Soldat (2003)


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Michal Marcinkowski


Michal Marcinkowski


Third-Person Shooter


Combat - Present



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Soldat (means "solider" in various languages) is an amazing game that didn't try to waste time thinking up a lame story, but went straight into the thick of bloody combat. You're character is given the choice between several weapons including machine guns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, shotguns, chainsaws, and various other implements of destruction in order to blow the crap put of your friends. Simple, right?

Soldat has a huge variety of play modes. It has the standard deathmatch, teams, and capture the flag, but it also has a few other modes like "Rambo" where the players fight for control of Rambo's super powerful bow and arrow. There is also "Infiltration" where you try to storm a stronghold, or protect it.

Soldat supports up to 32 players at once, but gets awfully crowded with that many. If you don't have enough real players you can always toss in a few bots.

The game play is very fast paced and an average game lasts around 10-20 minutes. The short time makes this a great game to play when you're tired of games that require you to invest several hours.

There are many little quirks in the game that really give it character. The ragdoll physics are great, the body explosions look awesome, and the weapons are pretty evenly balanced.

Because Soldat is a homebrew game there are a few problems with it. The menu system is annoying, some of the maps have issues, and it might crash sometimes. Even still, for a homebrew game, it's very impressive.

Soldat can be downloaded for free at it's official home page ( With the shareware version you get full access to all the maps and weapons, but a few of the extra features are turned off.