Terminal Velocity (1995)


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Terminal Reality, Inc.


3D Realms


Flight Simulator


Combat - Future



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Terminal Velocity puts you in the cockpit of a highly maneuverable fighter craft capable of interstellar travel and heavy combat. You destroy enemy installations and crafts you make you way across different worlds fighting powerful bosses. Your craft is capable of utilizing many powerful weapons like energy bolts, mines, and rockets. You are also equipped with a turbo drive and a shielding system. You will even have many underground battles through tunnels and caverns along the way.

The music and sound effects are rather dull and game starts to get quite repetitive after awhile. Certainly not a game you'd immerse yourself into, but good for a half hour or so of gaming. There are a few annoyances like when the enemy fighters appear out of thin air or when the game randomly crashes.

In multiplayer everyone starts with the same weapons, armor, and fuel. As they destroy ground targets they will get more powerful items to help them battle each other. The clouds make a nice effect for hiding and the radar system helps to find opponents that are hidden behind mountains or walls. Although it's fun at first, the game doesn't remain as interesting as it could.