Hard to Sell Videogame Ideas

I can only imagine being one of the guys trying to do a sales pitch for a videogame to a company. How would you explain how great you think a game is going to be with just some conceptual drawings and anecdotes? How do you convince someone of your vision? How do you convey your imagination in such a way that you can make someone else see what you see? Some people must be amazing at this, because there are some really wacky game ideas out there. I know for a fact that I would not be able to pitch some ideas that have been made into games. Below are some games and how I imagine the designers would have gone about trying to pitch their idea.


So like, you're a big muscular toad, and uh, you beat up rats and stuff. Plus, when you kick stuff your foot turns into a giant boot. Also, every few seconds you die. Did I mention that the main villain is a vinyl-clad dominatrix? Because she is.

Dance Dance Revolution

Our market research shows that the one thing fat videogame playing geeks want more than anything else is... to dance! So we make a game that requires them to jump around on arrows to dance music with titles like "Little Boy (Boy On Boy Mix)" while strangers can gawk at them.

SIM City

What is every kid's dream job? Astronaut? Fireman? Sports franchise owner? No! All of these jobs don't come near the excitement of the best dream job of them all, and I think we all know what that is. You guessed it: city planner!

Super Mario Bros.

Okay. You're a plumber. And you jump on turtles with wings. If you eat a giant mushroom you grow taller, and flowers let you spit fire. Did I mention that you get to slide down enormous green pipes in order to fight squid? That's kind of important to to the plot.


So what it is is that there are these shapes--seven all together--and they fall from the sky... and you make lines out of them. Over and over again. Until you can't do it anymore. That's cool, right?

Yars' Revenge

You're an insect that eats walls and can spit dots. Every now and then a triangle thingy turns into a sentient saw blade and tries to cut you up something fierce. And you're also attacked by a hyphen. But if you shoot the triangle with a rectangle you win.