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{{Cheat|Ammo-Infinite|0057|63|-|Infinite Shots (Turn on only in level)}}
{{Cheat|Ammo-Infinite|0057|63|-|Infinite Shots (Turn on only in level)}}
{{Cheat|Warp|00F9|00|-|Cheat Is Open}}
{{Cheat|Warp|00F9|00|-|Chest Is Open}}

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Adventures of Lolo 3 is a puzzle game where you try to collect treasures in a room full of hazards and monsters. It is the sequel to Adventures of Lolo 2.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 0057 63 - Infinite Shots (Turn on only in level)
Icon-Warp.png 00F9 00 - Chest Is Open
How do I use these?

North America

Adventures of Lolo 3.png

Memory Addresses

0057 - Shots (00-63)
0060 - Chest Jewel Flag (00 - In chest, 01 - Taken)
00F9 - Number of Hearts In the Room
00FA - Number of Hearts Collected
0600-06DF - Room map


Adventures of Lolo 3 (J).png

Since the first Adventures of Lolo was not released in Japan, the Adventures of Lolo numbers are one behind the USA titles. Thus, the Japanese title Adventures of Lolo 2 is actually the same as the American release of Adventures of Lolo 3.