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8 Eyes is a platform action game with the appearance of Castlevania. You control Orin, who has a hawk named Cutrus. You must go through several levels in a specific order. The game is extremely difficult.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-HitPoints-Infinite.png 0594 4F - Infinite Hit Points For Orin
Icon-HitPoints-Infinite.png 0595 4F - Infinite Hit Points For Cutrus
Icon-Invincible.png 030E 01 - Invulnerable
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 0596 4F - Infinite Item Power
Icon-Time.png 009C FF - Doors Remain Open
How do I use these?

North America

8 Eyes.png

Memory Addresses

009D - Door Timeout
030E - Invulnerability Timeout (00-40)
0594 - Orin's Hit Points (00-4F)
0595 - Cutrus's Hit Points (00-4F)
0596 - Item Power (00-4F)
0597 - Boss's Hit Points (00-4F)
0598 - Orin's Hit Points Display
0599 - Cutrus's Hit Points Display
059A - Item Power Display
059B - Boss's Hit Points Display


8 Eyes (J).png