That's right it's everybody's favorite adhesive, that gray gem of truth, duct tape! Duct tape is like the king of tapes, all of the other tapes bow before its glory and majesty lest they be smitten. Sure it may not be used as much as that sissy clear tape, but it's so much stronger and it has a beautiful gray color that goes with everything.

Duct tape literally has a million and one uses, I will mention a few here. Not only does it make for high quality duct work, but it can also be used to make beautiful fashion accessories. It can be used as a band-aid, a patch for clothes, hanging pictures, stopping leaky roofs, and in a pinch it makes a really snazzy push-up bra.

Of course, we cannot forget the grand master himself. That's right the man who gave the handy man his secret weapon, mister Red Green. He is a being of pure holy light who has been sent to Earth to preach the message of the one true tape. Long has he shown us the awesome power of duct tape and its so many amazing uses.

Yes, duct tape is one of the greatest inventions ever. No other adhesive can make it to this level. Don't try to deny it, you know you love this tape, in fact you need it!