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One of the fonts used in Team Fortress 2 has been added to the Half Life series. Also, several Tron related games have been added.


A font from the game Joe & Mac has been added thanks to Dean Tersigni, and a new playing card font has been created by David Bradbury.


Three fonts from the game series The Last Ninja are now in the database. Each font is from the third game.


One of the fonts from the widely popular Star Trek series has been added.


The Controller font has been fixed with a proper R2 button.


Dean Tersigni created three new Commander Keen fonts based on the menus of Keen 4-6.


Three new Sonic the Hedgehog fonts have been added because of a submission from Jonatas. Andes, by Iconian Fonts; Gaslight, by unknown; and the Sonic Logo Font, by Sega Enterprises.


Laurent Mouy's Guitar Hero clone font has been added thanks to a submission from Jonatas. I've also added the Back to the Future series with fonts from Richard Walledge and Cyril Bourreau.


Two fonts from the Sierra release Take a Break Pinball have been added. They include Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Dreams. Also, I've added the game font from Double Dragon II: The Revenge.


Infernus Animositas has made a TTF font of Wonder Boy In Monster World which is now available.


Today's additions include Blade 2 by Jens R. Ziehn, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse by Dean Tersigni, and Chlorinap by Caffeen Fonts.


Four new fonts have been added based on the Standard Galactic Alphabet from Commander Keen as made by Andrew Durdin, Dean Tersigni, Malvineous, and Retodon8.


A Transformers page has been added because of Neale Davidson's Beast Wars font. A Boulder Dash page has been added because of Dean Tersigni's font. Also, the QUAKE series has been updated with Christian Künzer's Quake1 font.


The Captain America and the Avengers font is up thanks to Dean Tersigni, the Pirates font has been added thanks to Christian Künzer, and the Brother Bear font's up thanks to Disney.


Christian Künzer's Heretic font is up, as is Dean Tersigni's Spy Hunter font, and the font from the videogame version of the TV show Alias.


The Battlestar Galactica series is now up thanks to Mark F. Heiman's font. Also, Dean Tersigni's Willow font has been added along with Christian Künzer's font from the game Stealth.


The Addams Family series of games has been added with the Bolton Bros' Fiddums Family font. The console font from the game QUAKE 2 has been added to the QUAKE series thanks to Christian Künzer. Also, the font from the Capcom game Trojan has been added.


Our 100th series has just been added! Three new fonts can be found for the game series Half-Life including the logo font and the console font. Also, the logo for Valve can be made with the HalfLife font. Oh yeah, there's a new background as well.


A couple fonts have been added to the Super Mario Bros. series including an additional Super Mario World font and a Paper Mario font. Also, the bitmap font from Ultima: Exodus has been added.


We've just surpassed 200 fonts here at the Game Font Database! The latest additions include the Batman Forever fonts. Another Super Mario World font has been added to the Super Mario Bros. series. Also, another Terminator 2 font has been added.


Two more Ultima fonts have been added. Luteijn's Savage Empire and Martian Dreams font are now available. Also, the font used in the logo of The Nightmare Before Christmas has been added.


Three new fonts have been added today. Imagica, the font used by Imagic on their Intellivision box covers, Christian Künzer's SIN font, and Dean Tersigni's Abadox font.


The Ghosts 'N Goblins font has been added by Dean Tersigni; the Ophidian Runes of Ultima VII, Part 2: Serpent Isle are in the Ultima series thanks to Jim Sorenson; and Christian Künzer's Mutant Camels font has been added as well.


Three similar fonts have all been added by Dean Tersigni. They are from the three puzzle games published by Kemco on the NES: Deja Vu, Shadogate, and Uninvited. Also, the font from The Blair Witch Project games has been added thanks to Duane Richard Haut II.


The font from the NES port of Bionic Commando has been. This one was actually created by me. Also, a jigsaw puzzle font was added to the Classic Games series thanks to Ray Larabie.


The Pokémon series has been added with four fonts and a huge slew of games. This finishes the conversion of my old game font site. The Game Font Database now has all 139 fonts from my previous site, plus 43 more. You're welcome. And don't you worry, there are still plenty more fonts that need to be added to the list.


A series page has been added for EA Sports games. So far, it only has the Aurora Condensed BT font, which is the logo font for every EA Sports game from 2000-2005. However, the font is copyrighted and therefore not available on this site, but there is a link to the site where you buy it. A new section which explains the difference between font formats has been added. Also, we've just passed 300 games!


The Street Fighter series has been added thanks to Joseph M. Pence's Shoryuken font.


Michael Bower's Riven font has been added, so there is a new series for the Myst games.


Two new fonts have been added for the new Yoshi series. Yoster Island Regular, by codeman38 and Yoshi's Story (game text) by Ćnigma Fonts.


DarkAngelGenesis's Soul Reaver font has been added and merged with his Blood Omen 2 font to create The Legacy of Kain series. In addition, the first Super Mario Bros. font has been added, thanks to Jesse Fonts. Several artists who had previously been listed as unknown have now been properly credited.


Another one of Ćnigma Fonts creations is in the database. The font featured in the game Kirby's Star Stacker is now online. Also, the font used by Psygnosis in their logo is available for download.


The FarCry series has been added with Mike Anderson's fully featured font.


Sivak Drac's Deus Ex fonts are now available for download. Also, the DOS series has been added with two fonts. Codeman38's PC Senior font and Zeh Fernando's VGA DOS font.


Ray Larabie's collection of fonts for the game Astron Belt has been added to the database.


Dammit Janet! The font used in The Rocky Horror Show games has been added.


A font that emulates the font used in the Panzer Dragoon series has been moved into the Game Font Database.


The Donkey Kong series is now online. One font that was used in Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 is now online.


The Dark Crystal series has been added with both of its fonts.


The Colony Wars series has been added with the games, Colony Wars, Vengeance, and Red Sun.


The fonts for the Blood Omen series and the 4th Coming series have been added.


The latest addition is the Intellivision series which has the font used for the Intellivision and Intellivision II systems.


The N-Gage font series is now online. Feel free to joke about it.


The Turok Normal font has been added and with it the Turok game series page. This site now has fonts seen in over 200 games!


The StarCraft game series has been added with the addition of the StarCraft Normal font.


Two more fonts have been moved over Iomanoid and Terminator Real NFI which are used for the Arkanoid and Terminator series, accordingly. The database has just now surpassed the old game font page I had, and still has plenty of fonts that need to be added.


The newest series include Killer Instinct, with the KInifed font and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the Turtles Normal font.


The DOOM series has been moved over and the NEC logo font has been moved over also.


The newest additions are for the series of Harry Potter which has been made into several games, and the much older game Robotron.


Two more series, Airwolf and Sinistar. They exist because of the fonts Borg9 and Run, Coward.


The latest series additions include Gremlins and Ninja Kid now that the Gremlins and Ninja Kid 2 fonts are online.


Two more series, Blade Runner and Perfect Dark have been moved over. Their fonts include Blade Runner Movie Font and Perfect Dark (BRK).


The series of Friday the 13th and PLOK have been created with the addition of the Friday13 and Plok fonts. With those two we just past 50 unique series of fonts.


The latest additions include the Mappy series with the fonts for Mappy and Hopping Mappy, and the Scooby Doo series, which includes several games.


I've added series for Unreal and Atari by adding the fonts Unreal Tournament and SF Atarian System.


A couple more fonts have been moved in, Facelift and G7 Kiki Kaikai TTF have been added which allow for two new series Counter-Strike and Knight Boy respectively.


The Wolfenstein series is up with RETURN TO CASTLE and the Illusion of Gaia series with Lunchtime Doubly So.


Silent Hill is now up with the font set Silent Hell of Cheryl. Also, the SWIV series (AKA Silkworm) is up with G7 Silkworm TTF.


The Commander Keen and Halo series are now up with the addition of the Standard Galactic Alphabet, HaloRegular, and Halo OutlineRegular.


I moved in the Sega and XBOX series which include the SEGA LOGO FONT and the X360 by Redge fonts. We've just passed 100 unique fonts in the Game Font Database, and we have plenty more to go.


Two new fonts have been added, Omikron and Final Fantasy. This has prompted three new series, Final Fantasy, Omikron, and Square.


I've moved and older game Mr. Do with Mr. Do Font, and a newer game Hitman with the Hitman font.


Today's added fonts include the Secret of Mana series with Manaspace Regular and the SIM series with SimLLHP.


The QUAKE series is now up with the QUAKE and QUAKE 2 fonts and the Diablo series is online with Exocet Heavy and Exocet Light.


The newest fonts include the R.P.G. series with R.P.G. and R.P.G. Katakana, and Scramble which was added to the Classic Games series.


The Resident Evil font series is up. It combines three fonts, Biohazard, Pithazard and Resident Evil.


The Game Shows series has been added with Gyparody for Jeopardy!, Pricedown for The Price Is Right, and SF Fortune Wheel for Wheel of Fortune.


The Dungeons & Dragons fonts (Gold Box Games and Neverwinter Normal) are now online as well as all of the games that they can be found in.


Two more series have been added. Controllers houses any font that allows you to document game controller motions and the Classic Games series has fonts from older games like chess and cards. New fonts include Controller, Cheq, Monopolybats, and Playing Cards.


Orange Kid and Senor Saturno have been added with the Earthbound series. Also, namco rgular has been added to the Namco series.


The Star Wars font series is up. It currently has the Shadow of Xizor and TIE-Wing fonts. The After Burner series is also now online with the G7 After Burner TTF font.


Three new font series have been posted. The Deluxe Paint series has DeluxeFont Regular and DPComic Regular. The Magic: The Gathering series has MagicMedieval and MagicSymbols. The Namco series has Joystix, Press Start K, and Press Start Regular. There are a whole bunch of games that use the default Namco font, and I've added several of them.


The entire Ultima series of fonts have been added. This includes the ones that were already on my site: Avatar, Britannian Runes, Britannian Runes I, Britannian Runes II, Britannian Runes II Sans Serif, Gargish, Ultima Normal, and Ultima Runes. Additionally, five new Ultima fonts (the Ultimap set) have been added including UlimapDungeon, UltimapEntities, UltimapIntown, UltimapLetters, and UltimapOutdoors.


Three new series have been added. Spider-Man with the Homoarakhn font, Nintendo with Pretendo, GAMECUBEN DualSet, and Continuum, and Sony with the Zrnic, BTSE PS2 Font, and Homoarakhn fonts.


The latest addition is the Legend of Zelda game series including the fonts Hylian 64, Return of Ganon Regular, Triforce, and Zelda DX TT BRK.


The Moral Kombat series has been added with the fonts Mortal Kombat 1, Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat 4, Mortal Kombat 5, Mortal Kombat Mythologies, and MuRdOiNk MKDA. Also, the TRON font has been added to the Disney series.


Today's new font groups include the Alien series with Alien Nation, the Disney series with Aladdin Regular, the Pac-Man series with Crackman, Joystix, PacFont, Pacmania, and videobeast 80's, and vector games with Vector Battle.


The Game Font Database is now online. I've added the game series for 19XX, Grand Theft Auto, James Bond, and Retro Games. Expect to see many more updates as we migrate the old font page over.