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{{Cheat|Lives-Infinite|00B6|09|-|Infinite Lives}}
{{Cheat|Lives-Infinite|00B6|09|-|Infinite Lives}}
{{Cheat|Ammo-Infinite|00BD|99|-|Infinite Time (Turn off at end of stage)}}
{{Cheat|Time|00BD|99|-|Infinite Time (Turn off at end of stage)}}

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Kickle Cubicle is an action puzzle game where you try and freeze enemies and turn them into stepping stones to collect various goodies each board.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Lives-Infinite.png 00B6 09 - Infinite Lives
Icon-Time.png 00BD 99 - Infinite Time (Turn off at end of stage)
How do I use these?

North America

Kickle Cubicle.png

Memory Addresses

00B6 - Lives

00BD - Time: xx990
00BE - Time: 99xx0

0200-02FF - PPU Memory

0600-06FF - Map Memory