Cute Game Characters

Personally I don't care much for über-cute videogames. Their ultra saccharin cuteness is a little too much for me to take and their voices are extremely grating. However, as a male gamer I've found that one great way to get girls interested in games is to show them cute games, or games with cute characters. Thus, I've compiled this list of cute games and/or characters. Try not to vomit.


Bomberman was first seen in Bomberman for the NES in 1983. Back then he looked pretty creepy. He was a little taller, a little skinnier, and not cute in the slightest. However, thanks to Hudson's art department, he slowly evolved have a shorter body and a fatter head the way all cute things must be. Bomberman's freakishly huge eyes reflect his mood to show happy, annoyed, and various other emotions. The Bomberman franchise is still going strong to this day now with over 30 games under it's belt.

Bub and Bob

Bub and Bob are the blue and green bubble puking mutant child dinosaurs seen in the Bubble Bobble, Bust-A-Move, and Rainbow Island games. Even though they started out with practically no bodies, they were somehow able to keep getting smaller and smaller as the games kept pouring out. They're like, just 2 kute 4 words. Taito really made a killing off them too with appearances in over 40 games.

Capcom Chibis

Not wanting to miss any possible marketing ability of their fighting games (fifty SF2's wasn't enough), Capcom began creating several games based off of chibi drawings of their more popular characters in 1996. The characters are short and chubby and constantly feel the need to perform disgustingly cute poses. Find them in Super Gem Fighter II / Pocket Fighter and Puzzle Fighter and watch their deformed limbs flail around like mad.


There seems to be a rule when it comes to cuteness that the larger the head and the smaller the body, the cuter the character. Well, Nintendo decided to pull out all the stops in the creation of Kirby back in 1992. They completely removed the body and just made him a floating severed head with stumps for limbs. They already had the Frankenstein's monster of cuteness, but to compound this fact they painted that sucker pink and made him wield a sword. Kirby can be found in his own series of games as well as some of the Nintendo hodgepodge games like Super Smash Bros.; over 20 in all.


Japan proved once again that they are the ultimate marketing geniuses when the Pokémon franchise started in 1995. Nintendo then sold it to a bajillion forms of media including movies, tv shows, comic books, action figures, card games, and over 30 videogames. Although the bulk of the Pokémon characters aren't that cute, some of them are hideously cute to the point where you want to stab out your eyes, *cough*Jigglypuff*cough*. Let's not forget that half-hamster half-lightning bolt Pikachu or the cute-looking cute-named Squirtle. They make me sick with their cuteness.


One of Nintendo's oldest cute characters appeared back in 1985 (not looking all that cute, mind you). Basically, he's a walking talking mushroom boy... or girl... or trannie, it's hard to tell. Aside from having the typical chubby body and bulbous features, Toad also had a giant white and red spotted mushroom for a head, now how cute is that? Toad has appeared in over 40 games, about half of which he's a playable character where he sashays around in a flamboyant manner. His voice has gone from gay girlieness to scratchy smoker, but he's usually quite cute.