Myth 2: Soulblighter (1998)


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Bungie Studios


Bungie Studios


Real-Time Strategy


Combat - Medieval / Fantasy


Third Person 3D

Max Players:


Myth 2: Soulblighter is very similar to Myth: The Fallen Lords only with several new units, a few interface changes, and various other improvements. All the excitement of the real-time strategy combat still exists. While the single player game pits good against evil, the multiplayer game allows you free reign in the creation of your army.

Up to 16 other people can join in a huge multi-player battle with warriors, berserkers, warlocks, archers, skeletons, dwarven bombers, zombies, giants, healers, and many other strange and powerful creatures. You control your army and fight against your opponent's army. Unlike many other real-time strategies, you don't have to stockpile resources or manufacture buildings. The game is straight up combat and tactics at all times creating sheer excitement.

There are many multi-player maps and game styles including, assassin, balls on parade, captures, flag rally, hunting, king of the hill, last man on the hill, scavenger hunt, stampede, steal the bacon, and territories.

Although Bungie's original servers have been taken offline, you can still play Myth 2 online at, and you can always host your own game through TCP/IP.

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