The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The World

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The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The World is a poor platform puzzle game based on The Simpsons cartoon. You play Bart who wins an art contest on the Krusty the Klown show. You must travel the world seeking special Krusty merchandise. However, Mr. Burns is trying his best to vanquish you.

Easy Cheats

See the guide on Easy Cheats to find out how to use these.

06C1 - 09 - Infinite Lives
06BC - 05 - Infinite Hit Points
06BE - 09 - Infinite Cherry Bombs
0592 - 09 - Infinite Turns In Match Game

North America

Simpsons, The - Bart Vs. The World.png

Memory Addresses

04E6 - Bartman Countdown
04E9 - Bartman Flag
0592 - Turns remaining in card game
05CA-05CF - Level Items ?
06BC - Hit Points (00-05)
06BE - Cherry Bombs 9x
06BF - Cherry Bombs x9
06C1 - Lives (00-09)