A picture is worth 1K words right? Sure. So here are some super funny pictures for your amusement (notice they are not just funny, but -super- funny).

Abstience-Only Education Branches Out
Ad-Aware Anarchy
AIDS board game
All natural sunflower seeds
American Leather?
Anal exams
Anals store sign
Annual meeting of the AWD
Anyone want a free cat?
Ask me why you deserve Hell!
Astrology for Dummies
Awesome field trip!
Baby deer
Baby wants to punch Hilary Clinton
Bad license plate
Battletoads predicted Human Centipede
Be Polite. Go Fuck Yourself.
Be prejudiced to racists
Behead those who say Islam is violent
Belief of outrageous statements
Bert Eats Babies
Blackout of 2003
Blessed Bow Hunters
Bush and Saddam are really friends
Bush gets eaten by a turkey
Bush is similar to Hitler
Catholics do it in the rectory!
Censorship is bullshit
CIA censored water-boarding document
Cock flavored soup
Computer Ettiqute
Conspiracy: Australian Shepherds Are American
Conspiracy: Doctor Seuss's Degree Was Only Honorary
Conspiracy: Swedish Fish Are Made In Canada
Countries that have not yet adopted the metric system
Crafts For Retarded
Crayon colors that didn't make the cut
Creamed Colon... delicious!
Darwin Day Valentine
Deathwish: Wires in a pool
A douche bag
Dressed up for Wal-Mart
Emo Kids. Oh god why?
Ending to the Amiga game Beaver
Evil Barbie
Evil Doughboy
Feminist sign
Free speech
Fruity Pebbles Kid
Gayest computer ever
Goat semen on eBay
Get a brain morans!
Get to the choppa! baby
The Ghostbusters catch Jesus
God Listens... To Slayer!
Google Thinks I'm a Cannibal
Gummibear comic
Gun, Bible, and Flag
Happiness Is A...
The Hardcore Scene (Then and Now)
Hello Cthulu
Hello Kitty Car
The holy toilet
Hooters protester
Houndstooth conspiracy
How not to leave flowers on the door
How to spot a rich guy
The Hummer H2 - It only looks tough
I Can't Believe It's Not Jesus!
I have a draem!
I wanna fuck you like an animal
Intel's marketing is pretty bad
"It's Dangerous to Go Alone" Kitten
Jesus Day, thanks to George W. Bush
Jesus hates sports fans
Jesus loves you, but I think you're a cunt
Jesus rode dinosaurs
Kansas state quarter
Lazy mother
Letter to Santa 2005
The male brain
Many Moods of Legolas
Mario bones Peach
Mario dies on the cover
McDonalds cannibal
McDonalds Vs. Burger King
Messed up newspaper ads
Microsoft WORD
Microwave your kitty
Mind litter
Mor Diks
Mouse sex
MS World Domination 99
The Muhammad cartoons
My First Book of Cutting
My First Meth Lab
Nazi doughboy
Nicholas Sparks
Ninja Kids Engrish 1 and 2
Nothing heals like cancer!
Nothing runs like a Queere
Old people are wise
Palin, McCain, and a big black microphone
"Parts Enclosed"
Penis Magazine?
Pika-Jew, I choose you!
Phone sex, literally
Proactiv advertisement
Protected by Jesus
Quality company
Quote - Adolf Hitler
Quote - Bill Clinton
Quote - Bill Gates
The real reason the tortoise won the race
Racial profiling starts young
Racial caricatures
Read Poster
Really gay Halloween costume
Recycled web page
Redneck camouflage
Raptor Jesus
Save an Animal, Eat a Vegetarian
Save the Planet, Kill Yourself
Save to disk!?
Scary wall outlets
Sharks eat people
Sissy Goth
Slide grater
Some Causes Don't Need a Ribbon
SpongeBob EmoPants
SpongeBob is sexy
Squirrel wants your nuts
Star Burst Rip-Off and Perfection
Straight pride flannel
Stupid medication warning
Stupid protester
Stupid receipt
Subliminal computer
Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles
Terrorism for Dummies
Thanksgiving turkey 1
Thanksgiving turkey 2
To Bang Sue
Tribute to my immune system
Trump vs. Clinton: 2nd Debate
Trump's increasing the chocolate ration
Trump's dictatorship
Type to death
The US Supreme Court
What does yellow taste like?
What to do with crying babies
What's better than winning a gold in the Special Olympics?
Who killed the most people in the Bible?
White chocolate is disgusting
Wiping side-to-side
Windows 2000 built on New Technology technology
Woman worried about jackhammer noise
Wonder Bread ad from 1968
You make me sick


Kuntz Tool!
Come stay at the Temp-Ho Motel
Stay away from this pet groomer
Good ol' Chest Hole Fill medicine
2 balls enabled smaller jackpot!
There isn't a bridge, but if you live here drive over it anyway
Kill road workers for money
Trespassers will be shot!
Exit 69 - Big Beaver Road
Baptists don't tolerate the Hindus
Bokays for sale

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I live in Michigan, and I have a lot of pride in my state. So to help it, I've created a few pro-Michigan graphics. Aren't they beautiful?

Michigan Advertisement - Cherries
Michigan Advertisement - Coastline
Michigan Advertisement - Copper
Michigan Advertisement - Lighthouses
Michigan Advertisement - Pop
Michigan Advertisement - Police Radio
Michigan Advertisement - Vehicles
Michigan Advertisement - Weather