Through the improper use of antibacterial hand soaps a deadly strain of uncurable viruses have evolved into wanton killing machines. They have infected people all over the world.

You are an Eradicator. It is your job to kill everyone who is infected. This process of genocide will ensure that the few uninfected people remaning in this world will survive to repopulate the planet.

You will start on the fringes of the infected areas. There you will see the weakest of these deadly strains known as the Blue 1 virus. People who are infected with Blue 1 are slow and weak. They will be easy to kill with your sniper rifle (click on them).

Soon you will make your way deeper into the infected areas you will encounter a new strain called Green 1 viruses. This virus causes its host to run faster than Blue 1 so be quick to kill them.

You will soon see several variations of Blue and Green which cause people to become faster, smaller, and stronger.

We have little information about the viruses further in, however, we've had reports of a Yellow strain. There will most likely be others as well. Be on your guard.

Once you enter an area you have only a short time before you too will be infected. If that happens, consider yourself a target by the other eradicators (in other words, we'll kill you).

We're constantly trying to create a cure, but they become ineffective so quickly that they are only useful in a short while. We'll periodically parachute them to you. Be sure to grab them in order to get innoculated. This will allow you to hold out a little longer before you get infected.

You must make it into the deepest infected areas and kill all infected people. Good luck, the future of humankind depends on how quickly you can kill them.


Copyright 2003: Dean Tersigni, All rights reserved.