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Keep in mind that this game is far from complete. Combat is still a little weird. There is no notification that you attacked, so it may look like you're not doing anything when in fact you are. Also, you get experience for killing monsters, but you can't gain levels, so it's a worthless bonus right now. The inventory is now working quite well. You can pick stuff up, move it around, use it, drop it, or even trash it. There is now gold, and treasure too. Hey, also multiple backgrounds.

Basic Instructions

  • To move around: Click on doors to walk through them. If a door is closed, you must find a way to open it first. Doors with key holes require matching keys. Other doors open when the monster in the room is killed. Some can only be walked through one way.
  • To attack monsters: Click your weapon.
  • To get items: Click the items and you will put it into your inventory.
  • To equip items: Click the item in your inventory, then click the weapon or armor icon.
  • To drop an item: Click the item, and click the Drop button. There must be an empty space in the room to drop it.
  • To destroy an item: Click the item, and click the Trash button. WARNING! A trashed item can never be recovered!

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