Myth: The Fallen Lords (1997)


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Bungie Studios


Eidos, Inc.


Real-Time Strategy


Combat - Medieval / Fantasy


Third Person 3D

Max Players:


Myth: The Fallen Lords is a very creative real-time strategy. Instead of the usual collecting resources to build units, you are given control of a small army with which to destroy the opposing army across rolling hills, rain, snow, and water. The fantasy theme is the living (warriors, archers, dwarves, etc.) versus the undead (skeletons, wights, shades, etc.). Each unit has its goods and bads, and both sides aren't equal in all respects.

Aside from being an excellent single-player game, Myth allows multiplayer games of up 16 people all fighting at once, each with their own army, or several people on the same army. You can use PlayMyth's server, or host your own multiplayer game.

There are several multi-player maps and game styles including capture the flag, king of the mountain, and infiltrating strongholds as well as death match. The team setup is very versatile allowing you to assign different units to different players.

Minor issues like the difficulty to control multiple units at the same time while the computers AI doesn't have that problem do effect game play, but for the majority of the game it's very fair and worth while.

Although Bungie's original servers have been taken offline, you can still play Myth online at

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