Originally thought to have been created by God himself, it turns out that they were made by humans after all. Nobody thought that a cheap plastic tube filled with overly dyed flavored sugar water could become one of the best inventions ever, but it did. The flavors themselves bear absolutely no resemblance to their intended fruit, and yet, you will quickly grow addicted to them. I wish I could hook myself up to an I.V. of that precious syrup, but then I wouldn't have the great frozen crunch.

These cylindrical treasures go by many names, including Fla-Vor-IceTM, Pop IceTM, Icy Pops, Tas-Tee-Ice, etc. Regardless of the name, they all have something in common. They're frozen, they taste like candy, they look beautiful, and they mutilate your teeth.

Because these things cost about a billionth of a cent to make, they can be sold super cheap to the public. Be sure to buy them in bulk and fill your freezer. Those ten and twenty count boxes are for sissies. Try to find the big two-hundred and fifty count boxes for the real savings, oh yeah!

Note: As a public service, we'd like to mention that if you take the freezer pops out of the box they come in they'll freeze faster.