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Want access to all of the Easy Cheats? Download the archive!

Note: This guide assumes you're using the latest version of FCEUX emulator, or one of its side projects.

For those who are less tech-savvy, easy cheats will allow you to add cheats into your favorite game. These work like Game Genie codes, only you can have as many as you want!

To use the easy cheats follow these simple instructions:

1.) First, launch FCEUX and load the ROM you want to play. For this example, I'm using Contra.
2.) Next, click on "Tools" in the menu and then select "Cheats".


I'm going to use the Player 1 Infinite Lives cheat. So, I find it in the list and see the following values:

Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Lives-Infinite.png 0032 09 - P1 Infinite Lives

3.) Click in the "Addr" text box and type in the Addr portion of the easy cheat, which in this case is 0032.
4.) Click in the "Val" text box and type in the Val portion of the easy cheat, which is 09.
5.) If the code has a third value, click in the "Cmp" text box and type in the Cmp portion of the easy cheat. This one is empty, so leave it blank.
6.) Click in the "Name" text box and type in the last portion of the easy cheat, in this case, P1 Infinite Lives.
7.) Click "Add" and you'll see your cheat added to the list added to the list.


7.) Close the Cheats dialog.
8.) Restart the game by clicking the NES menu and then Reset, or just press CTRL+R on the keyboard. You can usually skip this step.


And that's it! Your cheat will be implemented. You can now enjoy your favorite game with infinite lives, infinite hit points, infinite power ups, etc.

If you want to turn off a cheat, go back into the cheat menu and in the Active Cheats list, double click the cheat you want to turn off. Cheats with an asterisk (*) at the beginning are active, cheats without an asterisk are inactive.

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