The best paper ever created is grid paper. If you don't agree, you're wrong.

Grid paper is far superior its little brother, lined paper. Where lined paper has only mere horizontal rules, grid paper rises above and beyond the call of duty by having vertical rules as well.

What's so amazing about vertical ruling you may ask, well suppose your boss wanted you to draw a square (a common task these days) and all you had was plain old horizontal lined paper. Sure, you can draw the top and bottom just fine, but what about those complicated sides? Oh, no! You picked normal lined paper, not grid paper, and now your square is all screwed up! I bet you'll get fired now.

But as you can see from the lower drawing with grid paper, everything is smooth and flowing. You don't have to worry about the difficult vertical lines, because you have rulings on the paper for you to help guide your pen.

Grid paper is excellent for technical drawings, blueprints, maps, scaling work, floor plans, and many other various tasks. But wait, you say, you only want paper for plain writing? Don't worry, you can just ignore the vertical lines, and simply write like normal, it's that easy!

But I'm an artist, you say, I don't want the lines to interfere with my work. Well, true, grid lines will make your masterpiece look bad, but think about how many concept drawings you'll need to make before your finished piece. What better paper to use for your concept work than the best paper of them all, grid paper!

Here are some happy grid paper images for you: Square Grid, Triangle Grid, Hexagonal Grid.