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Get worse every day

Feeling: Angry


I've added an article which explains why the number 255 appears so frequently in retro video games.

  • Republicans keep lying that abortion hasn't been banned, only been moved to the states, and, if people don't like it, they can go to a different state. Well, first off, it is banned in like 20 states, so that's a ban for millions of women. Second, Republican states are also trying to ban women from leaving their state to get an abortion. Third, federal Republicans really are trying to ban it nationwide. If you want to help, the best thing you can do right now is donate money to abortion groups, or, if you're a man, get a vasectomy. In their race to punish women, Oklahoma passed five different abortion bans in a year, each conflicting with the others. In Texas, tax-payer funded pregnancy centers are constantly lying to scared women. The massive backlog of foster children in the USA proves that those creepy Christians who stand outside of abortion clinics offering to adopt babies are liars. Also, although Michigan has anti-abortion laws on the books from 1931, the Democrats in power refuse to enforce it, and are trying to add abortion rights to the state constitution. Unfortunately, two Republican county lawyers are still trying to enforce then almost century-old ban.
  • Cassidy Hutchinson describes all the grade A hissy fits that Trump threw while in office.
  • Republican Ken Paxton of Texas says he welcomes a return to the ban on sex between gay men.
  • After balking for months, the US has finally given money to Ukraine to help them expand their military and fight the Russian invasion.
  • Arizonans largely voted in favor against an ill-conceived Republican student voucher scheme, but, since Republicans don't care about voters, their legislators pushed it through anyway.
  • Ketanji Brown will finally be sworn in to the Supreme Court, making her the first black woman on that bench. Still, it's too little too late.
  • Poor Rudy Giuliani. A guy pats him on the back and he claims it was like being shot with a shock wave that reverberated to nearby citizens!

A look at the real Super Mario Bros. 2.

More leaps toward theocracy

Feeling: Angry


I've added a pages for the Garfield series, JavaScript, Scholastic, and Jason Boesel. I've also added a couple new evolution of religion charts.

  • The latest out of the January 6th committee shows how Trump wanted the mob that was storming the Capitol to be armed, and even planned to join them in the attack, but Secret Service refused to let him go. Also, Ginni Thomas, wife of Republican Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, claimed she was eager to speak to the January 6th committee and talk all about how she abused her status and helped Trump try and steal the presidency from Biden. Big shock, it was all a lie.
  • The Republican attack on abortion rights continues with Republican drooling at the idea of sending women and doctors to prison. Sadly, established Democrats refusing to do anything about it. The Catholic Taliban now has their sights set on same-sex marriage and birth control.
  • Republicans continue to fight against children's programming that teaches children about medicine. After he lost a fight to Big Bird, Republican Ted Cruz wanted a rematch with the 3-year-old muppet, Elmo He's very angry that Elmo didn't first read several hours of dry peer-reviewed medical journals on the children's show. It's probably too late to get him to read some memes?
  • Why is gas so expensive? Some of it is inflation, but the reality is, oil companies are just charging more money for gas because they can.
  • When normal people lie to the FBI, they rot in prison. When Republican's do it, it's just another Wednesday.
  • The courts have decided that Republican Rick Snyder, and his team of unelected yes-men who killed over a dozen people and poisoned thousands more, can not be punished.
  • The Republican Supreme Court has ruled that the Republican-drawn congressional map which purposely weakens the power of black voters is good and just.
  • Connecticut police put Randy Cox, in handcuffs, then tossed the black man into the back of a van without seat belts. They then slammed on their brakes causing Cox to smash into the front wall of the van and break his spine, paralyzing him from the neck down. The police then dragged him out of the van and laughed at his injuries. The cops have not been arrested or charged with a crime.
  • Another sex trafficker goes to prison. Again, glad to see R. Kelly locked up, but why can't white men like Matt Gaetz ever be brought to justice?

More steps toward theocracy

Feeling: Angry

  • White Supremacists accurately point out the the Republican Supreme Court is a Catholic Taliban, but they think it's a good thing. While most Democrats are of the "donate and vote and we might help" variety Elizabeth Warren is trying to push Biden into actually doing something to stop the criminalization of abortion. Also, I hope you've stocked up on abortion pills, because they're starting to get pulled from online stores. In a glimmer of hope, while most of the country is criminalizing abortion, Minnesota is becoming the state of abortion tourism.
  • The Republican Supreme Court isn't just attacking women, they're attacking non-Christians in several ways, people who don't want to be shot to death, doctor's patients, and anyone who may become the target of the police state.
  • Even if Trump is untouchable, everyone around him keeps feeling the heat. Since Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows refuses to talk to Congress, Congress is learning about what he knew from his staffers, and they're making it very clear that Meadows knew there would be a riot, and also burned incriminating evidence in the White House! Also, John Eastman had his phone seized by the FBI. Also, Trump's business ventures continue to fail.
  • Republican Joe Oltmann has made a name for himself urging his fellow Republicans to murder Democrats, but, now that he's facing a defamation lawsuit, suddenly all the calls for murder were just a joke.
  • And, on top of all of this, Americans keep wasting all our fresh water.
  • I'm glad she's in prison because she was a monster, but, isn't it so truly American that a child sex-trafficking ring was discovered where extremely wealthy men were paying top dollar to rape girls, and the only person in the whole racket who ended up going to prison was a woman.

Cheating on an ethics test is such an old joke, it's become cliche, but, leave it to the accountants at Ernst & Young to actually get caught doing it. They no face a $100,000,000 fine!

What's the deal with Bowser coming back at the end of each world?

Rise against

Feeling: Angry


I've added a page for the video game genre fixed shooter and one for the blanket genre, shooter.

  • Speaking in front of a mostly whites-only audience of Trump fans, Republican Mary Miller said the criminalization of abortion is a "victory for white life." Her white supremacy isn't a surprise to women of color who always get shafted by Republicans. Now that the same type of people who supported a state's right to keep slaves have got their way with abortion, people are looking for legal loopholes to continue abortion until we can fix this mess, and they may have found one with national parks.
  • Thanks to the sanctions put in place by much of the world, Russia has officially defaulted on its foreign debt, and Russia's response of "not our problem," isn't going to win them any sympathy. The ruble may still be overvalued because Russia is currently gouging European nations who can't yet find alternative sources for oil, but that can't last, and Russian unemployment has grown significantly after the exodus of countless businesses. All this will add to the long term damage Putin has caused to Russia. This is why you don't elect despots like Putin or Trump.
  • It's nice that the January 6th committee is exposing just how corrupt the Trump administration was, too bad Republicans don't have the slightest idea what is going on in the world.
  • Rodney Dunn, the cop who purposely rammed the car of a pregnant woman who was trying to pull over on the side of the road, will face no consequences for his actions.
  • And, amid all this immediate chaos, we're still warming the planet to unprecedented levels. Also, cute things covered in glitter can be a serious pollution problem.

The FBI raided three churches for defrauding veterans because Christians have no shame.

Making a mechanical fan that doesn't spin.

One major step closer to a theocracy

Feeling: Angry


Yesterday I beat all three endings of Rex: Another Island.

  • Roe v. Wade is dead. Long live Roe v. Wade. Within a month, abortion will become criminal in 13 states and will reach 20 shortly thereafter. This isn't about state's rights, this is the first step toward nation wide criminalization, and the Republican judges have now set their sights on same-sex marriage and even contraception.
  • Six Republican members of Congress begged Trump for pardons before he left office including Scott Perry (blamed Italy for Trump losing), Matt Gaetz (child sex trafficker), Mo Brooks (fomented the January 6th insurrection), Louie Gohmert (straight-up white supremacist), Andy Biggs (homophobic racist), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (the anti-Semitic lunatic).
  • With all the children being murdered by guns recently, even a handful of Republicans signed on to the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. It's another bare-minimum gun control bill, but I guess it's better than nothing. Sadly, despite the progress in one area, we get a step back in another as the Republicans on the Supreme Court voted that states can't make laws to stop people from carrying loaded handguns on the street.
  • Republican Jeffrey Clark, one of the many Republicans who tried to steal Biden's victory, had his home raided by the FBI. I'm assuming that he, like Trump, Barr, Giuliani, and all the rest, knew that there wasn't any actual evidence, but just kept lying with the hope they'd win anyway.
  • The way Republicans white wash slavery is disgusting.

Wow, Elon Musk is a terrible person who makes bad decisions.

Why I'm not a hacker

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hacker, which was really interesting.

  • The Republican party isn't just an embarrassment, they're also traitorous criminals.
  • Republican Ron Johnson tried to send fake electors to the White House in an attempt to overturn Biden's presidential victory, and now he's trying to claim he didn't do anything wrong because Mike Pence wouldn't accept the fake votes.
  • A white Florida cop told a black driver who was taking a while to locate his documentation, "this is how you guys get killed out here." Apparently, the reason white cops murder black civilians is because they take too long to find their registration.

So, you like video games?

Feeling: Happy


I've created passive and active puzzle sub-genre pages. I've also added a genre column to my list of video games I've beaten.

  • Republican Russell Bowers goes on the record explaining how Trump called him and urged him to declare him the winner even though Biden clearly won Arizona. But before you think too highly of Bowers, keep in mind, even after four years of Trump's corruption, lies, and ignorance, Bowers still voted for Trump and actively campaigned for him. The Republican party has fallen so low that "not cheating" is now seen as a big deal for them! In fact, these are the people who are trying to distract from the actual insurrection by referring to everything as an insurrection, even puppets.
  • Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues even as Ukrainian forces continue to embarrass the Russian military, but Russia has so many more bodies, and Putin doesn't care how many die, unless something is done, Ukraine's defeat seems inevitable. The slow degrade of Russian infrastructure due to lack of Western support is causing problems, but not fast enough.
  • Why were Texas police so slow to stop the Uvalde gunman? They were waiting for a key for an unlocked door. Obviously, nobody should trust the police to protect them from lunatics with guns, but there is a glimmer of hope with Congress passing stronger gun control laws.
  • The ice on Mount Everest is melting due to human-caused climate change. Canada is responding by wisely banning single-use plastic, while, in the USA, even Democrats are fighting to see who can destroy the environment the fastest.
  • In the rural areas of Maine, where there aren't enough people to setup public schools, the state will pay for students to attend small private schools, but only if they're secular. For a few years now, some Christians have been repeatedly losing their lawsuit trying to force taxpayers to pay to send their children to a private Christian school where they would be taught that LGBT people are evil and the universe is only 6,000 years old. Unfortunately, these Christians continued to appeal to the current Republican-majority US Supreme Court, where precedent and the first amendment mean nothing, and the Republicans were all too eager to destroy hundreds of years of church-state separation, and overturned all the previous rulings. Now, as long as Maine allows any money to go to secular private schools, it must also give money to religious people for private Christian schools.
  • The housing crisis in the USA continues to grow.
  • In the USA, everything is harder when you're black, even becoming a mother.
  • In an effort to drum up support for re-election, Trump says he will pardon the insurrectionists. Just another one of his lies. Don't forget, he was still president on January 6th, and could have pardoned all of them, but he didn't. He's not exactly a mastermind. Remember, this is a guy who, when Mike Pence refused to help him steal the election, said, "if you don't do it, I won't be your friend any more!"
  • Elon Musk's daughter hates his so much, part of the reason she had her named legally changed was to disassociate herself from him.

Maine removed the statute of limitations on sexual assault, and child-raping priests are getting sued again!

How Prager U actively spreads racist misinformation to children.

Visiting the actual hell of the bible.

I tawt I saw a good game. Nope, I didn't.

Feeling: Happy


Today, I beat Tweety's High-Flying Adventure.

  • Dmitry Muratov, a Russian journalist, just sold his Nobel Peace Prize for a record $103,500,000 and donated the money to help Ukrainian child refugees.
  • Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, was still involved with events aimed at stealing Biden's victory even several months after their failed insurrection.
  • Fox has been a boys club for some time, allowing predators like Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly to sexually assault co-hosts for years before finally reaping the consequences in the form of tens of millions of dollars in payouts. Just recently, they had to dish out another $15,000,000 because they refused to stop paying their male employees more than their female employees.
  • Republican Eric Greitens paid to have an advertisement made where he bursts into the house of Republicans who aren't Trump supporters and murders them!
  • Kari Lake has a history of being friends with a drag queen and even getting photographed with one on stage, but, now that she has political aspirations on the Republican ticket, she says they're evil.
  • Why are Republican men so eager to define what it means to be a woman?

As part of a belated Juneteenth, let's honor the slaves who escaped.

CosmicSkeptic and Genetically Modified Skeptic talk about how they've changed their perspectives on religion over the years.

Good to be home

Feeling: Happy


Chicago trip was a lot of fun. We took the architecture boat tour, had some amazing dim sum, and I definitely got my steps in walking Lucy all around Chicago.

  • Because he is one of the few Republicans who is both sane and has a spine, Adam Kinzinger has received death threats from Trump's ghouls and made it a point to warn Americans that, until people can accept the truth about con men like Trump, there will be more bloodshed from violent Republicans. But, considering how misinformed Republicans are about how the Trump administration was lying and knew they were breaking the law when they tried to steal the election (and murder Mike Pence), I don't see that happening any time soon. But it isn't just a misunderstanding of counting that Republicans lack, it's also basic human decency.
  • Japan took a major step back accepting in LGBT rights and has allowed a ban on same-sex marriage. The majority of Japanese people favor it, so, why did their courts rule against it? The judges were far more interested in the letter of the law than the spirit of the law.
  • Lauren Boebert thinks Jesus should have had an AR-15.

Part of being Christian means bullying women into staying with abusive men, just ask Franklin Graham.

Belief in a god in the USA is now at an all time low. This is good news since Christians are now claiming, not only that vaccines violate their religion, but even being tested for a disease violates their religion!

I need more museums in my life!

Feeling: Happy


I'm heading to Chicago this weekend for a family vacation.

  • The January 6th committee has demonstrated that Trump was told, several times by various members of his staff, that it would be illegal for Mike Pence to overturn the election loss, and, yet, Trump still threatened Pence to do it anyway! Also, wife of Clarence Thomas, Republican Ginni Thomas, has been asked to testify at the January 6th committee due to her involvement in the big steal, particularly her passing sensitive information about the Supreme Court to one of the main architects of the coup, John Eastman.
  • For all their blustering about voter integrity, every person I've seen who has been found guilty of interfering with the election has been Republican. The latest is Travis Ford of Nebraska who made death threats to a voting official.
  • Maybe hiring a drunk to head your legal team wasn't such a good idea? Oh wait, the drunk doesn't want to be called a drunk.
  • Republican Herschel Walker's platform is that fathers need to take an active part in their children's lives. Big words from a man who has been covering up a son he never sees. Even as Walker tried to fight off the accusations about being a neglectful father, it was discovered that he had two other secret children from a woman he never married!
  • Antivax doctor and COVID misinformation spreader Simone Gold was arrested for helping to stir up the riot in the failed coup. Then, she lied to her followers about being a political prisoner, and bilked them out of almost half a million dollars. Well, she's on her way to prison, but, alas, only for two months.
  • Yes please hackers, continue to screw with Putin.
  • We shouldn't have to keep saying this, but you aren't going to stop gun violence in the USA with prayer.

The Google engineer who thinks his chatbot has gained sentience is a loony.

Seeing their younger members in danger of becoming progressive, Calvinists elders took a vote to decide what their god thinks. Now, it's official: gay people are evil along with people who have romantic feelings for more than one other person and people who are sexually attracted to someone they didn't first obtain a state-issued marriage license to be sexually attracted to. By codifying this, Calvinists can now couch their bigotry in "just following orders," you know, like Catholics.

Cleaning out my junk folder

Feeling: Happy


I've added a collection of adult coloring books.

  • Sexual predator, and Republican Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas, didn't seem to be bothered that his wife was actively working with his law clerk to help Republicans overturn the presidential election. Maybe they were also taking advice from a dangerously inebriated Rudy Giuliani?
  • Trump committed serious fraud to the tune of $250,000,000. Surely he'll be punished, right? Nope, this is America, we put our criminals in charge of our government.
  • Rapist John Barnes gets full custody of the mother's child and victim must pay child support. This headline is devastating, and will only become commonplace once Republicans criminalize abortion.
  • The white supremacists who tried to pick a fight at an Idaho pride rally proved just how big of cowards they are.
  • Kevin Seefried and his adult son Hunter brought their racist flag with them to use as a weapon when they broke into the Capitol on January 6th in order to murder members of Congress. They have become the latest group of criminals to be convicted.
  • The UK has issued sanctions against several more Russians including the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill. While it may seem odd to sanction a church leader, don't forget that the Russian church is closely tied to the Russian government and Putin. Because of that, Kirill is a vocal war monger, and, like all other Russian oligarchs, Kirill has a net worth around $6,000,000,000!

A non-woo-woo explanation of time crystals.

God's ways are not our ways. Thank god.

Data is beautiful

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe and finished listing the dates in the alphabetical list of my list of video games I've beaten.

  • Russia continues to wipe out Ukraine and murder countless civilians.
  • The January 6th committee has uncovered another snake in the grass. After Biden's victory, but before he was inaugurated, Republican Jeffrey Clark told Trump, if he would make him attorney general, he would overturn the election results by proving that China changed votes with thermostats.
  • Why is the Publix Super Market family paying the speaking fees of noted sexual harasser Republican Kimberly Guilfoyle?
  • Republican hopeful Herschel Walker just keeps getting weirder. In addition to claiming he know about a magical mist that cures COVID-19, he also talks about the importance of being a good father. Tell that to the estranged son he never sees.
  • A tax payer funded school in North Carolina tried to force girls to wear skirts. The parents sued, but the sexist Trump-appointed judge, Marvin Quattlebaum, wanted women to know their place and sided with the sexist school administrators. Thankfully, the US Court of Appeals overturned the barbaric ruling.
  • Idaho police arrested a gang of white supremacists who were planning to attack people at a Pride festival, and now their department is being inundated with fellow Klansmen saying they will murder the police.

Why shipping containers will not solve the problem of affordable housing.

How images were first made on computers in the 1950s.

Data is beautiful

Feeling: Happy


Yesterday, I beat the Master System port of "Virtua Fighter Animation", and today I beat the Atari 2600 game "3-D Tic-Tac-Toe" on difficulty level 1. I've also reworked my list of video games I've beaten. I've added an alphabetical list (still updating the released date), compacted the grouped by platform section, and moved each game in the franchise section to its own line. Also, I eliminated port doubles from my total count. For example, I was counting "Tecmo Bowl" twice, once on the NES and again on the Game Boy, but they're essentially the same game, so, now they only count for one. This new counting system has reduced my total to 365. Time to start beating some more games!

  • In the wake of yet another school shooting, Republican Mike DeWine is eliminating gun safety training restrictions for school staff. Not only will more school staff be carrying loaded guns in school, but fewer will know how to safely use them!
  • Assistant police chief Derek Kammerzell is a Nazi. On his office door, he put the insignia of the Obergruppenführer, used by senior members of the SS, trimmed his facial hair into a Hitler mustache, posed for a photo while giving a Nazi salute, and made jokes about his ancestors being Nazis. This isn't that shocking since the FBI has been finding white supremacist groups in law enforcement for decades. However, the horrifying thing is that Kammerzell wasn't fired for being a Nazi, he was given a massive $1,520,000 settlement to retire early. And, speaking of Nazis, the Proud Boys stormed a library and terrified a bunch of children when they shouted slurs at drag queens during a public reading event.
  • Although more unions are forming, it's important to remember that Amazon will harass and fire any worker who talks about unionizing and will call the police on them even when they're not breaking the law.
  • When he used false pretenses to convince the UK to leave the EU, incompetent Tory Boris Johnson agreed to the Northern Ireland Protocol, an economic deal made to prevent further warring between independent Ireland and UK-controlled Northern Ireland. At the time, Johnson probably didn't understand the full breadth of the protocol, because, now he's trying to scrap the whole thing and renege on his deal.
  • As is typical for Republicans, they only realize something it a problem when it happens to them.
  • Monopolies are bad, yes, even when they're tech companies.

It's strange to send electricity through a vacuum.

Monday the 13th

Feeling: Happy


Over the weekend, I beat the Master System game, Submarine Attack.

Adult bounce house was awesome. I wasn't as sore this year, but I got just as many friction burns. I need to remember to wear elbow and knee coverings next time!

  • By not taking commercial breaks during their airing of Tucker Carlson's Klan rally, Fox was willing to lose ad revenue in the hopes that they could keep people from switching over to the live coverage of the January 6th committee. They can keep their viewers uninformed, but everyone else is privy to new damning evidence against Trump. Today, his own attorney general, Republican William Barr, admitted that Trump was "detached from reality," which makes you wonder why he remained unflinchingly loyal to him for so long.
  • A reminder of what is at stake for Ukraine.
  • In case you need another example of Republicans being actual Nazis, beyond Madison Cawthorn, Carl Paladino went on the radio to claim, "he's the kind of leader we need today. We need somebody inspirational." Who was he talking about? Adolf Hitler.
  • Why are pride celebrations still important? Not just because Republicans continue to make laws targeting the LGB (and T especially), but because there are white supremacist anti-gay militias like the Patriot Front who try to violently attack the LGBT. Thankfully, by wearing similar clothes and body armor, police were able to spot them right away and arrest them all. Also, Mark Burns, who is running for Congress as a Republica, wants the LGBT and their supporters executed.
  • Each time there is a mass shooting, the number of people in favor of stronger gun control increases. Republicans will continue to vote against any sensible law, but there will eventually be a final tipping point, we just need to ask ourselves, how many more children will need to be murdered?

Have you ever thought about how Nintendo locked out unauthorized third-party vendors on the NES? Of course you have!

And then this item distribution code...

Feeling: Happy


Going to a giant bouncy castle tonight!

  • Ukraine says about 200 of their troops are being murdered every day by Russian invaders.
  • Every major media outlet is airing the Senate's Insurrection committee except Fox. It's almost as if Fox is trying to protect criminals. But Republican Liz Cheney isn't mincing words. During the committee, she said, "President Trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack." Hard to argue with that. Republican Ryan Kelley was hoping to become the next governor of Michigan, instead, he's been arrested by the FBI for his criminal involvement in the insurrection. In that attack, Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by Trump's mob. Mike Pence reached out to the dead officer's family, but not Trump.
  • After this most recent series of mass shootings, 60% of Americans now think stopping gun violence is more important than protecting gun rights. But, among Republicans, it's the opposite. 70% think gun rights are more important than stopping gun violence! Republicans continue to stand in the way of saving lives. Just look at Louie Gohmert who still thinks you can pray away shootings.
  • Even as she fights to control women, destroy voting rights, and favor a white Christian nation, Republican Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett is cashing in.

Upscaling the vector art of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter.

And then this item distribution code...

Feeling: Happy


Yesterday, I finished reading An Honest Lie.

  • 204 self-proclaimed "pro-life" Republicans in the House voted against bare-minimum gun control reform proving they don't care about life, only controlling women. While the bill passed the House, it's most likely going to die to Senate Republicans.
  • Speaking of which, tn an effort to placate those who want stronger gun control reform, Facebook has said they will ban users for using the site to selling firearms. Just one problem: they only get banned if they're caught 10 times!
  • The Republican majority on the US Supreme Court once again ruled that even when police officers use excessive force an violently attack innocent civilians, they cannot be held accountable.
  • Texas Republicans continue to label parents of trans youths as "child abusers" for allowing their children to be who they are, but the parents are fighting back.
  • The terrorists who tried to overthrow the US government for Trump are finally going to have their day in court.
  • With Juneteenth fast approaching, it's nice to see ton deaf companies getting into the spirit of capitalizing on it.

Dark matter is insanely hard to find, but we may be getting close.

Are you an atheist? Can you answer these 10 super tough questions?

Just gotta get this save feature working...

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for the video game term, suicide, but it still needs a lot of editing.

  • If you think putting more cops in schools will solve problems, you're forgetting that cops are violent bullies who often abuse children and arrest people on trumped up charges which go on their permanent records.
  • Turns out Republican Mike Pence was so afraid Trump would turn his dangerous mob against him that he warned the Secret Service! We later found out that his fears were justified.
  • Russian oligarchs were hoping their yachts would be safe in Fiji. They aren't!
  • Republicans aren't happy that the January 6th insurrection committee meetings will now be shown on TV.
  • Many of the women who were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar are now suing the FBI because they knew he was being accused of assaulting women, but they did nothing to stop him.

Modern day artists depict Jesus as a white blonde European, but artists painted him very differently 1,700 years ago.

As more history of Christianity is laid bare, the arguments for the bible become more desperate. It used to be, every word of the bible is perfect and genuine, but now it's, okay, some sections are fraudulent, the names on most of the books are wrong, and a lot of the content is evil, but some of it might be historical. But, for god that supposedly demands the entire world believe he exists, that's not a very good argument.

Is it soup yet?

Feeling: Happy

  • Turns out Trump's campaign was working directly with the false electors in Georgia telling them to keep their fraud as secret as possible so they could steal the election.
  • Russia media is now all propaganda, and the few remaining journalists who are reporting the truth about the Russian invasion are being hunted down.
  • Republicans have once again been stopped by a judge after trying to redraw districts to eliminate the voting strength of black people.
  • COVID-19 is expected to make a big resurgence this summer as safety precautions have diminished and the BA.2 variant has dominated the ecosystem. There are also new variants of interest, BA.4 and BA.5 to look out for.
  • Five of the top members of the white nationalists group, Proud Boys, have been charged with seditious conspiracy for planning the January 6th insurrection. They're probably not too proud now.
  • Republican Ted Cruz, the textbook illustration for the word "sniveling," can't understand why he isn't dating hot women because he thinks he's such a man's man.
  • Yikes.
  • An important lesson to learn. In the USA, there is a long legal precedence showing that police do not have to do their job.
  • Not only are we running out of fresh water, but we're accelerating the process.

What happens when you freeze chemicals that burn when they touch water?

Making it better

Feeling: Happy


Over the weekend, I beat the Master System port of Special Criminal Investigation.

  • Several more mass-shootings occurred in the USA over the weekend. Should we follow the Republican plan of getting rid of doors or the NRA's plan of claiming to be the real victim when children are murdered?
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene explains why all Democrats are terrorists, and that the USA needs to become a terrifying Christian nationalist theocracy.
  • Republican candidates who were claiming they would stop voter fraud were caught committing mass voter fraud.
  • Just a reminder, cops are not legally required to protect you or rescue you.
  • It's not enough to put a rainbow on your company logo, you actually have to make changes if you want to claim you care about LGBT people, but video game companies refuse.

Feminists are changing tack to become more successful at stopping domestic violence.

Making it bigger

Feeling: Happy

  • Ukraine enters its 100th day of being invaded by Russia, but, despite the severe toll Western sanctions have taken on Russia, Putin remains confident the West needs Russia to stop more than Russia needs Western imports, and Conservative cowards around the world are helping Russia win.
  • Florida Republicans drew up new district maps that gives their party an additional four seats by marginalizing the black voting population. Voting rights advocates challenged the racist Republicans in court, and suggested a much fairer map, but the state's Supreme Court sided with the racists.
  • Trump's disaster of a administration included Republican Scott Pruitt who, in addition to spending gobs of taxpayer money on himself, ordered his security detail to drive into oncoming traffic because he wanted his dry cleaning sooner.
  • We're only 154 days into the year, but the USA has had 214 mass-shootings.

Suggesting that diseases cross over from animals to humans through sex is harmful for several reasons, but also stupid.

Convicted rapist, Harvey Weinstein's 23-year prison sentence has been upheld.

When Christian apologists inadvertently help destroy Christianity.

A look at how to end a Super Mario World levels without actually beating them by exploiting bugs.

Almost there

Feeling: Happy

  • Despite bumbling all the way, 20% of Ukraine is now occupied by the Russian military.
  • Ever since Columbine, the trained response to stop an active shooter is to confront them as soon as possible to limited the number of civilian deaths. So then, they did police chief Pedro Arredondo order his officers to wait an hour for backup? And why, instead of being fired for his negligence, was he still allowed to be made a member of the city council? Oh, and, since this is America, before the murdered children were even buried, there was another mass shooting, this time at a hospital. Expect a whole new round of Republican thoughts, prayers, and cries for even more guns.
  • Another case of voter fraud, and, yes, it's from a Republican. Perry Johnson tried to submit a petition with over 9,000 fraudulent signatures!
  • I don't care about celebrity gossip, but I care a lot about women being abused, and there is a lot of evidence that Johnny Depp abused Amber Heard.

AI can now create realistic scenes from scratch. In a few years, it will be realistic videos. Yikes!

Finishing off an anti-science creationist video series.

Are you ready for some Zelda? Hellz-yeah!

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I've added a high-res scan of the Japanese version of Tips & Tricks: The Legend of Zelda.

Happy Pride month!

  • Even as they kill off more civilians, Russian forces are performing drills to drop nuclear bombs. The Democrats, to their credit, are sending a $700,000,000 worth of military hardware to Ukraine.
  • Uvalde police tried to blame a teacher for leaving a door propped open (because an assault rifle can't shoot a door lock), but surveillance video shows the door was closed before the shooter got inside. Police are trying everything to shift the blame away from the fact that they sat idly by while children were slaughtered. See, in places where they actually care about life, after a mass shooting occurs, they ban guns and the shootings stop.
  • John Oliver's show is about rocks. That's all, just rocks.

CFI's CEO Robyn Blumner wrote an op-ed asking why Secular Humanists can't all just get along an join together to be transphobic like Dawkins.

Christians typically have to lie to themselves and others to find reasons to hate atheists.

When your faith is full of contradictions, how do you cope with it all?

Are you ready for some football? No? Are you sure? All right. No football.

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I think by the next update I'll be able to publicly release the game I've been working on. There are still a few bugs that need to be squashed and a couple unimplemented aspects that need programming before it's ready, but I think they'll be done by the end of the week.

  • In the USA, more children are now being shot to death than dying in car accidents. And, while Republicans like to claim this is a mental health issue, there are two major problems with that argument. First, Republicans also refuse to fund mental health, second, every other developed country in the world has mental health problems, but they don't have mass shootings. The data are pretty clear, those states which have strong gun control laws have fewer gun deaths, but gun nuts in the USA are so ignorant, they don't even realize when people are mocking them for their useless thoughts and prayers, and, while our politicians continue to refuse to do anything about all its children being murdered, other than blame atheists, at least other nations can watch our collapse and not make the same mistakes.
  • Russia continues to bomb Ukrainian civilians.
  • Proving that everyone who follows Trump ends up behind bars, Jennings Ryan Staley, a doctor who was trying to capitalize on Trump's phony medical claims by importing and selling fake hydroxychloroquine, is going to spend a month in prison and then a year in house arrest.
  • Want to help usher in a police state? Buy a Ring or Nest doorbell camera.

Just a reminder, if we continue to abuse nurses' desire to help us to the point where they quit the profession, we will all be screwed.

Making light with crystals, but without the superstitious BS.

Nothing personal

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  • The Republican lie that more guns at schools would eliminate school shootings is BS. Many of the schools where massacres have taken place have had armed guards. At the most recent one, Uvalde, when police discovered there was a shooter, they ran and hid and then prevented parents from going in to save their children! The fact that unarmed parents were more willing to confront a shooter than police with a $4,000,000-a-year budget says a lot. This is all a major change from the heroic, but dishonest, lies initially told by Texas police and politicians. Republicans have responded to the massacre as expected, with thoughts-and-prayers Twitter Mad-Libs, and then running away. Also, what kind of monstrous country sees a massive rise in the value of gun companies after children are massacred by guns? The USA. Investors know that every time there is a school shooting, Republicans freak out that there might be a gun ban, and guy even more guns. There are several things that can be done that will effectively decrease mass-shootings: make guns harder to get, interpret the second amendment sensibly, and eliminate the guns that already exist. Naturally, Republican oppose all of these measures.
  • Glencore, a massive mining and commodity trading company, just got hit with a $1,100,000,000 fine for years of bribery and fixing markets. While the fine is huge, the company takes in $204,000,000,000 each year, so it's more like a slap on the wrist.
  • This is why you don't elect a sports ball player to the Senate.

The warrior of Argus -- you are really a true hero!

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I've added the NES port of Rygar to the VGMPF. Though, I still need to add the Japanese tracks and song pages.

  • Republican Kevin Stitt has signed into Oklahoma law a total ban on abortion.
  • Republican Paul Gosar made up a bunch of lies about the Texas shooter while referring to trans people and Mexicans as "trash." Also, the NRA still plans to have a rally in Texas right after the shooting to celebrate guns keeping them safe.
  • The Senate is trying to pass a bill to combat white supremacy, Nazis, and the KKK, so, naturally, Republicans are going to block it.
  • Putin wants a return to the Soviet Union, and, while he can't seem to conquer the other nations, he's certainly returned Russia back to product shortages.
  • No surprise, but Trump approved of Mike Pence being publicly murdered. Please continue to fracture your party.
  • Republican Dean Knudson, who admitted that Trump lost in Wisconsin, has resigned stating that other Republicans do not want someone in their party who isn't willing to lie for Trump.
  • Zander Moricz was told he wasn't allowed to talk about gay people in his valedictorian speech, despite being gay himself. So, in a clever way to bypass the Republican "Don't Say Gay" law, Moricz talked about how difficult it is for someone who's hair isn't straight to be in the Florida humidity, and how he once wanted to make his hair straight, but finally realized that he just needed to be himself.

Prominent Christian leader, Josh Duggar, has been sentenced to over 12 years in prison for his long history of raping children. Naturally, his upstanding moral Christian family wants him let out.

If you're entering in a dialog just to refute the other person, you're doing it wrong.

Randy Rainbow sings about his pink glasses.

Ligar Rygar Lygar Rigar

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Last night I beat the NES port of Rygar.

  • As punishment for their abominable invasion of Ukraine, Democrats are blocking Russia from using US banks to pay back foreign debts, which makes Russia's default extremely likely. But Russia remains belligerent and even teams up with China to perform military drills.
  • Another day, another 18-year-old with an assault rifle and clad in body armor went on a shooting rampage at a school and murdered 21 people, mostly little children. But Republicans continue to tell grieving parents to fuck off.
  • When it affects their own candidacy, suddenly Republicans are very concerned about mail-in ballots being counted.
  • Nancy Pelosi points out the glaring hypocrisy in the Catholic church. Why are they refusing to give communion to pro-life politicians, but don't have a problem with politicians who support the death penalty?
  • Republican Kelli Stargel's daughter tells the world what kind of horrible monster her mother is.
  • The only time a non-stop liar like Republican Kellyanne Conway should be in the media is when people point out her lies.

Yes, more unions please.

Tesla is having legal troubles because sexual harassment is commonplace in their factories. Like a good boys club, they have been sweeping it under the rug by requiring employees to waive their rights to legal protection and accepting arbitration which greatly favors the corporation, but they've run into a snag. Considering it's run by Elon Musk, who is currently dealing with a sexual harassment charge, it's about damn time.

Immediately following the biggest Christian sexual abuse news since the Catholic child-raping scandal, Franklin Graham who is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, is complaining about McDonald's pies. Priorities.

The Thinking Atheist talks with Bart Ehrman about debating.

Vehicle colors are annoying

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  • Starbucks joins McDonald's and Netflix by permanently leaving Russia because of their invasion of Ukraine. And, while attending the United Nations, Russia's diplomat Boris Bondarev resigned, saying he has never been so ashamed of Russia.
  • In an effort to prove his racism, Republican David Perdue told Stacey Abrams, a black woman, to "go back where she came from," and, when Abrams told black farmers they could have more in their lives, Perdue said she was "demeaning her own race."
  • He may have lost his run for reelection, but Republican Madison Cawthorn is still under investigation because, like all good Christians, has been accepting bribes, illegally promoting businesses, and having sex with his staffers.
  • Princeton professor Joshua Katz was quite vocal in declaring students who support Black Lives Matter as terrorists. But, it turns out, the people who side with racist murdering police tend to have other skeletons in their closet. In the case of Katz, he was screwing one of his mentally unstable students and hindering the university's investigation. Thankfully, that got him fired, but Republicans are trying to make him into a martyr.

Eat fresh.

Though it's largely symbolic (as is book burning in the digital age), Margaret Atwood auctioned off a burn-proof copy of The Handmaid's Tale.

If you're interested in having a DNA test done, here is a comparison of ten different companies.

Sam Bee talks menopause with Dr. Jen Gunter.

Place title here

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I know I've been sparse in my new content updates for the past month, but that's because I've been working on a new game. It's a browser-based permadeth dungeon crawler based on The Wizard's Castle from 1980. It still needs a bit more work and some testing before I make it public, but I hope to have it ready before too long.

  • At just 21-years-old, Russian sergeant Vadim Shishimarin is being made into an example with a sentence of life in prison. His crime? Purposely killing an unarmed civilian. Though Shishimarin pleaded guilty, his defense, like that of the Nazis before him, was he was just following orders. But Putin isn't satisfied with all the death he's caused in Ukraine, he's also sent mercenaries into several African nations.
  • In an effort to justify their upcoming ban on abortion, Republicans gave a platform to Catherine Glenn Foster who explained that abortion is so prevalent, the streetlights of Washington D.C. are literally powered by burning fetuses. This kook makes almost $200,000 a year to say the most ridiculous things, but it's not about children. Conservatives stop caring about children the moment they're born, just look at Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone who refuses to give communion to people who are pro-choice, yet he continues to work for an organization that routinely protects child rapists. And, on that topic, just like the Catholics and Mormons before them, the Southern Baptists have been caught with a huge database of pedophiles among their ranks they have been shielding from justice. Also, not content with criminalizing abortion, Republican Jacky Eubanks is hoping to get elected to the Michigan House so that she can work to make all forms of birth control a crime.
  • Despite the mass shootings, Republicans like Elise Stefanik continue to push their violent racist replacement theory. And, speaking of extremely racist people, Republican Bill Cassidy tried to justify Louisiana's high maternal death rate by saying it's not so high if you just ignore black people.
  • Many Republicans regret ever letting Trump speak, and he keeps giving them new reasons. In addition to cementing the Republican party's image as racist traitors who don't care about moral values, they're forced to spend much of the money they were saving for the midterms to protect their own candidates from Trump's "Vendetta Rally" where he's been urging Republican voters to vote, not for the Republican Governors Association, but for pro-Trump candidates.
  • Florida Republicans couldn't give a single example of a children's textbook containing Critical Race Theory, but, like any insane conspiracy theorist, they claimed that just proves how well-hidden it is.
  • The terrifying reality is, Republicans are a fascist party. They don't actually have policy plans for solving societal problems, their only goal is to take power, and their primary way to get power is to simply mock policy makers.
  • I know it's not a big deal, but there is dark humor in seeing Bush admit that his invasion of Iraq was unjustified and brutal.

Some strange properties of sulfur.

If yOu cAn reaD thIs, yoU Don't suPPort Case-SenSitivitY.

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  • The Russian military has annihilated another Ukrainian city full of civilians and is now annexing most of Southern Ukraine to control their access to the Black Sea. To help combat their blood-thirsty ambitions, Germany is swearing off Russian gas, but it's going to take awhile because they have become very dependent upon it.
  • Refusing to wait for the Supreme Court to criminalize abortion, Oklahoma Republicans have taken it upon themselves to ban all abortion after "fertilization" and created still penalties to both the doctors and women involved, but, of course, not the men. This was probably done to make it a crime to use even non-invasive pill-based abortions, but, because their law is so poorly worded, it will probably end up making in-vitro fertilization a crime on Oklahoma.
  • Remember, it wasn't waxing poetic about Hitler that caused Republicans to turn on Madison Cawthorn, it was him outing their cocaine sex orgies.
  • Living around Trump fans is literally hazardous to your health.
  • When he was supposed to be talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, George W. Bush accidentally, but accurately, called his Iraqi war "unjustified and brutal."
  • Tucker Carlson stated very clearly what he does when he starts to lose an argument: "When I'm really cornered or something, I lie." Just like Trump when he loses an election! Carlson has been having to fall back on lying an awful lot lately since he's been pushing his violently racist replacement theory. And he's getting some help from Richard Dawkins.
  • The January 6th committee wants to know why Republican Barry Loudermilk was so eager to show rioters around the inside of the Capitol the day before the insurrection.
  • Republicans have been blaming Biden for the infant formula shortage, as if the president decides how formula is shipped, but, when a bill was made that would provide infant formula for families in need, nearly 200 Republicans voted against it.

If all the walls of a room are mirrors, is it possible to put a light inside the room and have a section not get illuminated!

A look back at the foundation of the creation of the scam that is PragerU.

The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you

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I finished reading The Book Thief. It was quite heavy, but I liked it. It also reminded me a lot with what's going on with Putin and Trump.

  • Putin's invasion is leaving behind a lot of Ukrainian orphans and kicking millions of children out of school. Thankfully, Poland is stepping up to help them. And, those companies that aren't willingly leaving Russia, are being killed off by Russia. All the assets of Google's Russian branch were stolen by the country, so they've filed for bankruptcy.
  • Pennsylvania's primary is a total mess for Republicans. Nazi sympathizer and male-face-humper, Republican Madison Cawthorn has lost, but there isn't yet a clear winner. Of course, that hasn't stopped Trump from urging fellow con-artist Republican Mehmet Oz to just say he won regardless of the votes.
  • Infant formula is in short supply, so the manufacturer Abbot has been given permission from the FDA to reopen its largest production facility and start making formula again. Why was it shut down? Because the facility was accused of killing two infants and hospitalizing several others with toxic formula. So, the FDA required them to prove their formula is safe before letting them reopen, right? Nope! They're just going to continue producing potentially toxic formula.
  • If you're one of those people who believes all inflation is bad, or that the president decides the price of gas if they're a Democrat, you should watch this video.
  • How utility companies purposely and frequently screw you over, and why Republicans help them do it.

Want to keep people out of an important archaeological site, but still want them to be able to experience it? Just clone the whole damn thing!

How loud can sound can get? Really loud.

Forked lightnings slashed the ebony night; the faceless were walking; all was right with the world.

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A mere 15 years after buying it, I finally finished reading Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders.

  • Finland and Sweden have formally applied to join NATO, exactly what Putin didn't want, and Russian oligarchs have to helplessly watch as their seized assets are being sold off and the money is spent on military aid for Ukraine.
  • It's not a coincidence that the very same racist talking points used by Fox are used by racist mass murderers.
  • Republican Ron DeSantis, a man who claims to love freedom, just passed a law that would make it a crime to protest outside of someone's home, a law which violates the first amendment.
  • The Republicans in Wisconsin who lied about being official electors in an effort to help steal the presidency for Trump are being sued by the actual electors. Maybe they shouldn't have bet their careers on they guy who wanted to bomb Mexico?
  • More evidence shows Trump officials were involved with the failed coup. Senior White House official Robert A. Destro had an in-person meeting with some of the rioters just before they stormed the Capitol on January 6th.
  • Hate preacher Greg Locke not only threatened to lead another insurrection, but also demanded his followers vote Republican, a direct violation of the Johnson Amendment.

Why the Christian origin of death doesn't make any sense.

Time for a Scooby Snack!

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Last night I beat the Game Boy Color game, Scooby-Doo!: Classic Creep Capers.

  • Ukraine may be shooting Russian planes out of the sky left and right, but Putin has a whole lot more and doesn't mind sending his entire army to their deaths.
  • Republican Liz Cheney may be a pretty awful person, but at least she has the balls to say Republicans contribute to white supremacy in the USA.
  • Republicans really hate LGBT people, but they can't openly say that anymore, so they just call every LGBT person a pedophile instead, all the while protecting all their own actual pedophiles.
  • The Republican US Supreme Court sided with Republican Ted Cruz allowing political campaign contributions to repay personal campaign debts, further cementing corruption and nepotism into the US political process. We're only one step away from rich people simply buying votes.
  • Not realizing the shift that has occurred with younger people, Republican Cynthia Lummis expressed her transphobia at a University of Wyoming graduations, and got booed.
  • Can the US have one day that doesn't end with people being shot at because they're not white? Maybe?

The six forms of misinformation you'll find online.

The fine-tuning argument is real, it's just that it doesn't apply to nature, but gods.


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As I've been increasing how many software pages I've made, I decided to categorize the categories. You can now see my software categories by what it's used for, and which platforms it runs on.

  • There are 57 Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted against sending humanitarian aide to Ukraine. They hide their support of Putin by claiming the richest nation in the world can't afford to stop genocide. Thankfully, the vote still passed. Without an end to the invasion in site, McDonald's has confirmed that it will permanently close all its stores in Russia and sell off all its buildings. Hopefully, we'll see many more in the near future.
  • Major protests have been occurring all around the country, and even outside the country, now that Republicans are on the cusp of banning abortion in the USA. Republicans continue to claim the abortion ban draft leak is the worst thing that's ever happened to the US Supreme Court (even worse than Dred Scott v. Sandford!), but leaking papers the authorities don't want you to know about is necessary for freedom. Further embarrassing the USA, Columbia now has the best abortion policy in South and Central America, and would be the best in the entire Western hemisphere if not for Canada.
  • Yet another racist mass shooting in the USA. A white teen with a history of writing white supremacist screeds online, drove 200 miles to a black supermarket to murder as many black people as possible. In the end, he murdered 10 and wounded three others all the while repeating Fox white replacement talking points.
  • Unsurprisingly, Trump frequently tried to incite a war with Mexico by trying to get the US military to bomb them!
  • In an effort to protect Republican hate speech, Texas Republicans have passed a law making it illegal for social media sites to block hate speech. When a company like Facebook or Twitter blocks a user from saying something violent, racist, or obviously false, the user will now be allowed to sue them.

A deep dive into the politics and ambitions of China, and how they have a major affect on the USA.

Taking a look at our very own black hole.

A look back at how black people invented hip hop music.

Scientists get one step closer to colonizing the Moon.

Hidden art

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I've added a page for the thought experiment, the unseen painting.

  • By proving its run by an unstable dictator, Russia has inadvertently caused Finland and Sweden to work toward joining NATO increasing NATO's size and proximity to Russia, the very thing Putin was trying to avoid with his criminal invasion. Russia has also listed one of the members of the punk band Pussy Riot as dangerous a foreign agent and put her under house arrest, but she escaped by pretending to be a food courier. Now the band is set to play concerts in Ukraine! The German company Siemens had already shut down shipments into Russia when they first invaded Ukraine, but now they've announced that, after over a century, Siemens is leaving Russia all together as punishment for their genocide. Unfortunately, America can't issue military aide to Ukraine because Republican Rand Paul, proving that the party continues to be pro-Russia, has delayed the effort. Meanwhile, Ukraine's military sank a Russian troop transport ship.
  • The House select committee has subpoenaed five Republicans: Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Scott Perry, Andy Biggs, and Mo Brooks, each of whom played a role in the January 6th Republican attack on the Capitol according to all the evidence they left behind. Naturally, the self-proclaimed purveyors of justice each refused to abide by the law.
  • Experts estimate that, had the majority of Americans got vaccinated when they could, over 300,000 Americans would still be alive.
  • We let the guy who thought China had a hurricane gun decide which judges will rule on abortion.
  • Republicans are mad as hell that refugee infants aren't forced to starve to death.
  • Steve Lee Dominguez went to a Stop Asian Hate rally in order to threaten to drive over protesters with his car. Thankfully, he was arrested.

The science behind why pit bulls are not as aggressive as popular belief.

How black people were instrumental in early American horse racing.

The Idaho capital hosts a Satanist prayer.

It grows

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Over the past few days I've played and beat both the browser and Android ports of A Dark Room.

  • Republicans continue to try to pass off the abortion ban as though it were no big deal for women, while the leak and protests over the ban are the worst crimes imaginable, and Western culture continues to bend over backwards to keep male sexuality safe.
  • Finland is considering joining NATO, and now we have to see if war-mongering Russia will try to invade Finland as well.
  • When Trump was president, he used his failing D.C. hotel to let foreign dignitaries illegally launder money to him. Now, in order to pay off his delinquent foreign debts, Trump was forced to sell the hotel, yet, for some reason, it sold for far more money than it was worth; curious. And, as Trump watches his former empire crumble around him, he'll have to pay another $110,000 in contempt charges, and he's still not off the hook for failing to provide sleazy business transactions. Also, Biden is going to release another set of Trump's documents which Trump tried to keep hidden.
  • Republican Ron DeSantis tried to wipe an entire black voting district off the map. He thought he could get away with since he appointed the judge who ruled on it, Thankfully, the judge wasn't about to risk his own reputation to support DeSantis's racism and stopped it with an injunction.
  • Nazi sympathizer and self-proclaimed alpha male Republican Madison Cawthorn had a video released of him humping another man's face while nude.
  • Sex trafficker Republican Matt Gaetz verbally attacked women, especially those women who graduated college. As we know, he prefers middle schoolers.
  • No matter how bad American politics get, at least we're not the Philippines.

Looking back the the SNES and its amazing games.

Constant vigilance

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  • Not that there's ever a right time, but, with war in Europe, now is definitely not the right time for German airline Lufthansa barring Jewish passengers. Certainly don't allow people to fly if they refuse to wear masks, but barring anyone who looks Jewish because some Jews refuse, is bigotry.
  • With Republicans judges running amok and destroying the personal liberties of women, Democrats are pushing for a badly needed code of ethics for the US Supreme Court. But that won't be enough, Liberals need a very big showing in the midterms to limit this catastrophe.
  • US military intelligence claims that Putin plans to keep his invasion going for a long time despite severe losses of Russian lives and economy.
  • When Trump wasn't throwing a tantrum, he was trying to recall retired military officers just so he could ruin their lives with a court martial because he believed lies about the officers published by the nationalistic rag, Breitbart. Trump even wanted to court martial one of the officers who was instrumental in the assassination of Osama bin Laden and needed to have someone explain to him why that would be a PR disaster. What a goon.
  • Republican Ron DeSantis, who tries to run Florida the same way Stalin ran Russia, declared a new "holiday" which would require the government to teach students lies about communism. The irony was lost on him.
  • Not just happy with banning books from their own libraries, Nazis Republicans are trying to ban books from online databases as well so that students from other states can't read books either.
  • When he isn't licking Trump's boots, Republican J.D. Vance is peddling some of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories imaginable.
  • Trump's endorsement wasn't enough to for fellow sexual assaulter, Charles Herbster, to win the Republican primary.

What it's like for married Christians to leave their religion together.

The Israeli military shot and killed a journalist, but they're trying to blame Palestine.

An impressive time line of the history of Asia.

War on both fronts

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We took the girls to the dentist yesterday. No cavities, but, in order to calm Illy, I carried her for most of the visit, and, for the first (but certainly not the last) time, I injured my back doing so!

I've added a page for the video game genre, exploration.

Grace Christian Academy in Knoxville said that they administered "severe disciplinary action" to the white student who was filmed in a KKK uniform shouting that he hated n---ers, as his friends laughed in approval, but the "severe disciplinary action" is not expulsion.

Derek does damage control on his video about how electricity works.

Debunking more creationist nonsense.

What a weekend

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My vacation was fun. We took the girls to Great Wolf Lodge and they enjoyed the indoor water park. I also beat the Game Boy Color game, Wendy: Every Witch Way.

NPR ran an article titled 'Mama's boy' is a flex, not an insult, for a new generation of men, and the toxic masculinity comments in Facebook were exactly as expected.

How environmental disasters hit black people the hardest because of America's racism.

More Apple stores are unionizing. Keep the ball rolling!

Addressing the multitude of problems in the Jesus resurrection myth.

Almost ready to reveal!

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I'm going on vacation (hopefully better than the last), so, I'll see you again on Monday.

  • Belarus, currently a puppet state controlled by Russia, is preparing its military to help out Russia's floundering army, while Russian propaganda television keeps talking about nuking the UK for helping Ukraine.
  • Republican Susan Collins, who thinks Republicans are open and honest and certainly learn from their mistakes, is shocked that the Republican judges Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are criminalizing abortion, even though they told her they wouldn't. Democrat Chuck Schumer is as least demanding a Senate vote on abortion rights to become federal law. It will fail because of the filibuster, but, at least it will force Republicans to go on the record as being against women's rights. Also, since the Republicans on the US Supreme Court no longer care about precedence and are just reversing the laws they think their god doesn't like, we should expect to see them come after same-sex marriage, contraception, interracial marriage, religious freedom, and free speech. Strangely, abortion is modern issue for most Conservative Christians, and they didn't start caring about it until the late-1970s when they found themselves losing on other political fronts and needed something to cling to. Criminalizing abortion will surely backfire, and not just because Christians have the most abortions, but because the majority of the USA is pro-choice. And, it should also be pointed out that Christians only care about fetuses, they don't care about children. If they did they would support food programs.
  • A small victory in Michigan as Democrat Carol Glanville won a House seat that Republicans thought was going to be a sure thing. Republicans still have a strong majority, but, at least things are moving in the right direction.
  • Republican J.D. Vance said Trump was literally America's Hitler, then he went on to beg Trump for an endorsement because he knows how stupid Republican voters are, and that he needs the endorsement of his Hitler. Trump mocked him on stage by not just getting his name wrong, but calling him by the name of his rival!
  • Sean Hannity tries to justify his boot licking by admitting he pushes Republican propaganda.

A massive family tree of Charles Darwin.

A look at how Christian apologists lie to their sheep.


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I've added twenty more pictures to my list of animals I've seen in the wild. I also moved some of my notes on Mercurial into a page for it.

  • It looks like the Republican judges are going to make good on their goal to criminalize abortion. A draft of the Supreme Court's opinion has been leaked, and it's as bad as possible. The Republican judges say that all precedent was completely wrong, and only pro-Trump Republicans are moral enough to know what's right. When this hits, it will have a catastrophic impact as Republican states have laws in place that, the moment the Republican judges strike down Roe v. Wade, abortion becomes a severe crime in 13 states, and, in nine others, abortion access will be limited. Republican Ileana García offered up one of the most horrifying arguments against abortion saying it will help women because, when girls are raped so much they become pregnant and can't get an abortion, their rapists won't want to rape them anymore. Republicans hate women, so they're not worried about all the women who will die from this decision, they're only angry that the decision was leaked.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn: he lost his driver's license, tries to sneak loaded guns on airplanes, sexually assaulted several women, got caught doing insider trading, is an actual Nazi sympathizer, wants to lead a violent uprising against the USA, supports Putin's invasion of Ukraine, and, when he's not complaining about the downfall of tough men, likes to wear women's lingerie. Yet, despite all of these problems, his fellow Republicans aren't willing to expel him. This is what party before country looks like.
  • The EU is nearing completion on their plan to phase out Russian oil, yet another major blow to Russia's economy. Another Russian billionaire is about to lose his super yacht.
  • Former cop, Thomas Webster, who followed Trump's orders and attacked Capitol police on January 6th was found guilty.
  • The Republican Supreme Court already dropped the ball on religious flags, ordering Boston to fly a Christian flag while at the same time trying to argue why that isn't an endorsement of religion. Now Boston has to get very selective about its flags lest they be forced by other Christians to fly Nazi and KKK flags.
  • A history of the White House Correspondents' dinner.

The man who killed more people than anyone else in history.

Helpful ways to wrap your head around very large numbers.

Christian nationalists are pretty evil.

Is my accismus showing?

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I added a page for the old browser game, Super TextTwist.

On Saturday, we went to Danielle's birthday party (which was a lot of fun), but we didn't get home until 1:15 AM. The girls were, as expected, pretty grumpy for the rest of the weekend.

  • Russia isn't trying to hide the fact that Putin's end goal is a return to the failed Soviet Republic. And, on that note, Russia's army once had a fabled reputation for being powerful and well-disciplined, but with a totally botched invasion, that reputation is gone. Similarly, Russia had gained a reputation for being impressive at cyber warfare. That too is gone. Not only is Russia getting hacked at an unprecedented level, but the only people who could stop the hackers, the nation's IT professionals, are leaving the country in droves. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for Russia to say Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, is like Adolf Hitler?
  • Just a reminder, several Republicans knew they were lying about voter fraud, and several more knew breaking the law when they tried to steal the presidency. And they stupidly kept the text messages that prove it, so lying about it now just doesn't work.
  • Trump-endorsed Republican Charles Herbster wants to ban sexual education in schools. This isn't surprising because Herbster has a long history of sexually assaulting women, and he no doubt wants to keep his victims ignorant.
  • Trump tried to justify why he told his mob to attack people by claiming thrown tomatoes are deadly.
  • So, what's so dangerous about the school books that Florida is banning? Some mention working in groups, the others note that black people exist. Republicans don't want children to learn about either. This is what Republicans look like.
  • What is it about being in law enforcement that makes people like Jacob Wilkinson so eager to shoot pets that they'll even shoot their own?

It's not just Muslims and Southerners who seek child brides. Sometimes an entire Christian church in New York will sign off on a 26-year-old man marrying a 14-year-old girl.

Studying permafrost doesn't just teach us about bacteria that can survive being frozen for thousands of years, or allow us to uncover the remains of extinct animals, it also teaches about the strange disruptions that occur when it begins to melt due to global warming.

Yes, antidepressants work, despite what's said by propaganda media outlets.

Just a reminder, cotton tote bags are actually far worse for the environment than single-use plastic bags.

I always squirt the ones that I love

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I added a new Quake font to my Game Fonts section thanks to a submission. I really need to revamp that page with some modern code.

  • Russia is now actively bombing Ukraine's capital city, Kyiv as they try to assassinate president Zelenskiy. And, while they won't go as far as to help Putin kill Ukrainians, Republicans are helping him dissolve NATO. Thankfully, Democrats continue to fight against tyranny.
  • Republican Jean Schmidt described the rape and impregnation of a 13-year-old girl, not as a tragedy, but an opportunity.
  • Always an encouraging of sexual assault, Trump is backing eight-times accused Republican Charles Herbster.
  • As we near 1,000,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, it's important to remember how Republicans have most of those death on their hands. The team investigating how the USA handled the pandemic discovered that Republicans knowingly removed the recommendation of the CDC that churches switch to remote services, which probably caused hundreds of thousands more deaths.
  • Excluding a hiccough from the pandemic, crime has been trending down for decades, but Republicans want you to be fearful because fearful people are much easier to control. It doesn't help that we still live in a nation where even children live in constant fear of being shot to death by the fabled good guys with guns.
  • California is giving reparations to its Native population in the form of free higher education.

Many religions which pride themselves on their nonviolent pacifism still have brutally violent rituals.

A look at the MT-32, the best music generator for DOS.

All programming and play makes Jack a video game developer

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  • Democrats are selling the seized Russian yachts and giving the money to the Ukrainian defense fund!
  • Leading up the the January 6th insurrection, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene urged the president to invoke martial law in order to steal the presidency.
  • You might be a racist if you don't know what Critical Race Theory is, but you hate it anyway, you might be a racist if you work for the Minneapolis Police Department, and you might be a racist if to terrorize black people and threaten to publicly murdered them.
  • Republicans continue to ban more books which discuss black history and LGBT issues. Funny, is they wanted to ban racist books which glorify sex, they should have started with the bible.
  • Does Shotspotter increase violent police reactions?

The global wildfires of 2021 were the worst in history and burning over a third of the planet's forests.

It's high time we address Air Bud.

You can't solve problems with bad arguments

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I saw a post where someone wrote, "You can't solve world hunger by giving people food." It prompted to me to write this rebuttal.

I've also updated my list of animals I've seen in the wild with 15 new photos and several new animals.

  • Russia is hoping that, by cutting off their gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria, the two nations will have to stop helping Ukraine. However, I think their blackmail attempt will only enrage them, and, ultimately, cause them to seek permanent energy sources elsewhere. Who would want to capitulate to the Russian military when they continue to commit war crimes like raping civilian prisoners. As for the USA and its allies, they have pledged to continue to help Ukraine fight. Republican traitors like Rand Paul, however, not only support Putin, but blames the USA for Putin's invasion, as do so many Conservative sheep all round the globe.
  • The USA is still seeing around 400 deaths every day from the disease, and that's during the spring lull, the numbers are expected to grow significantly in the summer, especially since only 66% of the country is vaccinated, well-below the percentage necessary for herd immunity to eradicate the virus. Also, in the next couple days, the USA is expected to reach 1,000,000 official COVID-19 deaths, though, we probably this milestone months ago as a huge number of deaths in the early months of the pandemic were uncounted. So, why then is Fauci choosing now to say the USA is out of the pandemic phase? Thankfully, the Department of Justice has finally decided to appeal the reckless and ignorant Republican ruling against the public transportation mask mandate.
  • Republicans continue in-fighting and clawing for more power as Andy Biggs says Kevin McCarthy can no longer be trusted for rightly stating Trump should have resigned for inciting the January 6th insurrection (along with the rest of his family). Too bad they all seem to have lose their memories.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn was caught trying to sneak a loaded gun onto an airplane. Speaking of Republicans being dangerous with guns, sheriff Bob Johnson urged Floridians to shoot and kill home intruders as much as possible to save them the trouble of having to go through the judicial process. Shockingly this actually agrees with Florida law where home owners are legally allowed to kill strangers on their property, even if they're unarmed!
  • Wage theft continues to increase. For example, truck drivers aren't paid while their trucks are being loaded and unloaded. Likewise, flight attendants aren't paid while they're helping people on and off the plane.
  • 19-year-old Alexander Jerich pleaded guilty to purposely defacing an LGBT mural. He was punished by having to write a 25-page paper describing the Pulse nightclub massacre. Also, Christopher Alexander Morgan violently attacked a flight attendant because he thought he was gay. Thankfully, he was arrested.

Cosmologist Katie Mack explains the various ways in which the universe might end.

I for one welcome the day when I can eat a lab-grown steak.

Your game ends HERE!!

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Last night, I finished Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, which was a chore to get through.

  • Germany is bravely and openly supplying Ukraine with weapons.
  • More of holding terrible people accountable.
  • While this wasn't exactly a secret, a release of Republican Mark Meadow's text messages proves it. Fox' Sean Hannity was blindly taking orders from Trump and using his position to campaign for him. The text messages also contain a lot of back-and-forth between various other Republican goons admitting that they don't have any evidence of voter fraud and that they knew the Republican plan to use alternate slates of electors to steal the election wasn't legal. There is also additional texts showing Republicans knew January 6th might turn violent, yet they still ignored the warning signs.
  • Some brave Texans are suing their state Republicans for their coordinated and continued effort to ban and censor literature.

Why cute fuzzy creatures are so good at infecting humans.

The Instagram page Preachers N Sneakers shows off how much preachers waste on ultra-expensive clothes rather than help the needy.

The last of John and Jane's inability to grasp basic science.


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Over the weekend, I finished reading Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness.

  • And here I was thinking the Russian military's obsession with Zs was because they were constantly napping when they were supposed to be invading.
  • An incompetent Republican judge has ended the government's ability to protect travelers, but you should still wear masks.
  • With Alex Jones losing his fake medicine empire, Tucker Carlson is there to pick up the slack by selling insecure men testicle tanning.
  • Democrats have succeeded in phasing out coal energy in Michigan by 2025 and shifting toward solar.
  • The same Republicans who support their child-molesting brethren are attacking Disney for not protecting children. The reality is, Republicans see children as property not people.
  • Also, the same Republicans who urged Americans not to get vaccinated or wear a mask passed a law to ban immigrants because they might bring diseases into the country. Thankfully, that law is set to expire in May.
  • Florida Republicans continue their book banning spree which is now over 1,600 books! The latest ban includes "Everywhere Babies" which has drawings of parents taking care of babies.
  • Emmanuel Macron was reelected as president of France. Although he's not the most progressive politician, it's good news compared to how horrifying things could be with France's growing white supremacist movement.
  • In 1873, white colonizers forcibly removed the Kaw people from land that the US government promised to them, and most Kaws died due to the diseases and disruption brought by the colonizers. In the 1920s, the residents of Lawrence, Kansas took a 20-ton boulder that was sacred to the native Kaw people, moved it to their town, and affixed a plaque which honored white the people who conquered the land. Today, that boulder is being returned to few remaining the Kaw.
  • Hopefully, violent homophobe Jeremy David Hanson will get the help he desperately needs. After he discovered that Merriam-Webster is updating their definition of the word "girl," Hanson threatened to go on a murderous rampage at their offices. And this isn't the first company he's threatened.
  • Yes, conservatives, continue to in-fight.

William T. Cooley has become the first major general in the Air Force to receive a court martial for sexually assaulting his sister-in-law.


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  • The Russian military appears to have dug mass graves in hopes of disposing of the bodies of all the Ukrainians they've murdered. Russia continues to lose access to the rest of the world. North and South American nations voted unanimously to suspend Russia as a Permanent Observer, further cutting diplomatic ties.
  • The New York Times published a story that Republican Kevin McCarthy told Trump he needed to resign over the January 6th insurrection. McCarthy said the Times was wrong and that he completely supports Trump and would never want him to resign... and then Rachel Maddow played the tape.
  • The Peterson Center on Healthcare has concluded, of the near 1,000,000 official US COVID-19 deaths, a full quarter of them (250,000) would still be alive if only they had gotten vaccinated.
  • Despite all their clamoring for voter security, Republicans keep getting exposed as the actual frauds. Mark Meadows, Trump's chief of staff, was actually registered to vote in three different states, one in which he didn't even live!
  • After coming under fire for banning textbooks which mention black people, Florida Republicans have tried to exonerate themselves by describing why each book was banned, and it backfired. They ended up showing how they were also banning text books which teach children social emotional learning.
  • Yes, the skilled tireless journalists at Fox think Michigan is Canada.

When the FBI fails to protect young women from a serial rapist, they need to be punished.

A deep dive into Koji Kondo's Hyrule Castle theme.

Getting there...

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  • More saber-rattling from Putin who is testing ICBMs.
  • Republican Greg Abbott hates brown people so much, he's willing to sabotage the US economy to prove it. When he's not delaying needed products from entering the country, he's sending undocumented immigrants by illegally moving them across state lines, an expensive publicity stunt Texas taxpayers have to pay for. Nothing says Christian compassion like using other human beings as pawns in chess.
  • A perfect example of right for the wrong reasons: Florida Republicans are revoking Disney's special tax status in Florida. I'm fine with that, Disney is a for-profit corporation who doesn't deserve any special treatment, but why are Republicans doing this? Because Disney called out the Republican's bigotry against the LGBT. The Republican response to all their "don't say gay" laws is to call anyone who opposes them a child molester, but Democrat Mallory McMorrow is having none of their false morality.
  • Republicans continue to pay liars to lie about COVID-19.
  • Fox's "The Masked Singer" has a history of promoting terrible people like Willie Robertson, Sarah Palin, Larry the Cable Guy, and Caitlyn Jenner, but they've sunk to a new low by bringing on a man who purposely contributed to overthrowing the US government, Republican Rudy Giuliani.
  • New York police attacked and arrested a sobbing unarmed 8-year-old black boy because they thought he stole a bag of chips. Also, never forget that police are legally allowed to lie to you and torture you with interrogation tactics long known to get false confessions.
  • It's easier for dictators to rule when the people are uneducated, just look at Hungary. Thankfully, freedom loving Republicans would never let that happen in America.
  • Republicans are genuinely afraid of space pirates.
  • Hack reporter Piers Morgan has spent years licking Trump's butt, but he still can't overcome his constant urge to publish false stories.
  • Jerry Braun is the latest man who was so proud of his involvement in the January 6th insurrection, that he bragged about it and got caught.

Despite a price tag of three times as much, a Macintosh could be emulated on an Amiga!

Secret project

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  • Russia continues to crack down on teachers who dare to teach Russian children accurate history. Sadly, the USA has the same problem. The Russian invasion has caused over 5,000,000 Ukrainians to become refugees. Sanction continue as Russian an Belarusian tennis players have been banned from Wimbledon.
  • Not surprisingly, Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, the person Trump appointed to a lifetime position as a judge despite being described by the American Bar Association as "Not qualified to serve as a federal trial court judge," clearly misunderstood the law when she threw out the TSA's mask mandate.
  • Moderna's latest vaccine appears to be creating good protection against the newer COVID-19 variants. Good to know since catching COVID-19 appears to exacerbate other diseases like shingles.
  • More evidence shows that Donald Trump Jr. was directly involved with his father's failed attempt to overthrow the US government.
  • Republican Charles Herbster has been accused of sexual assault by at least eight women, no wonder Donald Trump wants to share a stage with him! Well, he has to find someone new since his last endorsement, Morgan Ortagus, was kicked out of the Republican primary because he can't be bothered to vote.
  • When he's not thinking about having sex with an M&M, Tucker Carlson really wants you to tan your testicles and show you incredibly homoerotic videos.
  • Ignorant Republicans are drooling over Hungary, sure, it's a dictatorship with very little freedom, but they hate LGBT people.
  • Florida Republicans are now just banning any book which mentions black people, even math text books.
  • Severely lacking in critical thinking skills, Conservatives often believe conspiracy theories made up by Liberals who are mocking them.

When polled for the religious group which has the most negative impact on public life in Canada, most Canadians pointed to Evangelicals. Evangelicals, on the other hand, pointed to atheists.

Most countries on the planet, especially the USA, will be crippled for years when the Earth is hit by the next solar flare.

Trying to teach creationists science is a full time job.

Have a heart

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I've added a page for Neil Gaiman's graphic novel adaption of Harlequin Valentine.

  • A Russian military brigade has been accused of war crimes for their mass-slaughter of Ukrainian civilians, so, naturally, Putin is honoring them. With all his assassinations, bullying, and murdering, you would think Putin be seen as a vile monster by everyone, but he has an unsurprising fan base among white Evangelical Christians.
  • Republican judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who was so woefully unqualified the Bar Association said she should not be allowed to work as a judge, but was appointed by Trump to a lifetime position anyway, just ended the TSA's mask mandate, airports can no longer require masks, and a lot more vulnerable people will die from COVID-19.
  • Demonstrating that his fans are utter morons, Tucker Carlson is now selling Republican men tanning lasers for their testicles.
  • As with most things Republicans do, their don't say gay bill is probably going to backfire and end up causing sexual abuse.
  • Why do Republicans keep under-funding the IRS? Because an under-funded IRS can only force poor people to pay their taxes, not rich people.

Want to sleep better? Don't get scammed by health companies, instead, make the world a better place.

Using history to try and figure out when Jesus, assuming he lived, died.

Great Zombie Jesus!

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I've added a page for a problem with religious epistemic systems, the accumulation of religious mistakes.

The Easter bunny brought both my daughters colds. How nice.

  • Russia has reached the Ukrainian capital and is now bombing civilians in Lviv and showering neighborhoods with deadly fléchettes and cluster bombs. And, despite all their war crimes, they continue to lose billion dollar vessels.
  • Richard Bernard Moore is putting South Carolina's death penalty to the test by requesting death by firing squad, one of the methods the state still approves of!
  • Kentucky Republicans passed a state-wide law banning transgender children from playing sports in school.
  • Republicans continue to endorse morons like Sarah Palin.
  • How Republicans continue to rob their donors.
  • Professional liar Alex Jones has bankrupted Infowars after failing to buyout the parents he claimed lied about their children's death in the Sandy Hook massacre. In an effort to take as much of his company with his before it goes under, Jones is trying to claim his entire corporation is only worth around $25,000!
  • Why people in both parties absolutely hate Kyrsten Sinema.

When people has a crisis of faith and want to examine their beliefs, here's how not to help.

In order to prove how persecuted that are, a bunch of Christians were allowed to sing their awful religious music in a cramped airplane during the flight.

Elon Musk is a con artist for nerd wannabes. His track record of lies and unfulfilled promises is very long.

Rebecca Watson's second video about how to teach indigenous knowledge in the science classroom, and, if you missed it, the first.

Boop beep

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I've started a page for the TRS-80 and its computer line.

  • Ukraine has weathered 50 days of Russian invasion, and, while their losses have been tragic, they've kept the evil giant at bay. Russia assumed they would have conquered within the first few days, but severely miscalculated. It doesn't help that most of the world is siding with Ukraine and helping them in a variety of ways. For example, Russia is not very happy that the USA is giving them weapons. Also, proving that Christians can be evil no matter what their denomination, Russian Orthodox churches are preaching their god favors the Ukrainian invasion. At least the scientists on the International Space Station can be civil.
  • Republican Frank Niceley suggested that homeless Americans learn how to get off the streets by studying the success of... Adolf Hitler.
  • I'm pleased to see that unions are on the rise in Starbucks.
  • Patrick Lyoya becomes just another in a long list of unarmed black man murdered by police.
  • Republican Greg Abbot has brought Texas customs to a standstill requiring all trucks entering from Mexico to be inspected twice in hopes that he can keep out the brown people he hates so fiercely.
  • Conservatives in the UK are addressing refugees, not by using their vast wealth to help them, but by dumping them in Rwanda.
  • Shandle Marie Riley, the woman who was sexually assaulted by police officer Daniel Wilkey and then baptised against her will, has been found dead in her home just as a judges ruled that the million dollar lawsuit against the police can proceed. How convenient.

The first interstellar meteor to reach the Earth has been confirmed.

A look back at black classical musicians.

If, in your religious view, the devil can perform miracles, than no miracle can be proof that your god exists.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain

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I've added a page for the fiction genre, cyberpunk.

  • Russia is now in a 30-day grace period after trying to pay their $650,000,000 foreign debts in rubles instead of US dollars like they said they would. Global sanctions are making it very difficult for them to acquire useful money, so they'll have to demand US dollars for their exports in order to get the cash, but this isn't working out well since few nations are still buying. If they can't scrape the money together by next month, Russia will officially default and their economy will be driven down even worse than it already is. Also, Ukraine hit Russia's flagship Moskva and did enough damage to require an evacuation, and, to add insult to injury, the world's largest super yacht has been impounded in Germany because it was owned by a Russian oligarch. Maybe the world should have listened to the Russians who, from the very beginning, said Putin was evil?
  • Republicans keep claiming that people just don't want to work anymore, but maybe they do, they just want better jobs. Also, more jobs were lost during Trump's presidency than any other in history, but, under Biden, unemployment has reached the lowest level of in the past 50 years. The reality is, the pandemic made a lot of people aware of just how badly they were being abused, and they're using their leverage to strike and form stronger unions.
  • Another day, another Republican state passes an illegal law to criminalize abortion.
  • Republican Mark Meadows has been removed from the North Carolina voted rolls because, like many people int Trump's cabinet, he committed voter fraud.
  • A public school in Ohio won't let a local author read his book about unicorns to children because they're afraid it will make children gay. This is not nearly as bad as Republican Glenn Youngkin who is currently being sued for refusing to release FOIA documents about how he created a way for Virginians to report teachers for teaching things the students or their parents disagree with.

Getting your facts straight about cults.

Flim flam!

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I've added a page for the board game, Balderdash.

  • The Organization for Security and Cooperation, has accused Russia of violating international humanitarian law in their invasion of Ukraine. Also, with all the sanctions against them, Russia has defaulted on their foreign debt putting the volatile country led by a madman sitting on a pile of nukes in a very precarious position, so, maybe now isn't the best time for Republicans to publicly suggest assassination and nuclear strikes?
  • Is there a difference between the US political parties? Well, when Democrat Brian Benjamin said he would try to sway the mind of the New York Governor in exchange for a $50,000 donation to public schools, which is illegal, and, when he was caught, he resigned. Republican, Jason Ravnsborg, on the other hand, killed someone while he was playing with his phone while driving, left he man to die in the street, and then lied about it, and, after he was caught, still refused to resign!
  • Oklahoma Republicans have joined the others in criminalizing abortion.
  • Republicans continue to wage their already lost culture war against the LGBT, but now they've fired shots at one of the world's most powerful media empires, Disney.
  • How Republicans openly and very clearly lie to children.

A castle of my own

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Yesterday, I beat the ancient fantasy adventure game, The Wizard's Castle.

  • Russia appears to have had one of their Su-35S fighter jets shot down in Ukraine. It probably cost the country several billion dollars. But they're not deterred and are expecting to commit a whole new set of war crimes as they intensify their invasion, not just on the Ukrainian people, but on their culture as well.
  • Trump may be out of office, but all the corrupt back-alley deals he made are still bearing fruit for his family. At least those who helped him plan his coup might be facing charges.
  • When they aren't losing the culture war against LGBT people, or calling everyone who disagrees with them a pedophile (even as they protect actual pedophiles), Republicans are voting against highly qualified black women, but it's not because they're black. They all know one black person who they pretend is their friend.
  • Police are now blasting music from litigious copyright holders so that, when people film them breaking the law, they won't be able to include the audio on YouTube.
  • Republican Tom Lawrence was busy looking at his phone when he hit a man with his car, then drove off and left the man to die in the road and later lied about it. But, so far, he's only had to pay a few fines.
  • Republican Kandiss Taylor is very clearly saying that, if she's elected Governor of Georgia, she will run the state as though it were a Christian church. Constitution be damned!
  • Turns out you can deprogram brainwashed Fox viewers, but, only if you can keep them from watching the indoctrination channel.

Prairie dogs use a limited language.

Halfway to 84!

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For my birthday, my adult friends and I went to a trampoline park for children. It was amazing, and my daughters almost had as much fun as I. Unlike them, however, my whole body is now reminding me that I'm 42!

I finally got Windows 10 loaded on my new NVMe drive. Turns out, under typical BIOS settings, Windows 10 can't be loaded on an NVMe drive, because of course it can't. Here's how I eventually got it working. Now I just have the several hour task of disabling as much of Microsoft's built-in malware as possible and getting the settings to work in a semi-usable manner. After that, I need to reload a few dozen programs and get them all configured the way I like. Such a mess of an OS! At least it's free to use now.

  • As things devolve further into dictatorship in Russia, students are turning in their teachers and they're being arrested for teaching geography. Russia is also now demanding that other countries not join NATO, or else!
  • Texas Republicans are trying to make good on their goal of imprisoning women who have abortions, but, so far, they've only bungled their attempt, but it's a sure sign of things to come.
  • Jay Allen Johnson has been sentenced to just under three years in prison for threatening to murder Republican senators in Alaska because they aren't Conservative enough.
  • Police officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski, the ones who violently attacked a 75-year-old man and cracking his skull open for protesting that the police were too violent, have both been returned to service after the court ruled that they were accurately following police procedure when they cracked his skull open, clearly didn't intend to hurt the man despite his brain injury, and, in fact, the 75-year-old man deserved to be sent to the pavement for being out on a public street past 8 PM.
  • Do Republicans just base their political decisions on who they last saw on TV? And it's not just quacks like Oz, they also want to elect a NASCAR driver who thinks glam metal band Twisted Sister was pro-Republican!

It's important to remember that Christian Nationalists are actively trying to end democracy.

Hey, I've got a couple knock-offs of these in my basement!

When religious people try to pass their beliefs off as erudite, it's hard not to giggle.

Time to shine

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I've added a page for the Alice in Wonderland universe.

  • Russia fired a missile at a train full of fleeing civilians, murdering around 40 people including several children. But sanctions continue to rise, and Russian soldiers continue to die.
  • Despite their best efforts and thinly-veiled racism, Republicans couldn't stop Ketanji Brown Jackson from becoming the first Black woman confirmed to Supreme Court.
  • Republicans in Alabama match the hatred of Texas in banning healthcare for transgender youth as part of their own "Don't Say Gay" law.
  • Detroit is challenging the US Census claiming that Republicans purposely under-counted black neighborhoods.
  • Democrats are extending the student loan debt moratorium to help struggling graduates during the economic downturn.
  • Republicans appointed Louis DeJoy to head the US Postal Service in hopes he would destroy the organization from the inside out, not just so their investments in private couriers would skyrocket, but also to prevent Democrats from successfully voting with mail-in ballots. DeJoy was pretty successful at sabotaging the USPS, he pulled out most of the automation slowing mail to a trickle all over the country. When Democrats took power, they couldn't just oust DeJoy due to the way the organization is setup, but they could have at least made things difficult for him. Instead, they've decided to give him even more money and power and told him to restructure the USPS however he sees fit!
  • Thanks to Republicans, the USA is seeing an all-time high in book banning.
  • When he isn't trafficking underage girls, Republican Matt Gaetz is claiming the US military isn't deadly enough.
  • Proving that she isn't a snowflake, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene called the police on comedian Jimmy Kimmel because he told a joke about her.

Solar panels that can also generate electricity at night? Yes please.

No, there isn't any evidence of life after death.

Trucking companies don't just take advantage of their drivers, they also force them to drive while exhausted, which ends up killing people.

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I've added a page for the Logitech WingMan Attack series of joysticks.

  • Germany intercepted the radio conversations of Russian soldiers describing how they mass-murdered civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.
  • In their attacks against Ketanji Brown Jackson Republicans Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton made their legal position quite clear, they don't believe people should be defended in court, and they don't believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Also, Republican Marsha Blackburn was so proud of her gotcha question, "can you define 'woman?'" Then the question was asked to several Republicans, and they all gave very terrible responses.
  • Republican Sal Bonaccorso said he has many black friends so he is deeply offended that people would accuse him of using racial slurs... then several recordings were made public, as recent as 2020, where he talked about lynching spooks, called black men "n-words" and "monkeys," and said female police officers are "all fucking disasters." Bonaccorso admitted that it was his voice in the recordings, but refuses to resign because he claims he has "never discriminated against anyone based on race, gender, or any other groupings." Also, Bonaccorso wasted hundreds of thousands in tax payer money to pay to keep these recordings hidden, but few in the small mostly white town seem upset about it.
  • Fox would be hilarious if it weren't so damaging.

We still live in a country where black parents have to give their kids the talk.

How China is crushing Taiwan by banning their exports.

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I've added a page for the Internet show, Homemade Wanderlust and the video game hint book, Consumer Guide: Hot Tips for the Coolest Nintendo Games.

  • Oklahoma Republicans passed a bill that will criminalize abortion outright and imprison the physicians who perform them. This very clearly violates Roe v. Wade, but they continue to hope their Republican Supreme Court justices will invalidate the law.
  • Trump's lies about where all his missing phone calls went, aren't very convincing, and he most likely broke the law when he urged his followers to form an insurrection.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn isn't just a compulsive liar, he's also a serial sexual harasser.
  • Republican Matt Mowers is another one of Trump's staff who, in the past election, voted illegally.
  • When Republicans are not in power they resort to their old tactic of turning the LGBT and their allies into scapegoats. If they had their way, anyone who even mentioned LGBT words would be put in prison, yet they continue to elect and defend actual pedophiles like Matt Gaetz and Roy Moore. Thankfully, we have people like Randy Rainbow who will continue to say "gay."
  • Racist Americans called in 20 bomb threats to historically black colleges and universities all over the country.
  • A look back at Alexander Vindman, a highly decorated soldier who Trump fired in order to help Putin invade Ukraine.
  • Falling for the adage, all news is good news, CBS added Republican Mick Mulvaney, one of Trump's professional liars, to their roster.

A study of women on Instagram shows that the company takes almost no action to protect their female users from violent sexual abuse.

Would you want to live in a house made entirely of steel panels?

Amazon's chat app used by workers internally flags users for investigation when they try to use words like "pay raise," "grievance," "living wage," and of course, "union."

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The trip to Mexico was a bust. Even before we left for the airport, Emily got vertigo and began throwing up and continued all through the flight. I had to nurse her for the first day of the trip. Friday was better, and things were looking up, but, by bed time, she was sick again. So, Saturday morning I had to nurse her more, and finally, by the evening, she was feeling better, but we had to wake up early to leave on Sunday, only to learn our flight had been canceled (despite the weather being fine where we were expected to land). The airline didn't have another flight to Detroit until Tuesday, and we couldn't find anything better flights. They did have a flight to Orlando later that day. Our goal was to rent a car and drive it all the way to Detroit. After waiting all morning at the airport in Mexico, we flew to Orlando, only to find the company I reserved our rental car through was having computer failure. Luckily, I was able to get a car through another company, and Emily and I took turns driving 18 hours back to Detroit. We then had to drop off our car, drive to Emily's parents to pick up our kids and dog, then drive home. We made it back around 2 PM having left our hotel in Mexico at 5:30 AM the day before. And, of course, the girls were so thrilled to see us, they didn't want us to sleep. Needless to say, we're both still painfully tired.

During all the travel time, I was able to finish reading Anathem.

  • Like all dictators, Putin doesn't care about his own troops. He sent Russian soldiers into Chernobyl only to watch them evacuate after suffering radiation sickness. If that's what he'll do to his own troops, it isn't surprising to see what he orders on civilians. Russian troops captured and murdered almost 300 civilians near Kyiv, a clear war crime. The EU is currently considering a full ban on Russian coal to further punish Putin. Also, another Russian oligarch has lost their super yacht.
  • I'm glad to see how Republicans trying to keep Ginni Thomas's secret call for insurrection is backfiring.
  • Republican Lauren Boebert thinks it should be a crime to come out as gay or bi before the age of 21. She doesn't have a problem with straight people coming out before then because Boebert hates gay people.
  • I'm pleasantly surprised that Staten Island Amazon workers have succeeded in forming a union!
  • A large study concluded that people who refuse to take preventative actions against COVID-19 are also more closed-minded.
  • Florida Republicans were all set to honor their state's first black Supreme Court judge, Joseph Woodrow Hatchett, but then they discovered, as a competent judge, he agreed with the first amendment of the US Constitution and voted against allowing forced prayer in public schools. Because of this, Republicans, even those who names are on the bill, are now trying to stop it!
  • Looking at Trump's hidden phone records.
  • Republican Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy, has made some really creepy sexual claims about his daughter.
  • The goal of harm reduction is to recognize that people will continue to do things that harm their bodies (alcohol, drugs, etc.), regardless of whether it's legal, so, while we try to convince them to stop harming themselves, we should focus on reducing the harm they can cause. This differs from the Republican response which is just punishment.
  • Idaho Republicans are forming a committee to investigate libraries for books that teach children about sex.

Your backpacking questions answered.

Lauren Handy, the Director of Activism for a group called Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, committed several crimes while preventing women from getting medical procedures. When police searched her home they discovered she had in her house, five fetuses.

Looking at the scientific evidence for life after death.

How scientists solved the mystery of the rocks that only moved when no one was looking.

A look at the very stupid arguments religious people end up having to use.

¡Adios amigos!

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I'll be in Mexico for the next four days. Señor Calgon, take me away.

I've added a page for the Game Boy Color game, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

  • Russia continue to shoot civilians, but Ukraine is taking back some of its lost cities, still, the damage is immense.
  • After years and years of racist Republicans opposing and stalling, the Emmett Till Antilynching Act has finally been passed into law!
  • Ginni Thomas gives us a look at just how misinformed is the house of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
  • Facebook is currently paying Republicans to generate a smear campaign against TikTok. I mean, lying about something until the public believes them is what Republicans do best, so it only makes sense.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn, has a long history of lying and believing conspiracies, so when he claims that the Republican party holds secret cocaine-fueled orgies, it's hard to take him seriously. Then again, it is the Republican party...
  • Republican Bruce Bostelman went on TV to say students at a local Nebraska school were pretending to be dogs and cats and demanding the school put out litter boxes for them to poop in, and that the school was capitulating. He's since admitted he was lying.

Derek Nygaard admitted he raped his girlfriend, but he won't go to prison because he's good at football.

The Texas Association of School Boards just lost another $90,000 of taxpayer money by repeatedly trying to bullying a student into saying Christian political propaganda.

No, artificial sweeteners do not increase your likelihood of getting cancer, but sugar does.

Is it Mexico yet?

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  • Russia has a long history of murdering millions of Ukrainian civilians, and it continues to this day. And, as sanctions continue to pile up, they're now even including the Sputnik V vaccine. Russia was hoping to make a hefty profit off their vaccines, but now there are few countries left who can buy it. Putin is responding to his failing country by cracking down on anyone critical of his invasion, and that means a lot of Russians have to flee their home. And it's government hostility like this that makes you question the results of public polls that claim Russians support in invasion. If men in black will make you disappear if you disagree with Putin, how would you respond to a poll?
  • Corrupt Republicans appear to have kept over seven hours of Trump's insurrection call logs out of the records they gave the congressional committee. Knowing Trump, it's probably a lot of really embarrassing stuff.
  • Once again, poor Americans are getting the shaft as free COVID tests and vaccines for the uninsured has ended as congress (mostly Republicans) are no longer funding the social health program.
  • Although I think Biden is generally pretty garbage, it's nice to see he's taking a pretty progressive approach, not in all, but in some areas of global warming.
  • Fox continues to hire and promote anti-Semites.

For many Americans, the work force is the worst it's ever been.

Wall Street is creating another housing crisis.

The history of women cumming on the silver screen.

If it's not one thing, it's your mother

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I'm feeling mostly healthy again, but, just to ensure my March is properly ruined, the NVMe boot drive of my computer failed. I also just now discovered that the company through which I bought my computer (Cybertron PC AKA CLX Gaming) sold me a Patriot brand drive, but gave me a XPG drive. It's been over a year and a half, so it's probably too late to complain, but I doubt I'll use them ever again.

I've added a page for the gaming term, moon logic puzzle, which describes those puzzles which, even after you solve them, still don't make any sense! I've also added a page for the adventure video game genre, although it's mostly just a bunch of links to sub-genres.

  • Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky gave an interview with several Russian journalists, but the Russian government is preventing Russians from hearing it, censorship which Zelensky rightly identifies as resulting from fear.
  • Shanghai, China is under total lock down again as COVID-19 surges once again.
  • After discovering that his own wife took an active part in trying to overturn the presidential election, Democrats are rightly asking Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from several cases involving Trump.
  • After being found guilty of lying to the FBI on where he got his money, Republican Jeff Fortenberry is resigning in hopes it will prevent any actual punishment. Sadly, for this sort of thing, that's the typical result, which ensures corrupt politicians will keep trying.
  • Republican Robert Foster believes everyone who helps people transition should be shot to death.
  • Strange that the biggest seller of books which teach children about racism is... Republican Ted Cruz.
  • How Fox views Ketanji Brown Jackson.

A man slapping someone who mocked his wife's disease is not national news.

Some science behind that adage, repeat a lie enough and people will believe it.

Scientists are getting better at tracking asteroids!


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Whelp! I got food poisoning. Spent all of Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon on the toilet. Had my first solid foods (banana and two slices of dry toast) on Thursday evening. But, on the plus side, most of my cold symptoms are gone.

I've added a page for the old graphic format, PCX.

  • Russia continues to take on expensive losses in their criminal invasion, but nothing compared to how much they've destroyed Ukrainian cities. And yet, NATO estimates that Russia has 40,000 casualties/captures compared to around 3,000 Ukrainians, many of which were civilians.
  • More evidence has come out that being vaccinated greatly decreases your risk of having long term COVID-19 complications.
  • Once again Republican Ted Cruz showed just how ignorant and racist he is by failing to understand books written for a 4-year-old.
  • Why was Ginni Thomas, wife of sexual harasser Republican Justice Clarence Thomas, so involved with Trump's chief of staff? And why was she trying to get him to push the big lie so hard?
  • For the second time, Alex Jones skipped out on his Sandy Hook deposition claiming he was sick. Not very believable from a man who shills vitamins which he claims cures all disease and also never went to the hospital, and still taped his show! In a fair world, Jones would receive a severe punishment for this, and his doctor would be investigated.
  • Republican Jeff Fortenberry has been found guilty of lying to the FBI about receiving campaign contributions from billionaires.
  • Texas Republican Ken Paxton said a school's pride week is breaking the law. Why? Because, Paxton said that celebrating pride in being LGBT is tantamount to sexual education, and teaching children about sex without parental consent is illegal in Texas. This is just one more attack on the LGBT. Already, in only the past three months, there have been almost 200 Republican bills trying to hurt LGBT people, teens especially, by Republicans.
  • Trump is suing about fifty people because he won the 2016 election. The lawsuit wasn't designed to win, most of the claims are demonstrably false, the lawsuit was made to the press would blindly repeat his false claims. I will not. Instead, I will say that his fake lawsuit is evidence for why Trump himself be sued for harassment and defamation.
  • Add Republican Mark Robinson to the long list of anti-abortion politicians who paid for an abortion.
  • US politicians often ignore issues if they're not interesting. Minor issues like, having access to clean water.

How hateful Christianity has become.

Ready to be healthy again

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I've added a page for the Matchbox 20 album, Yourself or Someone Like You. I've also added a massive cleaned up scan of Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • Western forces continue to send anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine to shoot down Russians, but Putin is only deploying more aircraft. This is one of the saddest things about this invasion; Putin doesn't care how many people die and he's has a near limitless supply. Even if he loses twenty men for every one Ukrainian, he will keep sending more young men to their death until he succeeds. But he isn't just killing the Russian economy, he's also losing diplomacy with the rest of the world.
  • Moderna's vaccine for children 6 and under is in its final stages of authorization. Finally!
  • It just came out that Debra Meadows, wife of Republican Mark Meadows, Trump's White House Chief of Staff, committed voter fraud for herself and her husband!
  • Republican Mike Braun said that it was a mistake for the US Supreme Court to legalize interracial marriage, and that it should be decided at the state level.
  • Republicans have a long history of sexually assaulting children: Roy Moore, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley, Strom Thurmond, the list goes on. That's not to say Democrats don't have sex scandals, but theirs usually involve consenting adults, and, when they're caught, they're shunned by their fellow Democrats. Republicans, however, protect their fellow child rapists until the end. That's why, when seditionist Republican Josh Hawley tries to claim Ketanji Brown Jackson hasn't been tough on pedophiles, I'm not at all impressed.

NASA has confirmed the discovery of over 5,000 extrasolar planets!

Another Christian megachurch leader has resigned after numerous allegations of having inappropriate relationships with multiple women.

Rebecca Watson once again debunks bad science.

How it's made: antivenom.

Sadly, even though they said they would, the Afghanistan Taliban has refused to reopen schools for girls.

Why can water dissolve almost anything?

Growth and learning

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I've begun a list of arguments against the existence of a god as well as a List of arguments for the existence of a god. I will expand on both over time, but, for now, I've started with a page on The problem of instruction.

  • Russia continues to be evil. Alexei Navalny, the politician Putin tried (and failed) to have assassinated, has been sentenced to nine years in prison. But the sanctions continue: Australia is banning aluminum exports, and the International Chess Federation is banning pro-war Russian grandmasters. And Russia continues it descent into the dark ages with the nation's largest tech company, Yandex, starting to crash.
  • It was guaranteed that Republicans would be racist during Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings. One of them used their time to invoke former Supreme Court justice Bushrod Washington. Bushrod had no judicial experience and got the job through nepotism (his uncle was George Washington). Bushrod was also super racist; he owned slaves and wanted to exile all freed black people out of the USA. Which Republican cited this man during a black woman's confirmation hearing? Republican Ted Cruz.
  • Republican Eric Greitens has been accused by his ex-wife of domestic violence. She says he not only hit her and their children, but took her wallet, keys, and phone to prevent her from leaving and telling anyone about the attack, he also had a gun hidden in their house, and threatened to kill himself if she didn't publicly pretend like he was a good person. Despite this, Greitens is demanding full custody of their children. Greitens is already dealing with the fall out of being caught having an affair and then blackmailing the woman with nude photos he had taken of his mistress without her consent, as well as a criminal charge of computer data tampering when he stole a donor list from a charity to help fund his run for governor.
  • Turning Point Christian Schools has been teaching preschoolers how to perform an anti-Biden chant.

If a god wants everyone to know him, why is his message so unclear?

Creationists aren't just ignorant, they're also misogynistic.

Spring in the new year

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I've added a page for the video game developer GameTek.

How to make oil and water mix, with a vacuum.

Yttruim is pretty cool.

The history of gummy bears.

Thank science for pseudoephedrine hydrochloride AKA legal meth

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I've created a page detailing the 3-bit RGB palette.

  • Russia continues bombing civilians in Ukraine as Zelenskyy begs the Western world for help. 31 Republicans like Rick Scott and Josh Hawley voted against a bill to provide aide to Ukraine, not surprising, since they also voted not to impeach Trump after he withheld aide to Ukraine. Republicans are pro-Russia, which is why they also voted to keep trade open with Russia (among them Lauren Boebert and child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz). Even though Republicans continue to vote in favor of Russia, they won't stop complaining that Biden isn't doing enough to help Ukraine. Truly two-faced. Thankfully, sanctions continue globally with the UK revoking the license of Russian news.
  • The latest Omicron variant is doing serious damage overseas, and it just starting to enter the USA.
  • In 2021, the TSA had to confiscate a record number of loaded guns!
  • Because the USA has a lot of racists, Historically Black Colleges and Universities are still receiving bomb threats. Thankfully, the Department of Education has created new grants to help them.
  • Maybe lawmakers shouldn't be allowed to trade stocks?

The social aspects of Left 4 Dead.

Religious people love to remain uneducated because it fits with their favorite stories, but those stories only work if the uneducated people actually win in the end.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

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I've added a page for jukebox software.

  • Even if you can't afford to donate to Ukraine directly, you can still help out by adjusting the products you buy. Check this list and, if you were intending to buy from one on the bottom, replace it with one on the top. Because, while most businesses have left Russia, one major group that remains is Koch Industries, which just so happens to be one of the largest Republican donors. The Koch brothers are very opposed to sanctions against dictators, which isn't surprising considering how much they love both Putin and Trump. The reality is, Republicans and Putin want the same thing. He talks about purifying his country from liberal ideals just like Republicans. Free people are diametrically opposed despite Republicans lie. When they aren't bombing hospitals, Russians are bombing theaters filled with over 1,000 sheltering civilians. Russia is really sloppy, but the have the population to continue for a long time. The reality is, Putin is a war criminal just as President Biden said. Notice that Putin's response to being called a war criminal wasn't to prove he isn't, or even to deny it, but to threaten those who would say it. While Ukraine is taking all the losses, other countries are helping where they can, like Spain with taking away another Russian oligarch's super yacht.
  • Europe is currently seeing a new wave of COVID push through it, and that wave is expected to reach the USA soon, and, since most of the USA has lifted mask and vaccines mandates, it's going to kill a lot of people.
  • Although the US government refused to accept blame from the FBI failing to take action against the Parkland shooter even after being warned, they still agreed to pay the parents a settlement of $127,500,000.

Adult Wednesday Addams was a great set of shorts.

Why are creationists so utterly uncool?

The importance of being direct.

Give me a break

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I've added a page for the Fujitsu Micro 7 and the Monty Python song, Galaxy Song.

  • Despite their many failures, and inability to get Chinese aide, Russia continues their invasion and the bodies pile up. Putin is responding to sanctions with the old, you can't sanction me, I sanction you approach, but that only works if people actually want anything to do with Russia, which, for the foreseeable future, they don't. Likewise, as Western social media companies are banning Russian propaganda, Putin is trying to ban them first, only worsening the nation's isolation. Republicans continue to suggest getting into an all out nuclear war, but here is a less idiotic assessment of the situation.
  • The official death toll of COVID-19 is 6,000,000 people. The actual death toll of COVID-19 is more like 16,000,000 people. We should be working even harder to hit it while American numbers are down, but, instead, Republicans are cutting pandemic relief. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has been "protesting" Congress's mask policy by not wearing them around her coworkers, incurring over $100,000 in fines. She tried to sue, and lost, so now she has to pay them, except, she can't pay them with campaign contributions, they coming directly out of her salary!
  • In an effort to prove his scientific illiteracy, former football player turned Republican front runner (are there any actual politicians in the Republican party anymore?) asked, if humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Of course, "ape" is not an animal, but rather a classification group of which humans are a member. The question is similar to asking, "if humans came from mammals, why are there still mammals?"

Speaking of uneducated religious nuts.

Facts about some of your favorite SNES games.

How Ticketmaster screws you over.

Beware the ides of Smarch

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I've added a page for the thought experiment, the Indian and the ice.

  • Russia continues to bomb civilians as it continues to shell Kyiv. They're also appear to be making their own anti-war protesters disappear. And Republicans views seem to be in lock step. Hundreds of corporations have left the country, and now, just like with the old USSR, Russia is being cut off from Western science. A no-fly-zone might help Ukraine, but it would also probably bring NATO into combat. Ukraine is issuing a new stamp honoring the Ukrainian soldiers who told a Russian warship to, "go fuck yourself."
  • Ginni Thomas, wife of sexual predator, Republican Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, admitted she was at the January 6th Capitol rally, but claims she left before the attack.
  • Trump is spending campaign contributions for the 2024 presidential election, but he still hasn't announced if he will run; which is illegal.
  • A song about Republican Karens.

Is there a better way to look at the periodic table of chemical elements?

An egg, even an ostrich egg, is just one giant cell.

How many digits before a repeat occurs when dividing 1 by primes.

In a world that's falling apart

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I've added a page for the video game company Activision.

Religious fundamentalists may sound quaint, but they breed child rapists.

Counter apologist Matt Dillahunty is alive and well after his heart surgery.

When a company turns itself into a religious cult to sell product, it will eventually step over the line.

They say, one day, you'll look back and laugh

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I've added a page for the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album, Echo.

  • In addition to all the companies that have already cut ties with Russia, the USA, EU, Canada, Japan, and the UK are all expected to end normal trade with Russia which will make things much harder for Russia to trade with all of the largest Western economies. Yet, the Russian invasion has only intensified. True to form, Republicans continue to cheer for Russia while demonizing Ukraine. Also, US gas prices aren't going up because we're dependent on Russian oil, we're not, they're going up because American oil companies are gouging you.
  • Missouri Republicans are trying to make it illegal to abort an ectopic pregnancy. If you're unaware, an ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized embryo doesn't grow in the uterus, often because it gets stuck in an ovary or Fallopian tube. If not aborted, an ectopic pregnancy will result in severe internal damage and infection, often killing the woman. The Republicans who proposed this bill are either really ignorant of women's anatomy, or they just want women to die... or both.
  • When Republicans aren't trying to make LGBT kids commit suicide, they're trying to get them to die from COVID.
  • Democrats are once again pushing for the Violence Against Women Act, and, as expected Republicans are against it.
  • Republican Lauren Bobert, bless her heart, she's really trying to sound smart.
  • Prager FU is trying to explain why years of slavery, lynchings, segregation, redlining, and black church burnings are not racist.

Even without Joe Rogan, Spotify is a terrible company that you should boycott.

Girl in the tower, I'm reaching out!

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Last night I finally beat King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow.

  • Ukraine continues to be badass against Russian invaders and Zelenskyy continues to inspire the nation. Fox, on the other hand, continues to support Russia with host Greg Gutfeld downplaying the invasion, so a reporter in Ukraine had to call him out. Russia, in a move to stave off defaulting their economy, but will certainly backfire, is no longer following international copyright law! The EU is now making long-term plans to become independent of Russian oil.
  • The kids are alright.
  • The defamation lawsuit against Fox is proceeding. The judge ruled that, because Fox asked for evidence of voter machine tampering, but Trump's lawyers never provided any, they should have stopped giving them a platform. Yet, they continued to let them lie about voter machine tampering for months, meaning Fox knew they were reporting a lie.
  • Deer are catching COVID-19 in very high numbers.
  • The Trump rioter who pushed a cop over a ledge, Ralph Joseph Celentano III, has finally been arrested.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn, the guy who lied about how he became disabled, has been caught driving on a revoked license, again.

If you don't understand evolution, you can't refute it.

If a god want's a personal relationship with everyone, why is it so well hidden?

On this glory random day

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I've added pages for pseudorandomness and randomness.

  • Don't forget, it was only after they were publicly shamed on the front page for still profiting in Russia that McDonald's, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Starbucks finally decided to end their ties. It was already obvious from how they treat their employees here that they do not care about human life, only money. Now, with all these companies leaving, and Russia criminalizing all independent news, Putin has brought back the USSR's iron curtain. Only, this time, Russia is even smaller and financially weaker since Fitch Ratings downgraded them to a C rating, implying the nation will soon begin defaulting their loans. And while the Russian military keeps making blunder after blunder, they have such a massive population, they can afford to waste countless lives to achieve their objective (as they have many times in the past). Sickeningly, Republicans, when they aren't suggesting idiotic military tactics, continue to praise Putin and blame America, even as Russia continues to bomb civilians.
  • Missouri Republican Mary Elizabeth Coleman is trying to pass a law to punish women who leave Missouri for an abortion. Use Texas as a guide, the law will allow anyone to sue anyone else for seeking an abortion outside the state. I hope this bill doesn't pass, but, if it does, I hope it backfires on them as the majority of people who get abortions in the USA are white Christians.
  • Guy Reffitt, member of the terrorist Three Percenters and part of the January 6th insurrection, has been found guilty of transporting guns to Washington D.C., attacking police, and threatening to shoot his own children, among other crimes.
  • Idaho Republicans join Texas in making it a crime to help trans children.
  • The change in tone when the protesters are black is very telling of Fox.

Here's a great interview with Kazuko Shibuya, the woman who designed a lot of the pixel art in the Final Fantasy series.

The American justice system is really bad at rescuing innocent people from prison.

Only grown-up men are scared of women

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Over the weekend I subjected my daughters to The Sound of Music, and now Gabby loves singing Do-Re-Mi.

What happens when you spin a ferrofluid with a drill?

Looking at cognitive biases.

A comedic history of the bra.


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Over the weekend, I finished reading Tegan and Sara's memoirs, High School. It was better than it had any right to be.

  • Just before a meeting of diplomats, Putin, in an effort to commit more war crimes, demanded Ukraine dismantle its military and surrender large sections of its country to Russia, making it very clear he refuses to end his deadly invasion, as Zelensky pleads for more military support. Refugees continue to pour out of Ukraine, and their exposing more racism. And, although Fox adores Putin, tens of thousands of Russians disapprove of Putin's invasion so strongly they are courageously protesting in the streets, so Putin is locking them in prison. Putin also signed a law for a 15-year prison sentence for anyone calling his invasion an invasion on social media. With all this evil, why isn't Biden banning Russian oil? Thankfully, other groups are picking up US slack by adding to the sanctions against Russia like OneWeb.
  • The head of the American white supremacist terrorist group Oath Keepers has pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy in regards to Trump's insurrection.
  • Republican anti-Trans laws aren't just evil, they're anti-science.
  • Republicans continue to fight on the side of viruses.
  • Trump is still heaping praise on dictators.

Los Angeles Christians are angered by atheists cleaning up trash.

Working 9 to 9

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  • Russian troops almost caused a meltdown after bombing a Ukraine nuclear plant in order to seize it, and now Putin has control over much of Ukraine's energy production. But these are just small victories, his long-term goal is to reestablish the Soviet Union. Sadly, TV Rain, one of Russia's last independent news organizations, has shut down after Russia accused them of extremism for accurately reporting Putin's criminal invasion. Hey, remember when Republican Tex Cruz, less than a year ago, praised the Russian military?
  • Republicans continue to embarrass themselves at the State of the Union.
  • To top it all off, the USA is still seeing around 2,000 deaths from COVID every day.
  • Republicans in Idaho and Florida have both passed unconstitutional restrictions on abortion in hopes that the Republican-majority US Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade. Speaking of the Republican Supreme Court, they also ruled against releasing documents about how the US tortured innocent people for years, ensuring that the US will continue to torture innocent people.
  • The Sackler family is out another $6,000,000,000 and will lose control of their drug company in order to help pay for all the people they killed from pushing highly addictive drugs.
  • I'm not a fan of Biden's right-leaning centrist policies, but every now and then he does something right like signing into law a bill that prevents companies from forcing women into arbitration court when they accuse their co-workers of sexual assault.
  • Following in the footsteps of Texas, Arkansas Republicans are trying to criminalize voting.
  • Trump was told many times by various people in his inner circle that the election was secure, there was no voter fraud, and Trump lost fairly. But he continued to lie about it in incense his mod.
  • I love when Republicans like Bianca Gracia preemptively declare victory because they claim their god will make them win, only to lose.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Getting stuff done

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I've written a program which generates pseudo-random numbers using the middle-square method.

  • The U.N. has officially approved a resolution condemning Russia and demanding they end their invasion of Ukraine. Although the resolution is non-binding and can't make Russia stop their invasion, it is helpful to see just what the rest of the world thinks of the invasion. Every member state voted in favor of the resolution except Russia (the invaders), Belarus (currently controlled by Russia), Syria (under sanctions for war crimes), and North Korea and Eritrea (both vile dictatorships). When the only people who stand with you are horrible war criminals, you know you've done something wrong. Regardless, Russia continues to escalate and has sacked its first major Ukrainian city, Kherson. However, sanctions grow as the UK cancels Russian television networks and more companies are limiting or cutting ties to Russia altogether including Apple, BP, UPS, and FedEx. Also, Germany has seized a mega-yacht belonging to a Russian oligarch. And, Russian disinformation is always a problem, especially when people are thirsty for information. Thankfully, PBS has put together a nice article about how to spot lies online.
  • With all the chaos happening in Ukraine, it's easy to forget there are plenty of wannabe dictators here as well. The January 6th insurrection committee now says it has evidence of Republicans committing criminal conspiracy. Republicans believe their latest additions to the border wall would keep out brown people, it's already been breached over 3,000 times. Republicans continue to refuse to pay the medical bills of veterans injured by military incompetence. Republican Ron DeSantis mocked students for protecting themselves. Republican Van Taylor drops out of his reelection campaign after it came out he has been cheating on his wife.
  • Bernie Sanders talks Russia, Biden, and the Supreme Court.

Returning to analog computers for AI.

Jordan Peterson's tired old racist argument that everyone who is white is a Christian.


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How could I be getting a cold sore so quickly after recovering from the last one? Well, did I forget to throw out my Chap Stick I used on at the time or did I stupidly use it again with scratches on my lips? Oops! Not positive if that's what caused it, but I will henceforth be tossing the tube after I heal up.

I've added a page for the Tegan and Sara song, You Wouldn't Like Me.

Simone Giertz makes a stained glass window.

Stop the evil

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I've added a page for a program I wrote which demonstrates how 8-bit video games used a linear-feedback shift register to generate pseudo-random numbers. I've also created a better Seizure salad.

  • Ukraine's capital city Kyiv is currently surrounded by Russian tanks and Putin's forces continue to bomb civilians. This can turn nuclear real quick as the Russian military is also doing something to spike radiation levels at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and lets not forget that Russia still has nearly 6,000 nuclear bombs. Thankfully, all the economic sanctions against them has forced Russia's central bank to raise the nation's interest rates to a whopping 20% in hopes of staving off economic collapse as the value of the Russian ruble falls to historic lows. Also, you know Fox has reached a new low when they're being broadcast, unedited, by the state-run Russian news as pro-Putin propaganda. Thankfully, SNL helps us to laugh so we don't cry.
  • The way racist Republicans talk about Biden's pick of Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court reminds America why there are so few black Republicans. Or maybe it's the fact that Republicans want to still be allowed to lynch black people?
  • Republican Ben Carson says anyone who doesn't support a Christian nationalist agenda is schizophrenic.
  • Why sex work should be legal.

How an understanding of evolution makes you less-likely to be a bigot.

What's the deal with purple gold?

Still getting worse

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Last week I beat Spear of Destiny.

If a god fine tuned the universe, why was it so bad at fine tuning its communication with mortals?

WWIII in the works

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Two days ago, I finished reading 50 Economics Ideas You Really Need to Know.

  • The Russian invasion continues unchecked. Russia has bombed nearly every province of the country and is currently working to infiltrate the nation's capital as civilians shelter in subways. While a large portion of the civilized world has placed sanctions on Russia that are affecting the nation's richest men, Putin is responding with threats because Putin is a violent dictator, no wonder Trump adores him so much.
  • Why do Republicans refuse to get vaccinated? In large part it's because they believe the liars at Fox.
  • The cops who watched their colleague murder George Floyd have each been found guilty of violating his civil rights.
  • Three more male white supremacist have pleaded guilty to planning an act of terrorism. They were intending to use their guns to wipe out the power grid in hopes that it would spark a race war.
  • As punishment for the US opioid crisis, four drug manufacturers will have to pay a total of $26,000,000,000, but this is no doubt a drop in the bucket compared to how much money they've already made.

Billionaires usually get rich by privatizing public works.

Christians continue to cry persecution despite being the nation's dominant religion.

Why religion is nothing more than an appeal to magic.

Reminds me of Hitler

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Last night, I finally beat the end boss in Super Bomberman 2!

  • Remember when Trump spent his entire presidency helping Vladimir Putin and then got impeached after he was caught purposely stalling military aid to Ukraine? Anyway, Russia has begun a full-scale invasion and is now bombing Ukraine. Russia is dehumanizing Ukrainian people in order to justify a potential genocide. Putin has been pushing toward invasion for awhile now and was no doubt counting on Trump to successfully steal the presidency and aid him in the invasion. And, while many Republicans are still clearly indebted to Putin, things didn't go as planned for Putin. But he's in too deep now to back down, but, even though Russia's military is vastly larger, a takeover is by no means a done deal. In addition to the defender's advantage, Ukraine is on much better terms with the world than Russia, meaning they have stronger allies and existing treaties. And, even with China propping them up for awhile, Russia won't fare well when they're financially cut off from the entire Western world, a cutoff that will only grow more permanent as the invasion intensifies.
  • Texan Jose Gomez III pleaded guilty to a hate crime where he attempted to murder a family he mistakenly thought was Chinese. This is what happens when people listen to racist Republicans.

Did you ever wonder how the NES's mapper chips worked?


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I've added a page for Integrated development environments, and two in particular: ZeroBrane Studio and FBIde.

  • The USA has finally admitted that Russia is invading Ukraine and has issued sanctions on their banks. Putin's justifies the violent invasion with the dishonest claim that Ukraine was built by Russia and has always been a part of Russia, but this is demonstrably a lie. Just like all places on Earth, the region that is now called Ukraine has thousands of years of history, with people fighting over it, ownership changing hands, and in the early 1900s, the already occupied area was invaded by Soviet Bolsheviks and, over the next couple decades, millions of Ukrainian people were slowly starved to death. After the fall of the USSR, the vast majority of Ukrainian people voted to become an independent nation. Also, by invading Ukraine, Russia is violating a nuclear disarmament treaty with Ukraine. Trump has reacted exactly the way you expect from someone held by balls by Russia, he calls Putin's invasion "genius."
  • Why is there yet another case about homophobic store owners discriminating against LGBT customers in the news? Aren't we past this? Haven't the courts ruled time and time again that public businesses aren't allowed to discriminate against protected people? Oh that's right, we now have a Republican majority on the US Supreme Court, so the justices are rehearing every case to take the country back to when it was Straight White and Male.
  • In addition to being found guilty of murder, the three racists who murdered an unarmed black jogger have also been found guilty of committing a federal hate crime.
  • The US women's soccer team won their lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation which was refusing to pay them a fair wage even though they were far more victorious than the much higher paid men's team.
  • Yes, Trump was careless with top secret documents, and yes, he illegally tore up embarrassing documents, and yes, his social network is a failure. but... oh wait, there is no but.
  • Bigoted Atlanta cops arrested a black trans woman in order to punish her for being black and trans in Atlanta. Officers Vladimir Henry and Juan Restrepo claimed she was trafficking drugs, and, even though they didn't find any on her, the racist transphobic cops imprisoned her for half a year in a men's jail where she was assaulted. A lawsuit ensued and the trans woman was awarded $1,500,000, but this isn't really justice since the lawsuit was only against the officer, not the police department, so this won't result in reform, and the officer certainly won't be able to pay. Speaking of transphobes, Republican Greg Abbott thinks helping trans youths is child abuse.
  • Florida Republican Joe Harding is having second thoughts about his bill that would require school employees to out their non-straight students, but the portion remains that lets bigots sue teachers for mentioning the very existence of homosexuality.

Yes, dog pee is bad for the environment, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to our other pollution.

Lots of twos

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I've added a page for the Tilly and the Wall album, Wild Like Children.

  • Why are all Republican-led states banning the teaching of America's long history of racism in the classroom? Because they're racist.
  • Russia has officially invaded Ukraine. This isn't surprising since Russia's current foreign minister doesn't even acknowledge Ukraine as a sovereign nation. The USA isn't ready to admit the invasion since it Russian troops are only in the parts of Ukraine that Russia already annexed, but the EU is preparing to roll out severe sanctions and Germany has halted Russia's Nord 2 pipeline.
  • After all the fraudulent tampering of Republicans to eliminate as many people of color from the US Census, the bureau wants to change their rules to prevent further meddling.
  • Even as Republicans drags the USA back into the dark ages of criminalized abortion, Colombia is pushing out of them.
  • Fox News host Neil Cavuto almost died from COVID, but the disinformation network will continue to be antivax.
  • The radical right social network endorsed by Trump went live yesterday only to plague users with errors.
  • Gun nuts believe if everyone is afraid they not only have a gun, but the legal protection to shoot anyone who scares them, surely crime would decrease, right? So, they passed such a law and, you're not going to believe it, but it didn't work! Not only did crimes like burglary remain the same, but murders, specifically, committed by the people who supported the law, have increased significantly.
  • Siding with polluters, a Trump-appointed judge has ruled that the federal government isn't allowed to take carbon emissions into account when factoring in the price of burning fossil fuels which is going to severely hinder the nation's attempt at cleaning up all the pollution that was dumped when Republicans were in charge.
  • Republican Mike Groene is resigning after his younger female aide discovered that he had been taking pictures of her without her consent, zooming in on parts of her body, adding sexual captions, and sending them to his colleagues. Groene's response was not to apologize, but to defend his actions by claiming his aide was too straight-laced.

Is lack of popularity a good sign of scientific excellence? No.

The USA didn't have it's first black airline pilot until 1964.

A "making of" video for NonStampCollector's video, The Cover-up.

It's over 9000!

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I've created a page for the game mechanic of level caps.

  • The Russian government continues to be run by murders.
  • 100 years ago, Mississippi's Senate voted to round up all of the state's freed slaves and ship them to Africa to get rid of them. Today, the Mississippi Senate is voting to ban the study of their racism.
  • Canadian trucker protesters ain't that bright.
  • Republicans have a long history of losing wars, but one they've lost the hardest is the war on drugs. So, why do they keep fighting it? Because it lets them be racist.
  • The standard American policy on disasters is to just hope it will go away.
  • The USA once had universal child care, and it was very successful.
  • Sports news! Super Bowl fans aren't that politically aware, black Olympians made history, and the Olympic Committee bans black athletes for using drugs that don't enhance performance, but, when they catch a white athlete using drugs that do enhance performance, they let them compete.
  • Countries should have to pay for the evil they commit.

How genetics is frequently misused for nefarious reasons.

Hulk smash

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I've added a page for the video game, Rampage.

  • Ruh-roh! Trump and two of his kids are being ordered to testify under oath in New York! Time to weasel like he's never weasled before!
  • After crushing him and realizing he hadn't spoke or moved in several minutes, police officer J. Alexander Kueng checked George Floyd for a pulse and couldn't find one. He checked again, and still couldn't find one. And yet, when asked by a prosecutor, if Floyd had reached the point of "serious medical need," Kueng said, "no." Gosh, it sure is tough to be white.
  • God bless New Zealand. Not only did they crush the COVID pandemic, but they also are banning gay torture.
  • In another hopeful challenge to Roe v. Wade, Florida Republicans have banned abortion even earlier.
  • The Democrat child tax credit was so unbelievably successful at raising children out of poverty, that, when it was canceled, the USA saw a 41% increase in child poverty.
  • How to function in a society that pretends as though COVID magically disappeared.

Why are there so many more species in fresh water than salt water when there is so much more habitable salt water?

If a god is all powerful, there would be nothing to fine tune.

Is it spring yet?

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I've created a page covering the various programmable sound generators.

  • The Washington Post has a fantastic article about all the text messages White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was receiving just before, during, and after the insurrection. Basically, a bunch of Republicans and Fox employees were begging Trump to steal the elections, then, after things turned violent, and a police officer was murdered, they began urging him to tell Trump to call them off. And, finally, after the smoke cleared, they urged him to say thoughts and prayers and stop talking about the election. They thought they could control their monster, they were wrong.
  • Although there is a recent decrease in COVID cases, the same number of people are still dying. The WHO attributes this to fewer people getting tested. So, Republicans got what they wanted. The virus is still killing us, we're just more ignorant. We're also essentially telling immunocompromised people they're not worth saving.
  • Jared Kushner's friend Ken Kurson had a history of stalking his wife and her friends and breaking into her personal accounts to read her letters. He was given a presidential pardon by Trump, because Trump is very sympathetic to men who abuse women. Thankfully, Trump couldn't sweep the state-level crimes under the rug, and Kurson still had to plead guilty to lesser crimes.
  • Like most supporters of Trump, Republican Josh Hawley works hard to help Russia. His latest stunt was to try and block Celeste Wallander, an expert on Russian military, from being allowed to join the Defense Department. Because, why would the USA need experts on the Russian military when they're itching to start another world war? Thankfully, Wallander was confirmed by a massive majority vote.
  • Unsurprisingly, the three men who murdered an unarmed black man for jogging in their neighborhood have a long history of being super racist.
  • Fragile white racists are demanding books which teach history through any lens that isn't white be banned. Also, Indiana racists are being offered the chance to opt their child out of learning about black history in the USA.

Five teachers at a Christian school in Texas have been arrested for failing to report a case of sexual assault. Students at the school are saying this isn't the first time they've turned a blind eye.

When liquids turn super critical.

It's almost as if Christians are purposely trying to misunderstand atheists.

Another dreary February

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I've added a page for the Apple IIgs.

  • Republicans have been complaining non-stop for years about Hilary Clinton's use of a personal email server, but, now that it has come out that Trump was purposely destroying White House records, they seem to have lost their voices.
  • When Obama was president, he made the White House visitor logs viewable to the public because he wanted to increase government transparency. When Trump became president, he realized that all the awful people he was inviting were making him look corrupt, so, rather than stop dealing with corrupt people, he concealed the visitor logs. Well, Biden is turning over those logs to the insurrection committee.
  • Despite claiming to be fans of law and order, Republicans are opposing a no-fly list for violent passengers.
  • Another study shows that pregnant moms should definitely get vaccinated, not just for themselves, but for their babies.
  • "Prince" Andrew Edward continues to claim he never committed statutory rape against Virginia Giuffre when she was an underage teen, and, to prove his innocence, he's paying her a large cash settlement to never speak of it again.

A technical look at the SNES's audio chip.

Sugar isn't the poison modern health gurus make it out to be, but you also should also cut down on refined sugar.

When you're making a game, the thing you should always do first is make sure it's fun.

And you put on your headphones, and you step into the zone

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I've added a page for the Weezer album, Make Believe. I've also beat the Windows 3 game, Lucas's Problem.

  • New Zealand had one of the most effective responses to COVID-19 and kept the entire nation free from the disease for months at a time even before vaccines were made, but even they still have to deal with antivaxxers. But, they know just what to do with them: Aaaaay Macarena! At least they're not as bad as the anti-science truckers in Canada. Thankfully, they're getting their comeuppance.
  • Trump and McConnell keep on fighting. Yes, destroy your party! Dance my puppets, dance!
  • Donald Trump's personal accountant admits that his financial statements, for at least the past ten years, are inaccurate.
  • As expected, Sarah Palin's frivolous lawsuit against the New York Times has failed. While this was by no means a victory for the Times, since it cost them a ton of money, it was a victory for the first amendment which Republicans are always trying to destroy.
  • Colorado Republican Tina Peters was stripped of her election duties after she tried and failed to help Trump steal the election. Now, she's now trying to run the entire state's election process in hopes of succeeding where she last failed. This is why you put dangerous people like that in jail.
  • A great example of a Joe Rogan interview: two white men arguing over whether a fictional character can be black, then finally looking it up and refusing to believe the evidence.

What crazy new images are we going to see with the James Webb Space Telescope?

Just because a building look like gentrification doesn't mean it's causing displacement.

If you think kicking a cat is bad, maybe you should rethink your life?

The day the universe changed in a very small incremental amount

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I finally finished reading The Day the Universe Changed.

Happy Venereal Day!

  • After it was discovered that Trump was literally trying to flush important White House documents down the toilet, Congress is now investigating how Republicans failed to properly maintain records and how they failed to protect secret documents.
  • Businesses have been protecting sexual abusers while also hurting women by forcing their employers to sign contracts saying all lawsuits involving sexual harassment must go through out-of-court arbitration which greatly favors the company protecting the abuser. Democrats have put a stop to it.
  • In the USA, since the released of the vaccine, COVID-19 has pretty much been only killing Republicans. This is Trump's legacy.
  • When Republicans ban books, they're not protecting children.
  • Lack of sleep is a serious health problem, and, like all things in the USA, it's even worse for black people.
  • Poilice officer Curtis Reeves is finally being tried for murder after he, very publicly murdered a man for texting his baby sitter while in a movie theater.

How Intersate numbers work.

The Catholic League is a Catholic Supremacist organization with no direct ties to the Vatican. Instead, they just harass anyone pointing out problems with the Vatican, and are led by noted racist, Bill Donohue who, it just came out, slurps up $1,000,000 a year of the organization's donations!

How companies are screwing up the metaverse.

Don't Shanghai me, bro!

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Yesterday, I beat the Master System port of Shanghai.

  • Although Trump himself hasn't reaped his due from all the crimes he committed while in office, a large number of the people associated with him got their comeuppance. Some of them had to resign simply because they approved of his insurrection, like Republican Monique Miles.
  • As the investigation continues, we've learned that Trump didn't just take documents to Mar-a-Lago as keepsakes, he severely threatened US security by leaving Classified documents lying around, and even some that were marked Top Secret!
  • Johns Hopkins must be very embarrassed to have their name tied to a bogus science paper written by a conspiracy theorist.
  • Gary Chambers is running for US Senate with a promotional commercial of him burning a Confederate flag.
  • For as much as she hates the Jews, you'd think Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene would know the difference between the Gestapo and gazpacho. No soup for you!
  • No, roads can't be racist, but the people who build them sure can be.
  • Ardent racists very frequently believe they're the victims of racism. Case in point, Republican Stephen Miller, who is so racist, he has his own file with the Southern Poverty Law Center, is terrified that a black person might get medical treatment before a white person.
  • Three men have been indicted over setting up a program to funnel campaign money illegally to Republican Susan Collins.
  • The difficulty of transitioning from a fringe celebrity to an actual celebrity.

Dispelling many myths about death.

Various facts about the Nintendo 64.

When your national border is based on ice, global warming will change the size of your country!


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Yesterday, I beat Adventures of Lolo 2. In some ways it was better than the first, but in a lot more ways it was worse.

When I was little, my aunt told me that when I get older, I'll stop getting cold sores. She was wrong. I was able to down a bunch of acyclovir just as the bumps became noticeable, so, hopefully, it won't develop much further.

  • Tracking the history of the mutations of COVID-19 is a massive scientific achievement and seeing the identified lineage is a wonder to behold. It's a great reminder that nature is both beautiful and deadly.
  • Republican Mitch McConnell spent his political career supporting party over country and encouraging such reckless behavior in his fellow Republicans, but nobody informed him that you reap what you sow. Ordinarily, a party's membership criteria is a firm understanding of the issues, shared goals, and the wherewithal to obtain them, but since McConnell has made the only membership criteria for Republicans be blind solidarity, he has watched his party has devolve into a bunch of anti-science tinfoil hat wearing anti-Semites and the few old-guard Republicans who just wanted to be rich and powerful are now being ousted because they won't worship Donald Trump as a god on earth. You can tell he hasn't learned a thing from any of this either because, even as Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are being shut out because they did the right thing, McConnell isn't standing up for them, he's just telling his party to stop fighting. But it's far too late for that. When you invite flat-earthers and Holocaust deniers into your party, you're not going to be able to stop in-fighting.
  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the two lawyers who stood on their front lawn with guns ready to kill because BLM protesters were walking past their house will continue to have their law licenses suspended for the foreseeable future.
  • The bar for racism is so high in this country that, even when Joe Rogan says something that's clearly racist, and he, at the time, admits what he said was racist, he can still later claim it wasn't racist, and people will agree. But bigotry comes in packs, and Rogan isn't just racist, he's also misogynist.
  • Nazis, QAnon, and, strangely, even Confederates are part of the crowd in Canada's trucker antivax protest.
  • Programs designed to help drug addicts get high safely while also educating them on how to get clean, are very effective, not just at keeping drug users safe, but also easing them off drugs. However, just like condom distribution programs before them, Republicans vilify the acts of help because they believe the only way to stop drug users is to force them to quit cold turkey or be put in prison, something that has been proven not to work. The latest government program distributes clean needles for IV drug users as well as well as mouth guards for pipes to prevent cross contamination. Naturally, Republicans and Fox have deceptively twisted this useful program into something it's not.
  • Republican Craig Shubert said Ohio can't allow ice fishing because it will lead to prostitution. Where has this guy been fishing?
  • Despite all the protests, or, perhaps, because of the protests, fatal police shootings have reached a seven-year high.
  • It was only when his political career was over that Republican Mike Pence finally rebuked Trump, and, even then, only on a single issue. He spent his entire life supporting Christian "values," only to abandon them all for a man who mocked everything he stood for. Pathetic.

When SpaceX isn't accidentally crashing their rockets on the moon, most of their satellite are raining down on earth. But keep trusting Elon.

If it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong. That's all there is to it.

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I finished reading Richard Feynman's Messenger Lectures in book form as, The Character of Physical Law.

My bug fix into MediaWiki has already been approved and will be in the next version of the software!

  • Republican Harold Rogers poked his colleague in the back and told her to "kiss my ass" after she suggested he wear a mask when the two would be together in a small enclosed space.
  • Ignorant antivaxxers from Canada are blocking traffic to and from the USA because they aren't satisfied with just killing Canadians.
  • Republican Troy Nehls stupidly left his Capital office door wide open. Capitol police noticed this and, as they're ordered to do, entered the office to ensure it wasn't broken into. Once inside, they saw a white board with suspicious writing on it including the words "body armor" and a crudely drawn map of a nearby building with an 'X', so the police took a photo because it appeared to be drawn by a criminal. Once they discovered a staffer in the office, the police made sure they everything was in order and left. That would have been the end of it, but Nehls is a vocal conspiracy theorist so now he's convinced that he's the target of a secret government investigation trying to dig up dirt on him. Of course, since he's a Republican, there is no need to dig up anything, his crimes are a matter of public record. In 1994, Nehls was fired from the police force for destruction of evidence. He openly said Biden's votes should be thrown out in order to make the person who clearly lost the election the president. He publicly defends the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol. And he supports the belief that the social media he disagrees with has hypnotized around 110,000,000 people because he heard about it from Joe Rogan.
  • Speaking of Joe Rogan, he's racist. Not only does he have a long history of casually using the N-word (which he has since apologized for), but he also referred to a movie theater of black people as "Planet of the Apes." (which he has not apologized for, but, in his racist mind, he thinks he has).
  • Stephen Calk has been sentenced to a mere one year in federal prison for bribing Paul Manafort with $16,000,000 to get job in the Trump administration.

UCLA just lost $243,600,000 for protecting sexual abuser James Heaps.

To prove they're still racist, the Latterday Saints while discussing why their church wouldn't accept black priests until 1978, they still managed to make it about white persecution.

One more video about how what the religious think is evidence isn't evidence.

I wanna push you around

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I've added a page for the video game company Sir-Tech.

I encountered a bug in MediaWiki's software over five years ago and posted about the problem on their forums, but never received a response. While working to setup a new Wiki, I encountered the same bug in the latest version of the software, and still no solutions online. So, I dug into the source code, and, after about a half hour, I figured out what was causing the bug, and fixed it! I fixed the issue on my own Wikis and submitted the solution to MediaWiki.

  • True to form, Alabama Republicans drew up new voting districts designed specifically to disenfranchise black voters. It was so racist, the courts ruled they were a violation of the Voting Rights Act. Republicans appealed to the Republican majority US Supreme Court, and, since Republicans choose party over country, each of the Republicans on the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Republicans saying their racist redistricting is just fine! But Republicans don't just hate black people, they also hate women. Case in point, Florida Republicans issued a new abortion ban in direct violation of Roe v. Wade.
  • The US Air Force must pay over $230,000,000 to the families of the victims of the 2017 Texas shooting as punishment for their failure to properly document a dangerous gunman who went on to murder 26 people and injuring many others. While it won't bring anyone back, this huge punishment will at least be an eye-opener to others who don't take seriously gun security.
  • Republicans are trying to make it legal for parents to sue teachers for teaching their children about uncomfortable topics like slavery or the Holocaust.
  • Police officer Lorenzo Hernandez was sent to investigate a domestic abuse call. When he got there, he found the woman uncooperative because she didn't trust the police, so Hernandez violently assaulted her, then illegally searched her home against her wishes. Despite attacking an already abused woman, Hernandez was given a promotion.
  • Wouldn't it be great if the USA actually put forth a consistent message on COVID? Speaking of which, another antivaxxer pleaded guilty: Scott Eli Harris threatened to murder a doctor who urged the public to get vaccinated.

MAME is now over 25 years old!

I wanna push you around

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I've added a page for the video game mechanic block pushing.

  • Over the weekend, the official COVID death toll surpassed 900,000 (while the unofficial total is well past 1,000,000). This last couple hundred thousand is due almost exclusively to antivaxers.
  • When Trump wasn't trying to use the US military to seize voting machines, he was illegally shredding White House documents, and, when he wasn't doing that, he was illegally hiding sensitive White House documents in Florida.
  • The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that Republicans once again used their ill-gotten power to illegally discriminate against minorities and have struck down their latest gerrymandered districts. Also, lawyers in the state are trying to bar Republican Madison Cawthorn (the guy who lies about his disability to win over voters) using an interesting, but accurate tactic. An old North Carolina law, designed to keep Confederates out of office, prevents anyone from running for office if they were engaged in insurrection, of which, Cawthorn certainly is due to him helping lead the insurrection against the Capitol on January 6th.
  • When he isn't attacking teenagers on Twitter, Republican Glenn Youngkin, the new Governor of Virginia, is trying to turn his state's students into child sacrifices.
  • Trump, the white supremacist, hired an almost entirely white male administration made up mostly of other white supremacists. Naturally, they're crying that they're the victims of racism. But, in a sense, they are, because their own racism is making things worse for them.
  • because they chose party over country, and even party over dignity.
  • Republican Mike Parson openly admits he requires all his government employees to be Christian, which is illegal discrimination.
  • Talking to religious women from three different religions about what their religion really says about abortion.

Did you know Christians are still burning Twilight and Harry Potter books? That's so 1930s.

Christian cults are being exposed as breeding grounds for child sexual predators, and it's not going so well for their numbers.

Don't look back, you can never look back

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I've added a page on the video game mechanic, ratchet scrolling, as well as an explanation for why it's used.

  • COVID-19 is over folks! We won!
  • China and Russia appear to be joining forces. That's not good.
  • How Republicans tried several different criminal ways to steal voting machines during the last election, for local police, to the Department of Homeland Security, to even the military!
  • Thanks to Michigan Democrats, the state's tampon tax has been officially ended.
  • Why is it the Olympics keeps choosing autocracies with horrible human rights atrocities? Because these nations will spend a lot more money and use the Olympics to buy themselves a cleaner reputation.
  • The National Butterfly Center in Texas has been closed down because Republicans keep making up lies about child sex trafficking occurring there. Hey Republicans, maybe you should start addressing the actual child sex trafficking that's going on in your own party? You know, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Roy Moore, and so many others.
  • Minnesota Police murdered another innocent black man. It was the middle of the night when police broke into the home of Amir Locke with guns and flashlights pointed at him. Amir was shocked out of his sleep and had a gun with him for protection, as is his 2nd amendment right, so police officer Mark Hanneman shot him three times. As usual, the police made excuses for why they were within their rights to murder a man in his own home even though he wasn't guilty of, or even being investigated for a crime, and, as usual, when their video footage was released, we find out the cops were lying.

How double-paned glass changed architecture.

If someone said, there's no evidence of evolution, you could simply show them the evidence. Why can't religious people do the same?

What a strange name

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I've added a page for the audio format Vorbis.

  • Every day, something severely damning comes out from the congressional investigation of Trump's terrorist attack on the US Capitol. The latest news is that the Trump administration considered ordering the NSA to stop focusing on US defense and instead spy on Americans in the hope that maybe they would find evidence of voter fraud since nobody else could. Speaking of spying on Americans, after being caught by the New York Times, the FBI has had to admit they bought and used Israeli spyware.
  • Why is Republican Josh Hawley repeating Russian talking points, almost verbatim, to try and prevent Ukraine from joining an NATO? Why are so many Republicans siding with Russia? Probably the same reason so many Republicans won't denounce Nazis.
  • A sad and embarrassing recap over how US Republicans setup torture centers around the world and filled them with innocent civilians from other countries, and how Democrats failed to shut them down.
  • Highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who did his patriotic duty to protect the USA against domestic threats (i.e., Republicans), is now suing Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and two other former White House staffers for criminal intimidation and retaliation.
  • Three new artists: David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills has all bravely asked Spotify to pull their music catalogs as well to protest the company's misinformation campaign with Joe Rogan.
  • The US Army still has 3,350 soldiers who refuse to get vaccinated, so they're finally discharging them, without severance pay.

Fascinating lady; snowflake in the sun

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I've added a page for the Golden Earring song, The Vanilla Queen.

  • Donald Trump has now publicly admitted he tried to overturn the results of the presidential election, and is offering to pardon all of the terrorists involved in the coup (even though he could have already done that back when he was still president).
  • Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for children five and under is nearing completion. Also, the same mRNA vaccine technology is now being tested in an HIV vaccine.
  • Unsurprisingly, Fox's Tucker Carlson donated money to famed anti-Semite, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  • Washington's NFL team has changed names from the Redskins to the Commanders. These are plenty of racist white men annoyed by this change, probably the same people who call in bomb threats to historically black colleges and universities.
  • Republican Rob Standridge thinks teachers should be fired for teaching facts to religious students. Also, Republican Garrett Soldano says rape victims who become pregnant should thank his god.

The terrorism caused by incels.

What if Doom kept with their original design for the BFG9000?

Trying to explain to religious people why argument isn't evidence.

The foot is agame

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I've added a page for the film, Young Sherlock Holmes.

Hi Mike!

  • Some of the documents the White House had to submit to the congressional investigation had to be taped back together because someone at the White House *cough*Trump*cough* tore them up in an effort to illegally dispose of his criminal evidence. Also, Republicans are still trying to expel Liz Cheney, one of the few Republicans left who thinks criminals should be investigated, or even *gasp*, dare I say it, held accountable!
  • Black journalist Damon Young was recently doxxed because white supremacists like Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro choose to single him out because they were offended by him saying white people need to be better about racism. Young responded to their hate by writing a hilarious article about how he really does hate white people.
  • Georgetown law professor Ilya Shapiro let his racist flag fly by saying Biden's choice of appointing a black woman will result in a "lesser black woman" and polled his followers about what he felt was a racist and sexist pick. Thankfully, his racist comments required his university to place him on leave, but it shows just how much racism still exists in positions of power, even at what Republicans would call "liberal" colleges.

Why so many popular songs are written by men.

People with supernatural beliefs don't understand why it's not up to the rest of the world to prove why they're wrong.

Russian disinformation campaigns are hitting new heights on SNL.

Adventures of Eggerlololand

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Over the weekend, I beat Adventures of Lolo. It was a satisfying victory.

  • All around the world, the people dying from COVID-19 are almost entirely the unvaccinated. And, although the disease isn't as deadly, it's hospitalizing a lot more people. Also, be aware that a cute cat video account might actually just be a front for misinformation. And, don't be like Robert LaMay a cop who told state officials to kiss his ass over vaccine mandates and then died from COVID, or Chad Carswell, who was given a second chance on life after a desperately needed kidney donor was finally found, but, because the transplant would mean having to be vaccinated, has refused to accept it!
  • After it had become clear that he lost, the Trump administration told Republicans who knew Trump lost to sign documents anyway claiming he won and send them to federal offices in the hope they would convince someone with authority to claim Trump won the state. So far 14 people involved in this criminal scheme have been subpoenaed by Congress. Meanwhile, Trump is still trying to drum up another violent mob.
  • Thank you Joni Mitchell for also protesting Spotify giving a platform to misinformation. If only other artists were as brave as you and Neil Young and a couple others. Spotify responded by finally publishing their content rules online, which made two things pretty clear. One, that Joe Rogan is violating the rules and, two, Spotify, just like Facebook and Twitter, lets their more lucrative brands break the rules.
  • Despite complaining about godless immigrants, blacks and Latinos are more likely to be Christian in the USA than white people.
  • In a road rage incident, Eric Popper thought someone was shooting at him (it was a water bottle), so he took out a gun pointed it in the general direction of the other vehicle, and, with his eyes closed, fired 11 shots. Thankfully, because Popper had his eyes closed the whole time, he didn't kill the person he was shooting at or any bystanders, and he only succeeded in shooting up his own car. Popper was arrested (because he's an extremely dangerous unhinged lunatic), but he was allowed to leave jail after posting bond!
  • While I'm glad Republicans don't have the authority to prevent Biden from picking a qualified judge for the Supreme Court, I'm sobered knowing this won't change anything anytime soon. I'm also not at all surprised by the racism of Fox pundits.
  • Keep putting child sexual abuser Republican Matt Gaetz's feet to the fire.
  • It's not like nobody saw this coming, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has always been awful.

Another mega church preacher is stepping down over child sexual abuse allegations.

Why creationism fails to match the science.

I fight to survive!

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I've added a page for the hilariously terrible martial arts film, Bloodsport.

  • COVID may be on a downward trend for now, but the nation is still teeming with it, and Omicron is still evolving, so wear your mask and get vaccinated! Don't be like Fox and say vaccines are bad when Biden tells you to get them, but somehow good when Trump tells you to get them.
  • Trump made one of the most reckless deals he could when he sold a massive offshore drilling lease in the Gulf of Mexico that would most certainly have resulted in severe contamination of the water. When Biden was elected, we were all hopeful he would see the impending environmental disaster and cancel it, especially since it was based on fraudulent safety surveys. Sadly, Biden let the deal go through because Biden is not a champion for what's right. Thankfully, the courts have saved us a catastrophe and ruled that the deal must be tossed out because, like with every Trump deal, it was built on lies.
  • Let's be honest, the question asked by Steve Doocy's son really was a stupid question, and the false Republican outrage is meaningless after their glowing support of a unhinged tyrant like Trump.
  • Why are Republicans cheering for Russia and Putin?
  • Good work France, they've made anti-LGBT conversion torture illegal!
  • Maus is a Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel showing the horrors of the Holocaust. But, because it has naughty language and cartoon nudity, Conservatives have banned it from schools.
  • The IRS will now require you give them a video of your face if you want to access your tax information from their web site. This is a very scary precedent.
  • Professional ignoramus Joe Rogan and professional liar Jordan Peterson question if being black is really a thing.
  • Florida Republicans made a law preventing teens from getting an abortion unless their parents approve. However, if they have controlling Conservative parents, they can appeal to a Judge who may grant them some freedom over their bodies. This is a pretty dicey task considering that at least one judge bases his decision on the teen's GPA!
  • After her day in court for her frivolous lawsuit was postponed because she tested positive for COVID-19, Republican Sarah Palin decided to self-quarantine... no I'm just kidding, she went to a public restaurant without a mask to eat and talk and spew her spit on other people. When a reporter asked her if she was concerned about infecting the people around her, her body guard, Ron Duguay physically assaulted the reporter, but wasn't arrested.

Some interesting facts about various games for the Game Boy Advance.

Some experiments that were so dangerous they potentially could have ended humanity.

I'm not convinced of the existence of these things that don't exist

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I've added a page for the Frank Turner song, One Foot Before the Other. I also made a meme about Meat Loaf dying because he was an antivaxxer.

  • Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer doesn't want to repeat Ruth Bader Ginsburg's mistake and die while on the bench, so he's retiring and giving Democrat ample time to find a replacement. Biden hasn't mentioned a name, but Republicans are already claiming the person will be a radical (probably because Biden said he would appoint a black woman).
  • Every Republican senator voted against preserving voting rights, and continues to chisel away at them, but, thankfully, the courts are helping in some states. Alabama Republicans were found guilty (again) of purposely drawing their congressional maps to discriminate against black voters and Wisconsin is bringing back ballot drop boxes no matter how many Republicans lie about them.
  • Republican Matt Gaetz is one step close to being arrested for child sex trafficking as his friend Joseph "Big Joe" Ellicott accepts a minor punishment for his crimes of bribery and wire fraud in a deal to turn over evidence of Gaetz taking drugs and sexually assaulting underage girls.
  • Another Fox host has been banned from YouTube. Dan Bongino had his channel suspended after posting more lies about COVID, then, in an effort to get around the suspension, he tried posting on a different channel, and the additional violation caused him to be banned. Speaking of COVID, the dismissive belief that everyone just needs to get the disease and be done with it means that a lot more vulnerable people are going to die. At least prolonged pandemics have the benefit of causing people to lose faith in gods.
  • Fox host Tucker Swanson Carlson once again brings an unhinged nutjob to rant about conspiracy theories.
  • Kudos to Neil Young. Not wanting to share a platform with antivaxxer Joe Rogan, whose weaponized ignorance is probably responsible for hundreds if not thousands of COVID deaths, Neil demanded his music library be removed from Spotify. Too bad other musicians won't follow in his brave shoes.
  • Democrats have made it a crime in the military to sexually harass someone. Despite their claims of love and respect for the military, Republicans never thought to do this?
  • Trump spent his entire time as President calling the press the enemy of the people, trying to get the FCC to cancel his rivals, and using all sorts of expletives and terrible things. So, naturally, Fox thinks Biden is bad.

A SpaceX rocket failed to return properly and is now on an uncontrolled collision with the moon. Maybe stop trusting Elon?

How did this become popular?

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Last night I beat Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. I didn't like it. I've added some interesting photos and facts about kiwi birds. I've also added several new items to my list of things Conservatives have "canceled".

  • Evidence continues to come out proving Trump and his cronies knew they lost, but were legitimately trying to steal the election.
  • Republicans are willing to ingest all sorts of crazy concoctions to get rid of COVID including drugs proven not to work, horse dewormer, and even bleach, just so long as they don't have to get a safe and effective vaccine. Well, their options just got a little bit smaller now that the FDA has removed monoclonal antibodies from the list of approved treatment after they've been shown to be ineffective against Omicron.
  • Spurred on by Republican racists, San Francisco has seen a 567% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes.
  • A drunk cop hit and killed a 29-year-old nurse, and then stuffed her corpse into his trunk. After telling a family member, he was told to just dump the body and pretend it never happened.

The James Webb space telescope has reached its orbiting destination.

Why every Creationist belief is wrong.

Having a player make a choice is one thing, having them not know they made a choice is entirely different.

How the bible proves Jesus isn't the messiah.


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I've added a page for the GBA version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • The prove he's all about freedom, Republican Newt Gingrich says the people who are investigating Trump's insurrection should be put in jail. The party is a caricature.
  • Pfizer is now testing their new Omicron vaccine.
  • Georgia is progressing in their investigation into the Trump-led insurrection.
  • Republican Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Jewish Holocaust victims had it good compared to him having to wear a mask.
  • Republican Mitch McConnell's comment about black voters voting just as much "as Americans" wasn't just racist, it wasn't also a lie.
  • Republican Sarah Palin was all set to start her doomed defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, but then the antivaxxer got COVID.
  • Tucker Carlson, when he isn't trying to have sex with a candy mascot, is promoting a Russian invasion.
  • Former president of Liberty University, Republican Jerry Falwell Jr., essentially admits that he has been pretending to be ultra-Christian because it's good for business.
  • Any satire of Laura Ingram is an accurate depiction of Laura Ingram.

Does alcohol cause cancer? Probably.

Want to become stupider? Take a class about atheism taught by a Christian apologist who thinks memory is proof people have souls.

If their god were evil, Christians couldn't tell the difference.

Ten seconds til perfect

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I finished reading the 1977 novel, Gateway. It wasn't very good.

  • Virginia's new governor, Glenn Youngkin, has taken the expected anti-science approach as it expected from Republicans. He issued a ban on mask mandates for all schools, ensuring that COVID will continue to spread and kill more children and their parents. Thankfully, seven school boards are suing his order to sacrifice your children. Virginia Republicans have also fired their university's legal counsel as punishment for doing the right thing and investigating Trump's crimes. And, nation wide, hospitals have failed to setup proper staffing that they're now demanding COVID-positive nurses return to work, knowing full well they're going to infect other patients! We also aren't addressing the massive mental health crisis all this death is causing. It's because of all this, it's hard for me to feel sympathy for people like Meat Loaf who, last week, became the latest celebrity to mock vaccines, then die from COVID. If you have friends or family on the fence about the vaccine, here are some tips on how to help convince them.
  • Texas Trump supporter Chad Christopher Stark tried to drum up support online for the assassination of Georgia election officials for correctly counting the Biden's larger vote count. He's since been arrested. At least this was a lone wolf, unlike the Republicans who were trying to orcestrate an actual conspiracy to steal the election.
  • For siding with Republicans to keep in place their racist anti-voter laws, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is now being censured, a slap on the wrist which doesn't even involve a slap. I guess, at least Democrats are willing to say it's bad, unlike the Republicans who side with the openly racist Mitch McConnell.
  • US healthcare is so bad, even if you're never actually seen by a doctor, you can still expect to be charged over $1,000!
  • Are cops racist? These cops were looking for a 51-year-old white man named Shane Neal Brown, so they arrested a 25-year-old black man named Shane Lee Brown, and held him for almost a week before a judge finally pointed out their racist error.
  • Bill Lee, the Republican governor of Tennessee, was eager to sign a new bill into law which would make it legal for people without any firearms training at all to carry guns in public. Artemis Rayford, a 12-year-old boy, wrote him a letter begging him not to sign the bill because even more people in the state will be killed by gunfire. Rayford was killed by gunfire before he ever got back a response.

How could ancient people successfully tunnel through a mountain?

After evidence came out that proved he was at a meeting about how to handle a pedophile priest, former Pope Benedict suddenly changed his testimony.

How we measure time is just as subjective as how we measure north.

Tennessee Republicans wanted to throw Christians a bone and let them still receive taxpayer money, but discriminate against the gays. But, they didn't realize that Christians don't just hate the gays, they also hate the Jews.

They can't stop me

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Last night I beat the Game Boy Color port of Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers. I also finished reading the manga of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Annnd, I've just surpassed 1,000 games in my collection. Help.

  • The investigation of the Capitol insurrection headed by Trump has led to a lot of arrests including many of America's terrorist organizations like the Oath Keepers. And, while it hasn't affected any of the leaders, like Trump's inner circle, Rudy Giuliani, both his sons, and now his daughter will be questioned, but that's it. And, even as New York is closing in on Trump's tax evasion, Georgia is investigating if his election lies there were criminal.
  • Every Republican voted against protecting your right to vote. Specifically Mitch McConnell who, when trying to justify why he voted against the bill that would protect black people's right to vote, he said, "African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans." Apparently, to McConnell, the only real Americans are white.
  • Becoming infected with COVID my cause infertility in women and impotence in men. So, naturally, Republicans are using that to lie about the vaccine.
  • Another selfish passenger refused to wear a mask causing an entire flight to be canceled.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn couldn't be bothered to listen during a hearing trying to help injured veterans. Instead, he tried to impress people by showing off his guns. When asked why he wasn't paying attention, Cawthorn asked, "what can be more patriotic than guns?" This is the Republican party. They care more about playing with guns than helping veterans.
  • Just a reminder, the criminally wealthy don't pay taxes.

A wonderful time line of the civilizations in the Americas. It goes back a lot further than I thought. They often equate Christianity and Judaism to "Western" values, never bothering to realize that both religions are from the Middle East!

What do people mean what they say "Western values?" Usually white supremacy.

I wish they'd finished roosting

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I've finally finished my Ultima I Tile Converter which lets you reskin all of the tiled graphics in the DOS port of Ultima.

  • Good news! Trump has failed, for the last time, in his effort to keep his potentially criminal White House records hidden. And things aren't looking very good for Eric Trump or Don Jr's wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle as their phone records are now under investigation.
  • Bad News! Every Senate Republican blocked the voting rights bills which would have ensured all Americans would have equal access to voting. Specifically, because Republicans don't want people of color to vote.
  • Florida Republicans put the state's head of the Department of Health on leave for doing his job and imploring people get vaccinated. Meanwhile, with hospitals full of antivaxers, people who aren't sick from their own ignorance are dying because they can't find a place to be treated.
  • Republican misinformation mill OAN has been dropped by DirecTV. Let's hope FOX is next.
  • Our nation's other epidemic is caused by drug manufacturers and greedy doctors.
  • Republican Ted Cruz is chiseling further away at campaign financing rules to push the USA further into a plutocracy.
  • Republican Justice Neil Gorsuch makes it clear he doesn't believe in church-state separation.
  • It's nice that we're finally seeing even a little bit of accountability among police who murder civilians, but, we are still frequently releasing them early.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu, disgraced corrupt former leader of Israel, and friend of Trump, is trying to stay out of prison from his many corruption crimes with a plea bargain. Sadly, on our side of the pond, Jews are facing increasing terrorism and hatred because of Republicans.

Did you know scientists can track viral infections from sewers?

No, your dog can't talk with buttons.

A look back at the various criminals who have been getting away with crime.

Former pope Benedict has been specifically named in a German report about the cover up of children being raped by Catholics priests.

Debunking more Christian apologists.

The roosters have come home to... roost

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COVID-19 has finally hit my family. My daughters brought it home from pre-school. Illy only had a fever for a day and was then fine, but Gabby developed a scary barking cough. She's doing a lot better now, thankfully. Emily and I are both triple vaccinated; she never experienced any symptoms, and I've only had cold-like symptoms since Sunday.

I finally finished all the episodes of Wolfenstein 3-D on "Bring 'Em On" difficulty. I also updated my list of favorite cocktails and moved old posts into my Old News page.

A breakdown of "I think, therefore I am."

Building a better can opener.

Those commandos are bionic!

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I've added a page for the Game Boy version of Bionic Commando.

  • Omicron continues to spread like wildfire, but a new clinical study shows that, of those teens who get COVID so badly they have to be hospitalized, 98% were unvaccinated. This follows several other studies which show just how effective the COVID vaccines are, and yet, Republicans still see doctors and scientists as their enemies and will lie as much as possible to make them targets. Of course, there are still a few quack doctors who so desperate for attention, they're willing to sacrifice their integrity for fame.
  • I'm not surprised, but it still angers me. It wasn't even a vaccine mandate, people could continue to opt out, they just had to get testing during a global pandemic. But, the Republicans on the US Supreme Court ruled that OSHA, the regulation group designed to keep workers safe from bosses that would sacrifice their lives for profit, does not have the authority to keep out infectious people. Republicans argued that contagious diseases aren't confined to the workplace, therefore, OSHA shouldn't be allowed to regulate them. This is obviously a flawed argument because almost no dangers are confined to just the workplace. There are falling objects outside of construction zones too, so, should we not require hardhats? This is just another step toward giving more power to the bosses at the expense of the worker.
  • If you ever want Trump to go away, it turns out all you have to do it keep telling him the truth and he tucks his tail and runs.
  • Stewart Rhodes, head of the American hate group Oath Keepers, has been arrested for his involvement with the Republican terrorist attack.
  • Using DNA evidence has helped keep innocent people out of prison who would otherwise be wrongfully incarcerated on phony science like hair analysis. But, what about those police who prefer to pin crimes on innocent people? For that, they simply lie about DNA evidence!
  • Democrats are spending $27,000,000,000 to fix America's crumbling bridges. Democrats have to do this because, while Republicans spent the last four years claiming they build infrastructure, they were just lying.
  • Judge Alexis G. Krot told a 72-year-old man dying of cancer that he should be ashamed of himself for not mowing his lawn and wished she could put him in jail, and was angered that she could only give him a $100 fine.
  • Judge Robert Adrian, the man who let a convicted rapist out of jail, stands by his decision to release the man who held a pillow over the face of a 16-year-old girl so she couldn't scream for help while he raped her.

No use in sitting and thinkin' on what you did, when you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids

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I've added a page for the Queen song These Are the Days of Our Lives.

  • Republican Kevin McCarthy has gone on the record saying the January 6th insurrection was a huge failure at the top of US government (i.e., his job), and, to make sure we know everything that occurred that night, he's refusing to give his testimony. As did Republican Jim Jordan, who also keeps quite about rapists. These bros remind me of when Republican Ted Cruz called Trump's January 6th terrorists "terrorists," then had to backpedal on Fox where white American terrorists are their heroes. Thankfully, a lot of those terrorists are behind bars, sadly, the ringleader is still at large.
  • Proof there is nothing inherently good about Democrats: the Justice Department agrees that what the Trump administration did to refugees and migrants was wrong, but they refuse to actually do anything about it.
  • Suspected pedophile "prince" Andrew Edward was hoping his past dealings with Jeffery Epstein could be swept under the rug. Not yet. Too bad Edward didn't pull Judge Robert Adrian, because he just loves letting rapists off the hook. Republican Matt Gaetz would certainly prefer him, because his ex-girlfriend appears ready to spill the beans on his long history of child sex-trafficking.
  • Antivaxxer Michael Jackson (seriously) ex-husband of Mariecar Jackson has kidnapped her 7-year-old daughter in order to prevent her from getting a potentially life-saving vaccine. Christian talk show host Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson has praised the kidnapper.
  • Interestingly, female surgeons have a lower mortality rate, especially when female surgeons work on female patients where they're a third more likely to survive!
  • Because of all the pollution we keep spewing into the air, Australia just recorded its hottest temperature in recorded history: 50.7°C, or 123.26°F!
  • Bernie Sanders talks about what American wants, why Democrat Joe Manchin doesn't understand, and how to convince Conservatives to vote in their best interest.

Is it unethical to pirate something you paid for?

Why Christians are governed by irrational fears.

What would you do for a byte?

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I've started a page on compression.

  • When faced with the truth about his failed attempt to steal the election, Trump runs and hides. But there will always be Conservative media to give him a platform for his non-stop lies. Thankfully, Liberals will continue to fight, while Republicans, would rather focus on Benghazi and BLM protests.
  • Vaccine mandates work very well at stopping people from dying from a preventable illness. Many business owners understand this concept and implement vaccine mandates, not because they care about their employees, but because they need employees to make their money. Too bad school administrators don't understand this. Thankfully, the students do. Also, the number one killer of police, for the second year in a row, was COVID-19.
  • The US idea of sheriffs is asinine. Giving law enforcement authority to people who do not have to undergo training is a recipe for disaster, and it's happened twice again. Jeffrey Hash murdered an unarmed black man by shooting him in the back and Nathan Johnson has, for years, been robbing immigrants.
  • We have polluted the earth so much the ocean is now the hottest its ever been in recorded history.
  • Democrats are finally making good on their goal to transfer US torture victims out of the American torture facility in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Five men have removed with another 18 on the way. They have been held prisoner illegally and tortured by Americans for years without being charged with a crime of any sort. I can only hope we offer them insane compensation for the hell we've put them through. Republicans, naturally, want the innocent men kept in prison for the rest of their lives to rot and die from torture simply because they have brown skin.
  • During the height of the COVID lockdown, UK prime minister Boris Johnson was throwing parties with his friends. This has especially angered all those who lost loved ones during that time and couldn't even have a funeral for them because Johnson wouldn't allow it.
  • When he isn't accusing every American parent of being a drug addict, Democrat Joe Manchin is lying about the filibuster in order to protect his coal interests.
  • Just a reminder, Fox is really, really racist.

Debunking seven science myths.

Another one down

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My vacation at MAGFest went well. I played a lot of games, met some distant friends, gave a great lecture on game hacking, ate a lot of great food, learned a lot about new things, and had a lot of great conversations. So far, I'm feeling COVID free, which I can only attribute to the convention's serious approach to masks and vaccines.

Over the long weekend, I beat two new Game Boy Advance games, Garfield and His Nine Lives and the 2003 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Scientists are predicting an end to the current surge by the end of February. And, while Omicron is less-deadly than Delta, because it's infecting so many more people, it's still killing over 1,500 people a day. Republicans continue to hide their head in the sand. Thankfully, another COVID vaccine has been approved, this one is much cheaper to manufacture, so it might be useful in the poorer regions America ignores.
  • I was a little apprehensive traveling just outside of D.C. on January 6th, but I thankfully didn't see anything dangerous. A year since, we've learned a lot about the mob who showed up for Trump's failed insurrection. Many had military or police backgrounds, many have (thankfully) been in jail all this time, but half of those sentenced never went to jail, and almost all of them were white men. On the anniversary of the failed coup, Merrick Garland said he wasn't going to let Trump's violent mob off the hook. And, still, after every recount failed to show voter fraud, many Republicans still support Trump's big lie, and they're really pissed when they get kicked off social media for trying to spread their ignorant racist hate.
  • Human-caused global climate change resulted in a about $170,000,000,000 damages, just in the ten largest disasters. Sadly, most nations will continue to do nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Bryan have each been sentenced to life in prison for racistly hunting down and murdering Ahmaud Arbery.
  • Speaking of racists, an investigation by the Washington Post turned up 1,715 former US congressmen who owned slaves!
  • Yet another Republican politician has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl.

A childless man who runs the world's largest organized pedophilia ring says it's selfish to not have kids.

In order to prove they're a real sciencey place, the Institute for Creation "Research" has adopted a new logo featuring DNA... that's backwards.

Some More News's second Marvel Cinematic Universe video.

Christian nationalists are pretty open about their racism and bigotry.

On the road again

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With great trepidation I go to try and have fun for a weekend amid a pandemic surge. The place requires mandatory vaccines and masks and I've brought extra sanitation gear, but I'm still quite worried. We could have nipped this thing in the bud last summer, but 40% of Americans are scientifically illiterate. Anyway, I'll be back on Tuesday.

I've added a page for the video game company, MicroProse Software.

  • Professional liar, Fox's Sean Hannity is on the list to be questioned about how he helped incite the Capitol insurrection while other Republicans finally convinced Trump that having a press conference about the Capitol attack he caused on January 6th on the anniversary of the attack is bad optics. Also, Democrat Jamie Raskin wrote about what it was like being a prisoner in the Capitol when Republican terrorists tried to overthrow democracy.
  • Over 1,000,000 new COVID cases in the USA just last weekend. I hope you're boosted! I don't blame Hong Kong from banning flights from the USA. And, even as Florida is once again filling up with corpses from COVID, Republican Ron DeSantis makes things worse by telling people to not getting tested.
  • Why do Republicans keep electing ignorant anti-Semites who get kicked off social media for lying? Because that's who they are?
  • The people in Biden administration are not as bad as Republicans, but that doesn't mean they're good. Case in point, they're not trying very hard to repair the damage the USA forced on refugees.
  • The American justice system severely favors white men, and severely hates black men.

The James Webb Space Telescope is doing well!

America's problem with pig farming.

Patheos, a multi-faith blog site, had a section for non-religious people to add their blogs. I say had, because the site decided that their non-religious bloggers would be censored from saying anything negative about religion, faith, or politics (and you can guess what kind of politics they had in mind). Because of that pretty much all of their non-religious bloggers jumped ship.

California cops are being sued for attacking an unarmed man with a dog requiring him to need three surgeries.

Tech bro and anti-Semite Dave Bateman has resigned from Entrata after sending an email to several people saying he believed Jews were trying to "euthanize the American people." Afterward, he explained that he can't be a bigot because he has Jewish friends. Seriously.

Is it MAG Fest yet?

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I've added a page for the media container editor, MKVToolNix. I've also added a lot of new high quality scans of video game manuals.

  • This weekend I'm traveling to a large gathering just outside of Washington D.C. which is currently the most infected place in the nation, partially due to the fact that our elected officials not understanding how to use Zoom. While I may be tempting fate, I'm vaxed and boosted, and the place I'm going to requires everyone to be vaccinated and wear masks at all times. I also intend to be more vigilant than normal with sanitation and social distancing, so I'm not too worried. However, it would be nice if Republican judges stopped siding with ignorance and antivaxxers stopped blaming every celebrity death on vaccines.
  • Trump's corrupt adult children are being subpoenaed by New York's attorney general for their role in the crimes of their family's business.
  • Maybe the world would be a better place if rich people like Jeffrey Epstein or "prince" Andrew Edward couldn't just throw around a lot of money to make their history of child rape disappear?
  • Republican and anti-Semite Marjorie Taylor Greene has been banned from Twitter, and Facebook isn't looking good either, which comes as a huge blow to her since lying on social media is pretty much her only Congressional work. This is why you don't elect conspiracy nuts.
  • Maryland police shot William Green, an unarmed black man in handcuffs man six times in the back. They just settled the lawsuit by awarding his family $20,000,000 of tax payer money.

Looking back at a problem with the foundation of mathematics, and how it was solved... mostly.

I grow so weary of the sound of screams

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I've added a page for the old animated film company, Rankin/Bass. I've also created a wonderful parenting meme that I thought up while my daughters were screaming at each other.

  • 60% of Americans now see Trump trying to steal the election as a threat to democracy, but Republicans are still playing dumb.
  • Omicron is spreading insanely fast and COVID cases have soared past their previous record. Deaths are still very high, but vaccines still remain pretty stagnant at only 62%, and even fewer boosted. Thankfully, the FDA has approved boosters to children aged 12-15, so, those people who don't want to die, don't have to. But, boy, Republicans sure want to. Just as Greg Abbott who begged the government for more money to help Texas deal with all their COVID deaths, then, a few hours later, bragged that he stopped a mask mandate. Thankfully, there are a few microbiology experts like Dr. Jonathan Eisen who say it like it is.
  • Liberals are boring, but they create the laws that actually help people. Their bill designed to prevent hospitals and doctors from gouging patients with huge surprise bills has gone into effect. You can now more easily dispute their charges. Meanwhile, Conservatives are busy claiming every parent is a drug addict and eliminating anything helpful.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has been banned from Twitter because she wouldn't stop telling her followers to poison themselves.
  • While I'm glad Ghislaine Maxwell will be going to prison, isn't it a bit revealing of our society that, when we discovered a global child sex trafficking ring to service criminally wealthy men, and the only person who is going to prison for it is a woman?
  • Conservatives continue their propaganda for their imaginary war on Christmas.

CRISPR continues to prove itself a game-changer.

If a creationist says it, it's gonna be a lie.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

Picture of Zen