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Link's Tunic

This is a table for changing Link's tunic into any color you like. Create a cheat with address 6B92 and the value of the color you want. Below are some of the more interesting colors, for a complete list of possibilities, see NES Palette.

29 - Original Green
32 - Blue Ring Color
?? - Red Ring Color

30 - White
10 - Gray
0D - Black
01 - Dark Blue
07 - Dark Red
09 - Dark Green
21 - Blue
13 - Purple
2C - Cyan
26 - Orange
19 - Green
24 - Pink
2B - Light Green

Link's Other Colors

You can vary more than just Link's tunic color. You can also set the palette of his skin and belt and boots by using the addresses below.

6B92 - Link's Tunic Color
6B93 - Link's Skin Color
6B94 - Link's Belt Color

Changing Rooms In Memory

Offset 00EB is the room you're currently in. This can be changed without any immediate noticeable effect, but when you next leave a room, the game will treat it as though you're leaving the room number you set in memory. You start the game in room 77, but if you change this to 53, and go north, you'll enter the fairy spring in the dead forest.

You can change the room before entering a cave as well. At the starting room, change offset 00EB from 77 to 05, then enter the cave that should have the old man, instead, you'll find yourself entering level 9!

You can also change the room number in the underworld for similar effects. Get to the entrance room of first underworld (room 76), change it to 36, then walk through the left door, and you'll come out behind Aquamentus!

Fail Safe

Rooms are numbered 00-7F both in the overworld and underworld. If you try to enter a room higher than that, the game has a fail safe which sends you to a valid room. If you're in the overworld, you'll appear exiting the sword cave at that start of the game. If you're in an underworld, you'll appear exiting the underworld you were in.

Interestingly, this fail safe is not employed when you enter or leave a cave, so you can enter the sword cave, change the room to say, F6, and you will come out in a glitched room. This particular one will have Dodongos drawn with Molblin sprites, and a dungeon entrance that takes you to the Master Sword cave. Taking the ladder to the south sends you to a legitimate map position, room 06, which is near Death Mountain, but you'll be trapped in rock. Returning north will trip the fail safe and send you back to the game's beginning.

Strange Effects


Prevents all but one sprite from being processed in a room. This decreases all enemies greatly, and prevents them from shooting, but it also prevents the "All enemies killed" flag from tripping, preventing underworld rewards and pushable blocks.


Normally, when you enter a cave, offset 005B is set to 0B, indicating that Link is entering a cave, but by changing this, Link can enter a different part of the game.

00 - Title Screen (Frozen)
01 - Character Select
02 - Underworld
03 - ?
04 - Entered Room From Stairs / Monsters Spawn ?
05 - Entered Room From Stairs / Monsters Active
06 - Move room to the direction Link is facing
07 - ""
08 - Game Over Screen
09 - Glitched Map
0A - ?
0B - Cave
0C - Secret Passages
0D - Character Select
0E - Register Your Name
0F - Elimination Mode
10 - Link Freezes
11 - Link Killed
12 - Got Triforce
13 - End game sequence with a monster holding the Triforce!
14+ - Various crashes and freezes.