Diablo (1996)


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Blizzard Entertainment


Blizzard Entertainment


Action RPG


Combat - Medieval / Fantasy


Third Person - Isometric

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When Diablo hit the market it quickly became one of the most popular games around. It uses an old dungeon crawl formula and very few new ideas, but the composition of them all together creates a very high quality game that stays exciting for a long time.

With impressive lighting effects and monster AI the game withstands the test of time still selling at stores almost a decade after its original publication. Although it can easily be played alone the ability to play with three other friends gave it a much more exciting thrill. Unfortunately, with all the hacks and trainers available the game became impossible to play on Battle.net, but with private games and LANs, you can still enjoy killing demons with your friends.

Diablo allows you to pick from three character classes warrior, rouge, and sorcerer. The warrior gets the best weapons and armor and is also the strongest, the rouge gets bonuses with bows and traps and is the fastest, and the sorcerer can use the best magic and gets the most mana. Each class can become extremely powerful provided you know how to play them.

Although technically the game is meant for cooperative play, but you do have the ability to attack your friends, thus creating an element of death match. This adds a more life-like quality to the game, but it also makes co-op play take longer and require strategy.

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