the bible on the rest of the world, at any cost. And, yes, it's great to hear a religious person say they're not anti-science, but when you follow it up with, "I think science makes God look really cool," you're actually pretty anti-science. Science is a systematic approach to testing observable facts, faith and God are not those things. That's like saying, "I'm not anti-science, in fact, I think science makes flying unicorns look really cool!"

Judge William Mallory explained to a defendant being tried for an assault charge that even though he is a religious man, he doesn't try to impose his religious views on other people... except for sometimes in the court room, and then then sentenced the defendant to mandatory church service to a religious denomination contrary to the defendant's faith!

Like all good long-hairs, I'm going to the Longway Plane-arium tonight to see the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon laser show.

Bare it with me

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading Young Goodman Brown, which was kind of lame.

I'm glad that we now live in an age where university presidents who protect rapists (i.e., Ken Starr) have to resign, but I'd rather live in an age where they don't first get to be demoted to test waters, and I'd much prefer to live in a world where they just get arrested.

Samantha Bee reminds us that the anti-abortion movement is just an extension of the pro-segregation political arm of Conservative politics.

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has filed nearly 2,000 defamation lawsuits since becoming president. How pathetic is a leader who is suing his own citizens at a rate of about 4 per day!

Explaining the entire universe in four minutes.

Timothy Ciboro says his, "number-one calling is telling people about Jesus Christ...That's my whole job and I love it with a passion," and wants his children to know that, if they has any questions, "all they have to do is open the Bible and they will have all the answers." Of course, he said this from prison where he is awaiting trial for handcuffing his 13-year-old daughter in the basement for several months because she was being disobedient.

If your first thought upon watching a doctor help your wife deliver her baby is to shoot him, you might be a Muslim.

Why we should ban the tipping system.

$2,000,000 is the amount of money that New York Catholics spent trying to block a bill that would make it easier to prosecute child-sex abusers.

Vednesday, vhen else?

Feeling: Happy


For all my bitching, I do recognize just how well I have it here in the USA. I don't have to worry about going to jail for criticizing religion like in Singapore, my president doesn't tell me that family planning and birth control are tantamount to treason like in Turkey. But that doesn't mean the US is safe from such encroaches of religion. For example, there are public swimming pools that are starting to segregate swimmers by their gender in order to appease Muslim prudes.

Brian Greene gives a visualization for how stars collapse.

California is in one of the worst droughts in history. Record heat, record low rainfall, record everything. And this doesn't appear to be an acute problem, but a chronic issue. Thankfully, Donald Trump knows how to fix it. Repeal the Endangered Species Act.

I don't care if the crowd was too uptight Larry Wilmore, your White House speech was hilarious.

Aron Ra continues tackling the Irrefutable Proof of God, part 9, part 10, and part 11.

Hangovers are not nearly as funny as television makes them out to be

Feeling: Happy


When your state forces you to display a motto insinuating that you believe in the god of the majority, you have to be creative.

For years, a little girl who attended the McMinnville Church of the Nazarene and had been telling the leaders how her father was raping with her. Not only did the church leaders not report this to the police, they didn't even report it to the little girl's mother! After contracting herpes from her father, the little girl finally worked up the courage to tell someone outside of her church, and they reported the crime to the authorities. When the church officials were asked why they didn't tell the mother or the police, they said that they thought the girl was accusing one of the church officials of rape, so they were protecting him! The mother is now suing the church.

In order to show a 70-year-old woman that Islam is a religion of peace, a mob of Muslims stripped her nude in public, beat her up, and burned several houses to the ground.

After a little boy climbed into its enclosure, Cincinnati Zoo employees had to shoot an endangered gorilla dead to save the child. At this, the mother thanked her god. Kind of like the woman who received a new kidney from her son's friend who died in a fire, to which she said, "God had a plan!"

Texas probably has like four Muslims living in the entire state, but that doesn't stop a bunch of gun fondlers from coming up with creative ways to murder them in the name of freedom.

Here are several female celebrities who aren't afraid to talk about their abortion.

Parents Emil and Rodica Radita refused to give their diabetic son insulin and he eventually died weighing just 37 pounds after his 15th birthday. Why any parent would refuse to give their child life-saving medicine for a well-understood and highly treatable condition may baffle you, but investigators found printouts of various bible verses about God being the ultimate healer.

Curse my lack of common sense and shrill whiny voice!

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I read the Curse of Agade.

Why is it important that children understand evolution? Because evolution is why we now have strains of bacteria that are entirely resistant to antibiotics.

When Keith Strawn discovered that his 14-year-old daughter had become pregnant after being raped, he knew exactly what to do, he found the rapist and... forced him to marry his 14-year-old daughter, just like the bible says! Thankfully, both the father and the rapist are now in jail.

How would you feel if the government could read all of your emails and see your entire web history. Not just see it, but keep a record of it, and not have to even tell you that they did it? Well, that is the current text of a bill in the Senate, and so far, only one Senator (Ron Wyden, a Democrat) had the wisdom to vote against it.

Private Baptist school, Baylor University, is in the news lately with at least six students claiming they have been raped or sexually assaulted, most targeting the University's football players. Some of the cases led to rape conviction, but they all had one thing in common, being mishandled by the school's president, Ken Starr. Starr, who is probably best known for trying to oust President Clinton for having an affair, certainly has a problem with consensual sex outside of wedlock, but doesn't seem too bothered by the multiple cases of rape in his own school. He not only ignored the cases, but even went as far as blaming the women who were attacked. While the school has fired the football coach for letting this happen, they merely demoted Starr from President to Chancellor.

The importance of appreciating a culture without appropriating it.

When the students of Heidelberg Elementary began scoring at unprecedented levels of advanced-placement on standardized tests, Principal Lowanda Tyler-Jones knew that it was because she had anointed her students and their pencils with holy water. However, when the students began failing all of their classes after they graduated out of elementary, the questions started coming in. Tyler-Jones initially blamed the middle school, but it didn't take long before students and faculty began to come clean, Principal Lowanda Tyler-Jones ordered her teachers to help the students cheat.

In general, I don't care much for Obama as a President. He has done some good things to be sure, but over all, I see a lot of chipping away at the civil rights of US citizens. Another rather shocking report is that nuclear disarmament has slowed down considerably under his administration.

Don't you hate it when you lose your magical feral powers because you slept with a prostitute?

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I read the Epic of Gilgamesh. It's a shame that being a hero doesn't mean doing good works, but just being strong, but beating the crap out of monsters does make for an exciting story.

As much as I prefer Bernie Sanders' policies, a lot of the reason he's losing isn't because the government is entirely corrupt, but because he truly isn't as popular as Hillary Clinton.

What would cause three students to gang up and shove a metal coat hanger into another boy's rectum? What would prevent the other students from stopping them? Why wouldn't the administration do anything to prevent it? If you guessed rampant racism, you're correct.

Skip the canned foods and just give soup kitchens money instead.

Ammon Bundy, the guy who ruined a bird sanctuary because he hates the government, is now in prison and trying to file a lawsuit because the prison isn't respecting his Constitutional rights. In addition to not being allowed to wear the special underwear his religion requires him to wear, they're also violating his second amendment right to carry a gun... in prison.

Honest Trailers does Wreck-It-Ralph.

Christian minister, Christopher Alan Hogge, is on his way to jail for possession of child pornography.

A long talk with David Silverman and Paul Provenza about atheism.

Everything old is wrong again

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I read the Epistle to the Hebrews. I was not impressed.

It seems, as Al Gore's speaking voice becomes more interesting, it increases our ability to combat global climate change.

When I think, religious believers aren't stupid, they were just presented with a story as a child to forced to believe it, and it's very hard to see past the story when everyone else around you keeps saying it's true, and there are lots of dishonest professional arguers using the story to enforce their political agenda, and our own physiology is working against logic, and so forth. But then I'm faced with people like Father Luis Roldan Patino, who thinks sprinkling holy water on potholes will work just as well as praying for rain, which also totally works.

Meet your new favorite snowy owl, Baltimore.

In England and Wales, the non-religious demographic is now larger than all of the various Christian denominations combined.

Getting everyone's salary out in the open at work is a good way to get collective bargaining power.

Once upon a time, a little girl lived in the big woods of Wisconsin.

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I finished The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which was full of colorful imagery and a lot of words unknown to me. Actually, I've finished several books in the past two months, and I have to say, older literature seems to use a much wider variety of words. And while a fair amount of them are archaic, many still could be used by a modern speaker, just one with a large vocabulary. I wonder if anyone has performed a study on the trends for the quantity of unique words used in popular works over the years? If it is as it seems, that a published work had a broader vocabulary, what was the reason? Certainly there were fewer literate people a century ago, so was it was more stylish to use obscure words? Do publishers today purposely limit the complexity of an author's manuscript in order to reach a broader market? Even books written for younger audiences--like Anne of Green Gables, which is only about 100 years old--had me looking up a word every few pages.

I installed a copy of Windows 2 in DOSBox to see what it was like. While the interface is certainly more attractive than DOS, the slowness and lack of useful software really explains why so few people bothered to buy it. Windows 3 wasn't too much better OS-wise, but at least it had a pretty large collection of applications to boast.

Christian pastors Jason Kennedy and Zubin Parakh were both arrested after offering to pay an under-aged girl for sex, a girl who happened to be working for the police.

Why you should get a mutt instead of an inbred pure-bred dog.

When atheists point out that religion is often the catalyst for horrible wars, genocides, and various other atrocities, religious people often claiming that there have been atheist leaders who have done terrible things as well, as if that helps their position.

When do Christians win arguments? When they don't invite the competition.

Remember Harold Camping, the guy who predicted Judgment Day on May 21, 2011, and again pretty much every year after that? Well, even though he died in 2013, his cult followers are still coming up with new dates for the end of the world. Maybe they should watch this video on the top ten reasons why Jesus hasn't returned.

Christians are still trespassing in Target to protest their bathroom policy because they believe they're being persecuted by transgendered people.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

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I finished reading The Handmaid's Tale over the weekend.

The Disney musical, Beauty and the Beast, was pretty good. All the movie's songs (even "Human Again") as well as several others, and beautiful sets, costumes, and effects, but the Fox Theater really needs to do something about their audio. Don't they realize that a crowd full of children makes a lot of noise? I ended up not being able to hear a large portion of the dialogue (not a huge loss since I know the script very well, but still!).

Some new news about black holes from Janna Levin.

Liberty University had a star-studded graduation commencement speech including Mel "if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault!" Gibson, comedian Vince Vaughn (whose films the students aren't allowed to even watch), a sports ball player, and a duck hunter. You'll notice they didn't have any of their famous graduates speaking, this is probably because the school boasts the fourth highest unemployed graduate rate in the country! Kind of reminds me of Trinity Academy which reserves the right to expel any student, not only if they're gay, but even if they have a gay family member!

John Oliver gives some problematic news about calling 911.

For years, Father Tony Anatrella has been the go-to therapist where young Catholic men are sent when their parents and pastors are concerned they may be gay, and for years, Father Anatrella has spoken out against homosexuality and same-sex marriage. You already know where this is going, don't you? Now, several of the gay men who have been in Anatrella's care have been coming forward saying that, while they were receiving "counsel" from Anatrella, he was having sex with them.

Aron Ra gives a talk about Humanism in Canada.

Be my guest

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Going to a Disney version of the Beauty and the Beast musical tonight!

Roe v. Wade was a monumental Supreme Court ruling that which interpreted the Constitution in a way that guarantees the right to abortion in all 50 states, while also letting the states create laws around the process as they saw fit. The Republicans of Oklahoma saw fit to make abortion entirely illegal. Naturally, the bill they passed is unenforceable, and if the Governor signs it into law, the state will be sued, will lose, will repeal to the Supreme Court, and hope that the current Court, with its many Catholics, will change their minds. Without Scalia there, it seems unlikely that they'll even hear the case, and instead just waste millions of the state's tax dollars.

Glenn Beck (he still exists?) it telling Whole Foods to prosecute the Liberal hippie Christian pastor who tried to sue the company after concocting a story about how they wrote "fags" on the cake he ordered. According to Beck, the only way Liberals will learn to stop waving false flags is to punish them so severely they'll be too afraid to do it. This is sort of ironic considering that Beck is currently being sued for accusing a man of terrorism without any evidence. As Ed Brayton points out, I'm sure the guy suing Beck appreciates the good advice.

I have no problem with sex as a service industry and think we should remove all laws preventing it as they are based on indefensible moral arguments. Take, for example, Hookers For Jesus, a religious group that wants to not only outlaw all acts of sex for money, but also believes that all women who have sex for money, even those who actively seek it out and enjoy it, are being enslaved.

Republican Kenneth Havard tried to pass a law banning strippers who are too old or too fat. He later claimed it was a joke, though not too many people found it amusing. That's not nearly as bad as Republican Paul Ryan has been touting the importance of getting more money in the hands of the working class, so when a bill came along to guarantee overtime pay to employees who work over 40 hours, did he vote for it? Of course not!

Despite really wanting to force public school children to sing hymns, this Ohio school will no longer force choir students to sing the Lord's Prayer.

Have any Trans people made problems in public restrooms? No. But Conservatives sure have been beating up a lot of innocent women.

Christians love to tout their superior morality, so why do we always see them in headlines full of corruption, theft, and rape?

Nothing there but steers and queers

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In a proposed bill to eliminate all federal agencies, Texans inadvertently write, "Homosexuality is a chosen behavior... shared by the majority of Texans."

Airport security doesn't work, it's purely for show, and even the airports know it. The Department of Homeland Security did a test where undercover agents tried to sneak weapons on board planes in their carry-on luggage and succeeded 95% of the time. TSA also cannot cite a single instance where they successfully thwarted a terrorist. Worst of all, by disenfranchising travelers so much, they're causing more people to drive, which actually increases the number of travel deaths each year.

After his world tour of China, Morocco, Spain, and Albania, Luke Cooke was finally extradited back to the USA where he will serve 11 years for molesting children when he was a youth pastor.

Kodi Maybir, a Christian music producer, was sentenced to 42 years after being found guilty of murdering his girlfriend's disabled 11-year-old boy.

It's pick a new title day!

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Samantha Bee reminds the world that American religious Conservatives have a long history of racism, sexism, and bigotry.

British Conservatives: "We're going to make sure only adults view Internet porn in the UK by enforcing mandatory age checks!"
People Who Use the Internet: "How?"
British Conservatives: "We don't know, but to religious zealots, it sounds like we're doing something useful!"

Yes, you can criticize religion without needing a theology degree.

Meet the Christian woman who is looking so hard for a sign from God, she finds one in her baby's poop. Then, meet the Christian man who, after burning his daughter's shirt because it was "Satanic," believed he needed to make a sacrifice to God to appease him. Rather than kill himself or his son, he decided to follow the bible's message and sacrifice the family dog.

It's garbage day!

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I watched a documentary on one of the world's most difficult ultramarathons. It takes place along about 130 miles of unmarked trails in the Tennessee mountains. For a racer to finish, they have to run the equivalent of up and down Mt. Everest twice in 60 hours, only then can they claim to have finished the Barkley Marathons.

That moment when oil spills are so common, they don't even make headlines.

The New Yorker goes full The Onion.

Make sure you get your videogame power ups in the right spot.

If you're trying to get on the Republican ticket for Congress, it's probably best that when you post screenshots of your computer on social media, you first close the porn sites.

Why are the Japanese so into tentacle porn? Blame the Americans.

Jesus can't stop killing in Mr. Deity.

The Christian preacher who tried to sue Whole Foods for selling him a cake with bigoted message on it finally admits he made the whole thing up.

How to deal with the argument that the Universe can't have been an accident.

Next time I just go to Ohio!

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I made a chart about who wrote the New Testament.

Last April was the hottest April in history. Want to know when the hottest March was? Last March. Want to know when the hottest February was? Last February. But global warming doesn't exist.

Billy Joel's, "For the Longest Time," parodied as, "Entropic Time," with a music video played entirely backwards.

Back in 2008, Republican Sally Kern said that homosexuals are more dangerous to America than terrorists. As she ends her final year in the House, she explains that her bigotry remains strong!

Honest Trailers covers the original Doom.

Republicans trying to squirm their way out of answering the question, "should a transgendered man be forced to use the ladies room even when they have a full beard?"

Veritasium talks about survivor bias.

Texas passed a law requiring all public schools with 10,000 or more students to record their school board meetings and make them available to the public, which has only given separation of church and state advocates recorded evidence to begin a lawsuit on the 50+ districts that hold illegal prayers.

Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan is now an ignorant conspiracy theorist who loves Donald Trump, thinks white people are being discriminated against, doesn't care much for artists using their medium to promote social justice issues, and hates that people freak out when he uses the n-word in public.

Red mottled tongue probably isn't healthy

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If you get arrested for selling heroin Pennsylvania Judge Anthony M. Mariani has got you covered. Just read a book written by Ben Carson about Jesus, tell all your friends about Jesus, and tell the judge what you learned about Jesus, and you won't have to serve time! Of course, if you aren't will to preach Christianity, you can always go to jail for 5-10 years.

If you're pregnant ans seeking information, nobody will lie to you like the Christians. If you're wondering if transgendered people should be allowed to share a restroom with you, nobody will lie to you like the Christians.

Republicans may refer to the country's Judeo-Christian heritage, but that doesn't stop people from spray painting "Jesus Saves" on a Jewish synagogue.

Teen girls talking about hashtags is scary enough, but it becomes horrifying in slow motion.

Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted Cruz, explained that her husband's failed presidential run was God doing things on his own time, just like how he did... with slavery.

Richard Simone led police on a high speed chase before finally pulling over. With several officers pointing their guns at him, Simone exited his truck, dropped to his knees, and laid flat on his stomach. Police then swarmed him and proceeded to beat the helpless man senseless. Yes, high speed chases endanger innocent lives, yes, Simone broke the law and deserves jail time, but there is no excuse for police officers violently attacking a prone unarmed man.

The March of Reason, part 3.

Coughing less, throat more sore. How does that work?

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I finished reading the book Hyperion yesterday. While I found the book to be decent, then ending was atrocious.

The Christians at the Spence Dream Center are not doctors, but they feel their belief in God gives them the wisdom to tell clinically depressed people to quit taking all mood stabilizers. Of course, a real doctor will tell you that this is extremely dangerous, even potentially fatal. But even after one of their "patients" slit his throat shortly after being told to not take his medication, they still haven't learned to leave medication to the real doctors.

The pistol used to murder Trayvon Martin is being auctioned off by the killer, George Zimmerman, who says he will use some of the money to fight against Black Lives Matter protesters.

In order to create a lesson about Christian obedience, pastor David Perry starved his dog for two days.

Trust Betty White to teach you about online password safety.

Reza Aslan is a Muslim apologist who promotes the idea of Islam being a religion of peace and equality. One of his key points is that the most Islamic country in the world, Indonesia, is a country of sexual equality. Of course, the evidence disagrees with him entirely. Aside from having their clothing and career choices chosen for them by the Muslim government, the country believe Islam requires that they cut off the external portion of their female children's genitalia, and the majority of Indonesian women have undergone such mutilation.

Dinosaurs walking past an adult human to see the size comparison.

If you're going to promote gender equality in the workplace, you should expect some backlash from your company... unless you're a while male.

Michelle Branch sings her latest song, "Goodbye, Ted Cruz."

Ruby Tuesday is followed by Emerald Wednesday

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People are willing to increase taxes in order to pay for what their public school students need. No, not new books. A mainframe computer? Don't be ridiculous. A world-class chemistry laboratory is nice, but not quite what we're looking for. Sure, additional teachers would be great, but let's get real here. What is really going to build our children a brighter future is a -second- $60,000,000 football stadium. And by future, I mean permanent brain damage.

John Oliver stresses the importance of scientific studies.

NASA identifies another 1,284 exoplanets, 9 of which are in the habitable zone!

After Reverend Kenneth Kaucheck was found guilty of sexual misconduct with a sixteen-year-old girl, and was kicked out of the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit, he landed on his feet as the head of the Gianna House Pregnancy and Parenting where he counsels pregnant teenagers.

Best super hero movie evah!

People who think they're really good at videogames usually have never seen someone who is really good at videogames.

Yes, a Canadian teen did try matching constellations to existing Mayan cities, but no, he did not find a new city because of it.

Have you ever seen one of those "mail us 10$ and receive good fortune" scam letters, and thought to yourself, who is stupid enough to mail them money? Well, according to the Justice Department, before they were shut down for fraud, one company made $180 million doing it!

The March of Reason, part 2.

Remember remember the tenth of Mayvember.

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The Arab Spring was supposed to end government corruption in Muslim nations, but all it did was put a new form of corruption in power. Egypt now has a government that will arrest you if you criticize it.

The Brits know you can't force someone to hand over their passwords. Let's see if the Americans can figure it out after the extradition.

As the polar icecaps melt, and the oceans continue to rise, small islands are being lost.

A quick news recap for the cicadas.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican race demonstrating that American Republicans just don't care enough about religion anymore to elect a zealot, and for good reason; we're talking about a group of people who think transvestites using public bathrooms is more dangerous than ISIS. One of Cruz's biggest disciples boosters, Glenn Beck, had a bit of a meltdown prophesying doom and gloom!

The sales pitch for the Ark Encounter needs a bit of work. They're trying to impress upon its visitors that the Ark wasn't a fun place with a smiling Noah with cute fuzzy animals, it is a monument to the deliberate and systematic extermination of millions, so bring the kids!

M in the P

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I read the Epistle to the Philippians. I was not impressed.

I've updated the latest NES Hacker cheat package. The new one uses No-Intro naming conventions which I find superior to the GoodNES standard.

This makes me moist.

With the defeat of Ted Cruz, American Conservatives have shown that their interest in Christianity isn't nearly as strong as their greed and hatred.

If someone is claiming that Islam is a dangerous religion, how do you prove to him, and the people who agree with him, that it is a religion of peace? Apparently, by murdering him.

Poor pastor Jack Schapp, just can't get a break. The Christian mega-church leader is already in jail for statutory rape, but now he's facing additional charges for investment fraud! He has it far worse than Reverend Corey MeGill Brown who was just taking church donations and depositing them directly into his secret personal account.

Seattle's City Council wisely voted against giving up city land to create another sports arena (like any private corporation, arena builders should be expected to purchase their own land), but because the women on the council were the ones who voted against it, horrific sexism is the result.

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses tell their gifted women to avoid academic pursuits?

If you're a well-educated Italian economist, don't do math on a plane, or you will be accused of being a terrorist!

Revenge of the Sixth!

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I read the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians. I was not impressed.

Jimmy Kimmel's response to Sarah Palin's "documentary" about climate change.

Want to see how Jehovah's Witnesses indoctrinate children about same-sex marriage? It's quite awful.

Vaughn Ohlman is a Christian leader who organized an event called "Get Them Married," which was a way for Christian parents to arrange marriages for their children, without their consent, even as young as 13! Unfortunately for Ohlman (and fortunately for the children), he had to cancel his event.

When reading Mean Tweets to women becomes more than just mean.

Using fighting game terminology to explain evolution.

May the fifth be with you?

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I read the First Epistle to the Thessalonians. I was not impressed.

If a student wants to enter a graduate program at a respected university to become a doctor, does the university have an obligation to reject that student if the student brazenly admits that they will assuredly violate the doctor's code of ethics? Todd Starnes of Fox News doesn't think so, in fact, he believes that University is at fault for trying only wanting to graduate ethical students!

A more effective way of debating with people on the street.

Republican Tila Hubrecht explains that getting pregnant from a rapist is God giving you a silver lining!

Matt Dillahunty covers numerology in the bible.

May the fourth be with you

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I read the Second Epistle of John and the Third Epistle of John. I was not impressed.

I also finished reading a child psychology book called Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood. I was pretty good.

Isn't odd how people who are convinced that immigration will ruin the economy for the entire nation refuse to believe that centuries of unbridled pollution can affect the climate?

You've seen those, "Shit People Say" videos? Well, here's a long breakdown of "Shoot Christians Say!"

Over the years, more and more preachers have come out at homosexual, helping various churches usher in a new age of pro-LGBT religion. Bringing up the rear is Islam, where more adherents think homosexual sex is wrong than think abortion is wrong! Thankfully, there are people like Nur Warsame, a Muslim imam who has the courage to publicly out himself.

Interestingly, the term "Caucasian" has a history that's also very racist.

It's not enough for Christians to prevent their employees from having access to birth control, they also want to be allowed to fire them for using it.

Some interesting facts about the game Doom.


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I read the First Epistle of John. I was not impressed.

If I could boil down the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, I would say that it represents the principle that it's better to let a criminal go free than to lock up an innocent person. This principle exists to protect citizens from corrupt or over zealous law enforcement who have authority over them. It makes it so that police can't lock you up because they don't like you or because they think you're a criminal, they have to actually demonstrate that you've done something illegal. Furthermore, you don't have to volunteer evidence, they have to already have it. For example, lets say you detail all your most intimate moments of your life in a hidden diary. Suddenly, police arrive at your door believing you've done something illegal, and, having been told you keep a diary, demand to read it in hopes you've written down evidence of the crime. You know you're innocent, and you would be devastated to have your most personal moments read by the entire precinct, who would no doubt blab to everyone in your community. You refuse to tell them, and they throw you in a dank cell until you agree to hand over your diary. They have no idea if you committed the crime or not, they're just guessing, and they want to invade your privacy to satisfy their guessing, and they're willing to abuse you, an innocent person, until you submit! Is that justice? But let's say that, instead of hiding your diary, you keep it on your dresser, but rather than write in plain English, you've encoded your writing to be a series of numbers that only you can decipher. The police demand to know how you've encoded your diary so they may read it in hopes of finding you guilty of a crime. You refuse to tell them, and they throw you in jail until you do. Is this justice? It's certainly very similar to the first scenario, right? According to a judge in Pennsylvania, the first example is protected by the Fifth Amendment, the second one is not. The judge maintains that, until a man offers up the password to his encrypted hard drives, he will be held in jail forever. The judge justifies indefinite incarceration saying that he has committed the "crime" of refusing to cooperate with an investigation, but his refusal is to prevent self-incrimination, which is the whole point of the Fifth Amendment, otherwise, police could say that everyone who pleads the Fifth is refusing to cooperate with an investigation. The reality is, law enforcement has no evidence of a crime, and even though the charges are despicable, anyone can conjure up despicable charges. There is a similar case now involving a woman whose phone is encrypted with a biometric password. She has to place her thumb on her phone to unlock it. A judge has ruled that police are allowed to violently force her thumb onto her phone so that they may search through it. They need to do this because otherwise they have no evidence of a crime.

Donkey Kong, IRL.

People believe some crazy things when it comes to the powerful dangerous magical body of a woman.

When cereal manufacturers took out all their non-GMO ingredients, all the vitamins had to be removed as well.

YouTube comments are usually a wretched hive of scum and racism, but wait until you read Fox News comments!

Millennials know they suck.

Politicians are trying to remove or extend the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse, but one group in particular doesn't like the idea. Can you guess who? It's the Catholic League! According to them, nobody is doing more to prevent child molestation than the church, and these politicians only want to make all pedophiles go to jail because they're anti-Catholic!

You probably didn't know this, but Prince died from chemtrails.

Wake up and smell the hummus!

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Had the fam over for dinner on Sunday. Talked a lot of politics and science over chicken, vegetables, hummus, and tea. Good times!

I read the Epistle to the Ephesians. I was not impressed.

It's not that uncommon for groups responsible for atrocities to want to distance themselves from them. The US is ashamed of a century of slavery, Germany is ashamed of the Jewish Holocaust, etc. But there is a difference between being ashamed of something and denying that something ever happened. For example, there are many people who claim that the Holocaust never happened. These people refuse to learn from the mistakes of their ancestors and their ignorance makes them problematic. Naturally, these claims should be ridiculed, because they are ridiculous, and no respectable organization would ever hand a microphone to someone who espouses such beliefs. Cue the Wall Street Journal, which printed a full page ad from a group denying the existence of the Armenian genocide.

Why you shouldn't trust Pokémon Daycare.

A mob of Muslims murdered another Bangladeshi man by hacking him to death with machetes, just as Muhammad would want.

Part one of the March of Reason series.

There is a fun Twitter hashtag trending right now called, #TheBibleHasTaughtMe, and it's yielding some interesting results.

Americans can't identify a Sikh.

What's the deal with people named McCarthy and being crazy. Tajuan McCarty was hired by the US military to tell soldiers that the only way to stop rape is to have everyone convert to her religion.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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