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==Easy Cheats==
==Easy Cheats==
{{Cheat|Lives-Infinite|00B2|04|-|Infinite Lives (Both players) (USA)}}
{{Cheat|Lives-Infinite|00B2|04|-|Infinite Lives (Both players)}}
{{Cheat|Ammo-Infinite|00B1|0A|-|Infinite Papers (USA)}}
{{Cheat|Ammo-Infinite|00B1|0A|-|Infinite Papers}}
{{Cheat|Ammo-Infinite|00B2|0A|-|Infinite Papers (Japan)}}
{{Cheat|Ammo-Infinite|00B2|0A|-|Infinite Papers (Japan)}}

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Paperboy is a scrolling shooter where you play a paperboy on a shockingly dangerous route. You must pedal your bike past various obstacles while still delivering papers to your subscribers.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Lives-Infinite.png 00B2 04 - Infinite Lives (Both players)
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B1 0A - Infinite Papers
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B2 0A - Infinite Papers (Japan)
How do I use these?

North America


Memory Addresses

00A6 - Character inputting in as initial for high score
00AF - Day (00 - Monday, 01 - Tuesday, ... 06 - Sunday)
00B1 - Papers (00-0A)
00B2 - Current Lives (Swaps between Other Lives when changing between player 1 and 2)

00C6 - Affects Map position

00D1 - Other Lives
00D2 - Amount to Increase Score x1
00D3 - Amount to Increase Score x256
00D4 - Current Score: 9xxxx0 (Swaps between Other Lives when changing between player 1 and 2)
00D5 - Current Score: x9xxx0
00D6 - Current Score: xx9xx0
00D7 - Current Score: xxx9x0
00D8 - Current Score: xxxx90

0200-02FF - PPU Memory

076C - Training Course Time: 9x (Add 1)
076D - Training Course Time: x9 (Add 1)
076E - Other Score: 9xxxx0
076F - Other Score: x9xxx0
0770 - Other Score: xx9xx0
0771 - Other Score: xxx9x0
0772 - Other Score: xxxx90

0773-0777 - Top Ten Score 1
0778-077A - Top Ten Initials 1
07BB-07BF - Top Ten Score 10
07C0-07C2 - Top Ten Initials 10


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