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Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II is the sequel to Wizards and Warriors. You play the role of Kuros, a sword-wielding knight. You have to fight through several areas collecting treasures and items to help you progress further into the game. Bosses can be found at the end of each area. The game suffers by requiring a great deal of precision jumping in order make it through the levels, not very fitting to the Medieval fantasy theme.

Easy Cheats

See the guide on Easy Cheats to find out how to use these.

0044 - 03 - Infinite Lives
006A - FF - Infinite Hit Points
006B - FF - Infinite Magic Points
0087 - 09 - Infinite Money
00B7 - 09 - Infinite Keys

North America

Ironsword - Wizards and Warriors II.png

Memory Addresses

0044 - Lives
006A - Hit Points (00-FF)
006B – Magic Points (00-FF)
0087 – Money: 9xxxxxxx
0088 – Money: x9xxxxxx
0089 – Money: xx9xxxxx
008A – Money: xxx9xxxx
008B – Money: xxxx9xxx
008C – Money: xxxxx9xx
008D – Money: xxxxxx9x
008E – Money: xxxxxxx9
00B7 – Key 9x
00B8 – Key x9
0457 – set to 03 for silver fleece


Ironsword - Wizards and Warriors II (E).png