Doom '95 (1996)


Connection Types:

Play Modes:


id Software


GT Interactive


First-Person Shooter


Combat - Occult



Max Players:


Doom 95 is a front-end loader for Windows that loads the WAD files of Doom and Doom 2 or any other custom WAD file you may have. The new loader gives you several options that used to only be available through command line. It also gives you some new and impressive features that were not available in the previous games.

Aside from now supporting any Windows drivers, the major new feature is the ability to run at higher screen resolutions like 640x480 and TCP/IP support. No longer will you waste time with IPX emulators.

Doom 95 is not without it's share of problems though, the higher resolutions aren't perfect and the blur effect can cause major slow downs even on powerful computers. Also, the mouse doesn't seem to work properly, but it was never really needed in Doom 1 or 2.

All-in-all this is a much needed program for any retro LAN gamer, and best of all, it's shareware. You only need to supply the WAD files.

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