The Halloween Encyclopedia

A full A-Z encyclopedia about all the different traditions and myths of Halloween. From the early Druids to the modern day candy feasts, this book will tell you all you wanted to know about the holiday. The book is written more as a reference book than other Halloween books. It also covers the viewpoints of many different cultures including Celtic, Christian, Mexican, Scottish and many others. 240 pages, hardcover, illustrated, black and white.

The Real Halloween: Ritual and Magic for the New Millennium

This well put together book by Sheena Morgan is very informative on the past and present of Halloween's common rituals. It is written from a Wiccan's viewpoint, but doesn't ignore the popular culture aspects of the holiday. It contains project ideas for both children and adults including, party games, recipes, spell casting, and many other exciting traditions. It's 128 pages, paperback, fully illustrated in color.

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

America's favorite fat cat enjoys a night out on his favorite holiday. No relatives, no dumb bunnies, just good wholesome candy. The full color paperback is based off the movie Garfield in Disguise. While trick-or-treating Garfield and Odie discover the scary side of Halloween night as they stumble upon ancient pirate treasure and the ghosts of the pirates who it belongs to. 64 pages, paperback, fully illustrated, color.

The Penny Whistle Halloween Book

This book is full of great Halloween ideas for children and their parents to do together. It covers recipes, party ideas, games, costumes, and ideas for jack o'lanterns. It is fully illustrated and targeted to people of all ages from toddlers to grandparents. Lots of creative projects to put you in the Halloween spirit. It's 80 pages, paperback, color.

The Best of Martha Stewart Living - Halloween

Martha comes up with plenty of cooking and decorating ideas for both children and grown-ups. Do not be fooled, it's not as cutesy as you might think. This book contains all the best Halloween ideas from the past several years of Martha Stewart Living. It also has information on pumpkin carving and trick-or-treat make-up and 144 pages, paperback, color.

Halloween: Customs, Recipes, and Spells

I nice starter book for people who want to learn about where Halloween came from and what it's about today. It Contains information on the holiday including an overview of the history, customs, and traditions. It has simple spells and rituals for fun, nothing too in depth. Mostly targeted towards modern day Halloween as opposed to Samhain. Lots of recipes for different holiday treats as well. It's 209 pages, paperback, black and white.

I Spy: Spooky Night

A wonderful book that gives the I Spy tradition a Halloween theme. Look through several wonderfully spooky pictures and try to find the items on the list. Each picture contains a highly detailed model of a Halloween style picture like haunted houses and other scary places. A great book for kids. 31 pages, hard cover, color.

Halloween Treats

Looking for a Halloween recipes? This book has all sorts of them from cocoa cobweb cupcakes to black cat cookies. If cooking isn't your thing there are also crafts and various other Halloween ideas. Although some of the recipes may be lacking, this book was written with the family in mind so it has several fun ideas for younger readers, but it also has more grown-up ideas like the three-tiered pumpkin centerpiece. 96 pages, paperback, full color.

Scary, Scary Halloween

This book is wonderful for your little goblins who are just starting to understand what Halloween is about. Eve Bunting writes in a stylistic rhyme that is accompanied by the colorful paintings of Jan Brett. Your kids aged around 3-5 will remember this book fondly as they grow. 40 pages, paperback, fully illustrated in color.

The Night Before Halloween

In the same vein as the beloved Christmas poem, The Night Before Halloween tells a rhyming story of a house full of monsters who are spending their time preparing for Halloween night and the imminent trick or treaters. The book's illustrations are bright watercolors that children from 5-7 years-old will love. 32 pages, paperback, fully illustrated.