Welcome to Kingdomination, a simulation game of the trials and tribulations of owning your own kingdom. This is my latest online game (as of writing this) and it has been an interesting experience creating it. I hope you have fun playing it. You will most likly need MS IE 5.5 or higher to run it properly, as the majority of the game is JavaScript. If you are using Netscape, good-luck! It is to your benefit to read these instructions before playing, or you might find yourself lost in the game.


In Kingdomination, you play a newly appointed Lord. The king of the realm has given you a plot of land on the outskirts of his kingdom. That area is constantly being attacked by barbarians and a lasting outpost has never survived. You have been given the job of populating the area, and defending it from the relentless assults of the barbarian horde. You must also keep your villagers as well as your military well fed. If you do a good job, the king will promote you. If you continue to have a successful reign, you will eventually be promoted to a King yourself, and win the game. Good luck!

Game Play

Kingdomination is a turn-based game. Each turn takes the length of an entire season in the game. A season lasts through five phases. They are News, Buying, Defending, Combat Report, and Season Report. Each phase is descibed in detail below.

News - At this phase you will get some information regarding the state of your kingdom. Many different things can happen from slaves running away, to gold being found, to peasents joining your kingdom.

Buying - Here you are allowed to buy more units. You can hire new knights and warriors, as well as entice new peasents to join your kingdom, or buy more slaves. You can also buy much needed food.

Defending - Every season, like clockwork, the barbarian forces will send more and more assults against your castle. Your scouts will give you an indication as to how many are coming, but it's only an estimate. You must choose how many knights and warriors you wish to send out to face the barbarians in battle. It is rather important that you defeat the barbarians before they reach your castle or else they will break down the walls and kill peasents, free slaves, or steal gold and food. Also, when you defeat them outside your castle, you will get more spoils and capture more slaves.

Combat Report - This report will tell you what happened in battle. You will know how many of your units were destroyed, as well as your spoils of victory.

Season Report - At the end of every season, some of your units will get promoted. Warriors can be knighted, peasents can become warriors, and slaves will become loyal peasents. Every unit will consume one food unit, those units who cannot eat, will die of starvation. Some food will go bad. Depending on the season, farming will take place. In the spring, you sow seeds. Every peasent will plant 10 crops, and every slave will plant 5 crops. During the summer your units will tend the crops. If you no longer have enough peasents and slaves, you will lose crops. Come the autumn, you will harvest the crops and get more food. You will also note that promotions happen at the season report.


Although I've tested this game quite a bit, if you do come across any problems, errors, mispelling, etc. Please e-mail me and tell me what the problem is. Thank you.


© Copyright 2002: Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved.