Deadly Towers

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Deadly Towers is an action adventure game with a fantasy theme. You control a knight who must defeat various enemies and wander around a treacherous castle.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-HitPoints-Infinite.png 0099 03 - Infinite Hit Points (Don't use red potions)
Icon-Money-Infinite.png 009B FF - Infinite Ludder
How do I use these?

North America

Deadly Towers.png

Memory Addresses

0057 - D-Pad Key Down
0099 - Hit Points x256 (00-03)
009A - Hit Points x1 (00-FF)
009B - Ludder (00-FF)
00A2 - Invulnerable Count (00 - Not Invulnerable, 01-1F - Invulnerable) Can't move while Invulnerable.
00BC - Player X Position x1
00BD - Player X Position x256
00BE - Player Y Position x1
01B2 - Max Hit Points x256 (00-03)
01B3 - Max Hit Points x1 (00-FF)